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  1. You mean 4 & 6 on the numeric keypad? I think that's the same as AvP.
  2. Sorry, but a classic is a classic! ~ü
  3. I'd also vote that WMCJ isn't even close to bottom-of-the-barrel. I played it a lot in the 90s, both alone and with friends. I got pretty good at it, so I can't agree completely with the reviewer about how impossible it is to play. Objectively, yeah, it's not a great game, but it's not the worst either. I had fun with 2 players and it has a unique look. I've always thought it was kind of ugly but I also like that it's stylistically unique. No just unique, I've never played another game that looks quite like it. It doesn't hold a candle to Dr. J vs. Bird on the Atari 7800. That's one of my all time favs. ~ü
  4. Lynx II for sure. Logo and machine design all sync'd up in one handsome package. Jaguar/7800 a close 2nd. I always thought the original Master System was mysterious and technical looking, especially with the diagram on the front. Playstations have been looking much better than XBoxes but the Wii is the standout winner in more contemporary consoles. ~ü
  5. Why the XEGS over the 5200? Or you just love the Atari 800 and you wanted it to qualify? ~ü
  6. I can't help but I can also vouch for this issue. I'm on OSX 10.9.2. I just gave up after 10 minutes of trying. I'm a good quitter like that. ~ü
  7. Whoa, very few votes for BattleMorph? That might be right up there with Tempest for me. Not as memorable, but absolutely perfect for the game. For those who don't own a Jag CD, check out these links and vote it up: http://justclaws.atari.org/sounds/battle.mp3 http://justclaws.atari.org/sounds/battle2.mp3 http://justclaws.atari.org/sounds/battle3.mp3 Is this sort of campaigning allowed at the ballot box? ~ü
  8. My parents must have bought my first one back around 1987. I still have that one. Then I got a second at Big Lots when they were liquidating them around 1992. It may be my favorite system. Or that could be the Jaguar. Or the Lynx. Not sure, actually!
  9. Yeah, I'd second that on Skyhammer. One of my top Jaguar games. The immersive feeling is really enhanced by the fact that the city keeps evolving even when you're in a far-away sector. Because of this, there is a constant feeling of pressure to get your job done and move on. But if you can get some other carts cheaply, it might be nice to start there and build out your collection. Games like Flashback might not be a 64-bit powerhouse, but it has aged well and helps round out the variety of games at your disposal.
  10. Voted. I own Jaguar + CD attachment. I prefer cart to CD as well, mainly because the units are so expensive so it excludes other people.
  11. I was thinking about buy a Llamasoft game for my iPhone. I've played some of the originals offered on my ST but I'm not sure where to start on my iOS device. Any advice? What's the best game/translation/experience. I don't have a stick, touch screen only. ~ü
  12. I'll 3rd One on One and add in Alien Brigade. I also like Fatal Run. Anybody else?
  13. Me too. However, my sizeable Jaguar collection sits in storage in the midwest. I'll let you know if I ever move it out here. As it stands, I don't make the time to play video games, so keeping them away from me is usually the best way to avoid temptation. I have a few Lynx items here. But I've owned them for 20 years and show the wear and tear of two decades. Maybe not the best candidate for high quality product shots. ü
  14. I understood this is what you were saying the first time I read your post. The way people talk to others on Atari Age always ebbs me back towards lurking - which is why I only have 20-30 posts since 2008. I don't know why this forum is the way it is. I have gone to computer and/or Atari meetups since the late 90s and this tone simply doesn't exist in the culture. And it's not "the internet." I'm plenty active elsewhere and people's posts aren't presumed idiotic until after a little scrutiny. ~ü
  15. Great points. I see the trade-offs that you're talking about. I don't have the same experiences aiming or getting stuck, but I have seen people new to the game kludge through it like that. While Doom has its own trade-offs (music and resolution) - gameplay is clearly in the forefront. I think the trade-offs, for the time and for the system, make a lot of sense to me. More importantly, they don't *feel* like compromises to me. But I'm starting to understand the detractors better. ~ü
  16. I have read that it was a pretty quick job by Carmack - but by his own account, he seemed pretty happy with his work: http://beta.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=4215&cid=1225529 He only mentions a few things he would do differently and spends most of his time acknowledging the limitations of the system. I agree, that with more time and resources, it sounds like Doom could have been better optimized for the Jaguar - but that's true of any project. Basically, there is a law of diminishing returns here and he seems satisfied with the tradeoffs he made. Probably because, in the end, Doom is a pretty good freaking port, and for a long time, it was the best console version. ~ü
  17. What are your thoughts on Skyhammer and AvP vs. what John Carmack was doing with the Jag? I use him as an example because I think he was clearly the standard-bearer in the early-to-mid 90s. ~ü
  18. Yeah, everything I've read in the forum's history centers around piracy and the prices. I haven't seen any interest in a community-driven, legal, and ordained solution to the laughable scarcity of the carts. I must have missed that thread. Thanks anyway.
  19. I did; I didn't find anything. I tried such approaches as battlesphere crowdfund, battlesphere kickstarter, battlesphere faq, and a line from my citation - and I didn't find such a discussion. But I thought I might have missed something. Perhaps there is a thread I overlooked that you could point me to? In the decade before crowdfunding was easy and popular, and immediately after Battlesphere was released, any number of keywords could have been used to propose a similar idea. ~ü
  20. Pardon my ignorance, but seeing this in the BattleSphere FAQ: Q. Why doesn't ScatoLOGIC sell the rights to produce BattleSphere to Telegames or Songbird? A. Simple. To persuade Hasbro to release the Jaguar into the public domain, 4Play offered that all profits from the game would be donated to charity. Because of this agreement, any company selling BattleSphere must also give their profits to charity. No 3rd party producers seem charitable enough to accept this agreement and produce BattleSphere. Additionally, there are a number of strict quality issues which no other producer seems willing to meet. (Full-color decals applied properly aligned, Cardboard box inserts, Gold cartridge contacts, etc.) Made me wonder if it would be possible to Kickstart a non-profit venture? This would obviously be a complex endeavor but I'm wondering if there has ever been any discussion to its merits. ~ü
  21. On raycasting etc..., I came across this great writeup on the technique, including an impressive engine written in 265 lines of JavaScript. How times have changed. Thought some of you would find it interesting: http://www.playfuljs.com/a-first-person-engine-in-265-lines/?utm_source=javascriptweekly&utm_medium=email
  22. This is an interesting title. I've never played it. 1992, eh? Looks like a mess, but there doesn't seem to be a rank or a high score; the objective seems to be to beat the game on (I'm guessing) successively more difficult manifestations (with no on-screen indicator). Schmüdde
  23. It kind of makes Adventure even that much more anachronic in the development of video games considering how difficult it is to find contemporaries that don't have any sort of point system. I would agree with others on the thread - rank and speed (time left over) are definitely point systems. The amount of time it takes to complete a race is what makes car driving a sport. And while you could time your time-to-completion of Adventure, it's not part of the game mechanic designated by the author, so I don't think that counts. One of the unsung advances of the Atari 2600 over the Odyssey is on-screen score keeping, for example. It enforces that mechanic as part of the gameplay. Back to Adventure - considering the game's precedence is a text adventure, I see how it came into existence without a score. But in the 2600's library, it's quite an anomaly. Thanks for all these ideas though - keep them coming! Cheers, Schmüdde
  24. Hey all, I'm thinking about Atari 2600 games with no point system. I'm curious to look at a list like that, because I'd like to see what other objectives the designers wrote into these games considering the console's limitations. Off of the top of my head I have Adventure and Raiders of the Lost Arc but I'm sure there is many more. Cheers, Schmüdde
  25. I'd like to second this. Jaguar owner since 1994. Bought the Jaguar CD in 1995. Involved in the first JagFest, Jaguar Interactive I & II, and post-death Telegames releases. I've also purchased Songbird carts. I also observed much of the vaporware, theft (Tom Harker/Cat Box) and infighting through the years. And I've got to say - even I can't keep the Jaguar homebrew community straight. Even to the point where I missed the original "Another World" cartridge pre-order (I'm on the list for 2nd-batch-hopefuls). I'm not much of a collector, more of a player, and the Jaguar is the last system I bought. So I like to play new games just to play them. The developers know way more about this than I do, so I'm not being critical. But I'm saying that I feel that I'm relatively committed to the Jaguar and I miss out on stuff regularly on this and other forums. Just imagine newcomers or more casual Jaguar fans. I find the 8-bitters and the Lynx much easier to support and sort out. ~ü
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