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  1. Ultra Vortek is a good fighting game. It doesn't have the balance of Super Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat 2 or 3, but it is certainly better than the original versions of these games. Crafting a fighting game is a delicate art. It's not something you get perfect the first time around. Beyond Games were talented developers, but it's their first fighter AFAIK. While imperfect, it has a distinct aesthetic style and some memorable characters. I never struggled with the controls, but I've also put a lot of hours into fighting games. Maybe that's why. So yeah - I loved this game. Early magazines called it Ultra Vortex. Is this a case of the magazines just getting it wrong? Or was there some IP conflict? Does anybody know?
  2. @Savetz - the original interview is great. It spans a lot of ground - from Atari, to the music business, to synthesis (Buchla, vocoder). Super interesting! And, as usual, you've done a great job of archiving this significant piece of history. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, the bird gets me too. If only I had the power to duck!
  4. I have mixed feelings on the port. How far have you been able to get? I got used to the controls, and do enjoy playing it, but I have trouble getting very far.
  5. I recently wrote a post about Ram Dass, David Padwa, and Jordan Mechner that intersects at the Atari 7800 version of Karateka. Specifically around the "Mommy and Me Are One" easter egg in the cartridge. It may be of interest to folks here: Be Here Now. Jordan Mechner read the post and also commented. That was a treat.
  6. I've had Impulse X for a while now. It's a must-have homebrew. If you don't have it, definitely pick up a copy on this run.
  7. I have it on cartridge. Lots of fun to complete. I think I was near-perfect.
  8. For sure. The Jaguar CD strategy felt like the dawn of PC CD-ROM for me. Pretty unimaginative. But I think the Jag CD was more well conceived than the ST CD-ROM.
  9. Me too. Considering the guys at J&L Game in Manhattan fix hundreds of retro consoles, it's quite odd they don't know what the problem is with my Jaguar. But all this is immaterial to the original question.
  10. I mean, there is a reason much has been written around sunk costs in economic theory. It's widely established (not without exception) that sunk costs should not affect the rational decision maker's next move, but it often does. I can easily imagine being in an Atari Corp. board room in 1995 and making the decision to release the unit. Most marketing around the Jaguar was based on the perception of power, and I believe the Jaguar CD offered the Jaguar a "790 Meg Tune-Up." Seems in line with the entirety of the product's conception. Hell, even the controller made sure to have more buttons (i.e. "more power") than any competitor. Classic sunk cost fallacy. Rather than alter a failed game plan (which would seemingly waste all investment to this point), you feel compelled to stay the course to its bitter end. I enjoyed my Jag CD, BattleMorph, and the VLM in 1995, but I'm obviously in the tiny minority.
  11. This is probably trivia at this point, but Conrad was a Lisp guy and has since moved onto Clojure. I'm a Clojure developer, so imagine my surprise when I hear the reference to working with 90s Atari in this recent interview: https://defn.audio/episodes/2018/02/26/conrad.html. If you're interested in Lisps, his Land of Lisp book is highly reputed. I don't know him, but he should be easy to get in contact with.
  12. I'm confused by this response. I do not know enough about how the Jaguar is powered. Presumably, neither did the engineer who looked at it. I wish I could answer your question, but thus far the only thing I know is that this problem could be at anywhere along the path where the system is powered. Stephen suggested the power switch might be the issue. This is actually a great lead. More conversation might reveal other common areas that I can further discuss with the engineer. If he ultimately sees a problem outside of the power switch itself, which is not behaving perfectly, I'll be able to answer your question.
  13. Thanks for troubleshooting this with me. No, the led does not light up. I think it might be a power switch issue as well. It "felt" a little flaky before all this happened. Like not as springy. If that were the case, am I correct to presume this could have caused a short anywhere in the system, or is there a specific place where something like this might be localized?
  14. I can't address your specific issues, but I want to share a similar story that might help constructive commenters toss around ideas. I have a Jaguar that will not power on. It just froze in the middle of a game about 4 months ago and never turned back on. I recently took it to a gaming shop in Manhattan and they couldn't figure it out. I even sent them this known issue just in case it gave them something to look for. (Worth noting that I did not use the wrong PSU, but I was looking for any lead possible) Not sure if there are other common issues with the system or if we're seeing any uptick in failures. Unfortunately, taking it to an engineer that specializes in game systems gave me no further leads.
  15. Thanks for sharing this chart. Turns out they can't fix my Jaguar, so I'm in the market for a new one. Glad you got one that's a decent price.
  16. Nice! I live in NYC. What store, out of curiosity? I picked up Cannon Fodder at Videogames New York in East Village a while back. It was ~$20 CIB. My Jag stopped working a while back and I dropped it off at J&L Game in Midtown about 5 weeks ago. They keep asking me for one more week every time I call them. So we'll see if they can actually get it purring again.
  17. I picked up Electrocop again; I never beat it in the 1990s but I'm taking the notes necessary to actually stand a chance this time. I'm having trouble with the Stingrays on Level 11. It seems that the only way to to destroy them is to fire your EMP shoulder cannon when you're right next to the doorway. Is this true? If you step into their line of sight they seem to inflict significant damage, especially to your weapons. It feels pretty cheap, but maybe it's possible to approach them in a way I have yet to discover. Any tips? I'm really digging the game. It lacks the depth of Alien vs. Predator on the Jaguar, but has a lot of the same level/door mechanics. I see why reviewers generally have a temperate response, but I can also see why the designers at Epyx probably thought they had a really solid title on their hands. There's a lot to like.
  18. I have a 2600 that I'm running into a new Samsung with an BN39-01154P Cbf Signal to RF NTSC converter. It's not working. Do you think I can just go in composite using one of the Philips RF Moduator Video Converters listed above? Seems like the simplest solution. Or do I needs something like the Sony TU-1041U TV Tuner. Sorry for the noob questions, but there is something about the modulator/demodulator I'm not understanding here. Any insight would be appreciated. /Schmudde
  19. Also, I'm keeping an eye on this. I am in New York City and have a Jag with a suddenly busted power button. No longer powers up. I haven't looked at the chips inside to see if there is some physical damage.
  20. I had a mid-1990s Ebay account that I just found out was deleted. It's their policy to remove accounts after two years of inactivity *with no notification.* I confirmed it with two different Ebay reps. All that reputation... gone. Obviously I've never signed back up.
  21. Curious, did you like Ace of Aces on any platform? I loved flight sims but they are simply too time consuming these days. For that reason, I'll never go back and play my favorite of the early 1990s, F-15 Strike Eagle III. What I love about Ace of Aces is how the designers dealt with the constraints of the platform. Like all flight sims, you must to read the instruction manual, but in this case it's only a few pages long. During gameplay, I still get the feeling of working with the controls and using the displays (radar, compass, etc...) while also dogfighting and bombing. My only major complaint is the choppy cloud movement when looking forward. It makes the dogfighting unnecessarily difficult.
  22. I dug this out and finally completed a train mission. I'm still having trouble hitting the u-boats. In the past, I didn't gather that the way to play this game is constantly watch the dashboard and occasionally engage in bombing and dogfighting. Pretty clever game, really. I do with they used the right button + joystick to select views rather than the double-tap mechanic.
  23. I'm looking for a manual for Go and unfortunately, we don't have them here at Atari Age like we do for the 2600/7800/5200/Lynx/Jaguar. It would be nice to list sources for manuals in the newbie section. So far, I've checked archive.org's section and Atarimania without luck, but there may be other repositories. Manuals can still be useful sources of information for newbies.
  24. Does anyone have a manual for the Go game listed above? It's not on archive.org. I can place a stone in the top left corner but cannot move the cursor around the board. Any help?
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