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  1. This looks great! I love the polish. Can't wait to see more.
  2. Gotta say, Bill Lange's Atari Party last Saturday was a lot of fun. If ya'll want to get an idea of what went down, here are some pictures from the day of - https://www.flickr.com/photos/thephillyfly/sets/72157688827832525. /ü
  3. Same same. I <3 Commando and it's still a goto game on my 7800.
  4. It's worth noting the premise of this thread: Skyhammer reviews are down the middle and Sputnik2600 was having trouble deciding on the investment. His desire to help "promote" the game seems pretty rational in context - as rational as any time invested into a platform so irrelevant that calling it "niche" might be a stretch. I think this game compares favorably to G-Police and would love if others discovered its merits.
  5. I hope you are able to get in touch. I was just going over to Kickstarter to back the book today. It makes no sense to be so hostile if they are truly going to launch the AtariBox. /Schmüdde
  6. Sorry for the necro-bump, but I'm looking for such a cart. Did anything ever come of it? I'm a total beginner but have many Go friends that would be charmed and impressed by such an implementation of the game.
  7. Totally. Club Drive might the the most disappointing early title for me. It should have been the platform's Stunts!. There were some great details in the game, but it just needed more... more everything. Even still, I had a lot of fun with San Francisco race times, powerball races, and tag... all this is only fun with a willing partner/group though. As you alluded to.
  8. I love Skyhammer. When you're protecting the cities, it truly feels like there are armies in other sectors on the move and it takes a bit of strategy to decide how to mount a counter offensive. If you didn't like Iron Soldier, I would approach with caution. Having said that, I think the gameplay is much different and definitely has more depth than Hover Strike. Really no comparison on the latter.
  9. The new NIN video is pretty much just a Jeff Minter game -- and even opens with the Llamasoft plug. Legit.
  10. I would also like to be added to the list. Thank you! /Schmüdde
  11. I thought this reflection with Bernie Stolar was pretty interesting. I had no idea that the same guy in charge of the Lynx was in charge of the Dreamcast in the USA: Here's the article: Why former Sega president Bernie Stolar is still proud of the Dreamcast. /Schmüdde
  12. This is a challenging game! The team did a superb job. The music is absolutely top notch. Does it not save scores? I guess I expected it to save even though it's homebrew. I know Alice's Mom's Rescue saves game position and Impulse X saves scores... oh and this team's JHL saves the season information. Not a dealbreaker, just want to make sure I'm not missing something. It's a great release. Right up there with Impulse X. Pick up, play, and enjoy. /ü
  13. Hey all - I do a lot of archival work for what I'm working on, specifically technology related. Kinolibrary just sent out a mailer about some new 1980s Silicon Valley footage they acquired. There are a number of Atari Inc.-related clips I thought people here would be interested in: 1980s People Play Video Games, Atari, Racing, Arcade 1980s Men Play Arcade Games, Video Gamers, USA 1980s Children Using (Atari) Computers, USA Drive Through Silicon Valley, 1980s USA Tech (a few Atari buildings) /ü
  14. I got a 7800 in the late 1980s. I loved it and was not swayed by Nintendo until I saw The Legend of Zelda. The game was a revelation. Bionic Commando didn't hurt. However, I never owned many NES games. I ended up continuing to play the 7800 more and collecting more cartridges, ultimately loving the system until I moved onto the Lynx. /ü
  15. Booo! Here's hoping for a 3rd run! I just got here too late. But yeah, happy for yah - it looks sharp with that pro-controller. /ü
  16. Rapper RZA composing album inspired by vintage Atari game tunes: http://www.cnet.com/news/rza-is-composing-an-album-inspired-by-vintage-8-bit-atari-video-games/

    1. Schmudde


      "inspired by the 8-bit soundtracks of iconic Atari games like Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong." -- yeah, I love the Centipede song.

  17. The OP gave no parameters, so I emphatically say 'yes!'
 I don't spend much money on video games because I only buy newly published Jaguar games and pick up the occasional odd cart (just found Cannon Fodder in the wild). The best thing about the Jaguar is that it has a great library of 16-bit ports (like Flashback), some funky exclusives (like Skyhammer), and some titles that really capture the essence of the era (like Doom). I mostly commit to beating a game - so I get a ton of hours out of something like Rayman. I also like going for the high-score in a game like Impulse X. I just hosted a Brutal Sports Football tournament (8 player bracket) and had a blast. The new ST ports are looking nice and an original like Rebooteroids is going to be very cool.
  18. That may have been presumptuous. There is also this Falcon brochure: http://classic.technology/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/atarifalcon030.pdf
  19. If someone is curious and hasn't seen this, it is available here: https://archive.org/stream/AtariFalcon030Brochure1992/Atari_Falcon030_Brochure_1992#page/n0/mode/2up. You can also see the line of thought between the Falcon's touted "Personal Integrated Media System" in 1992 and the Jaguar's "Interactive Multimedia System" in 1993. /ü
  20. It's often said that Atari Corp. didn't advertise enough. Found this little nugget looking through some archival - advertising in a Deutschland football match in 1991. /ü
  21. Nice! do you do much of hte development on your Mega? Or you just using the ST for games these days?
  22. 2nd time at the Comptuer History Museum. They do Atari pretty good, from Pong to the Jaguar.

  23. I spent some serious time with Rampage over last weekend. I really got into it and Klax. They're both good games for the system, although you have to forget about the Lynx versions when you play the 7800. The Lynx boasts such excellent adaptations of both games.
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