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  1. Fair enough. I wasn't being technically accurate enough. I could revise the title: More Impressive Use of Raycasting: Rebellion (AvP, Skyhammer) vs. ID (Doom, Wolfenstein) and submit another topic of consideration More Impressive True 3D Engine: Zero5, Hoverstrike: UL, Battlemorph, etc... The only problem here is that I think that the raycasting in Doom "looks more impressive" than the 3D in Cybermorph. So I'm not sure if the technique is as important as the end result, a 3D (pseudo or not) environment. ~ü
  2. I was playing a little Doom last night, after a 90+ minute engagement with Skyhammer, and it got me thinking about how Rebellion's work on the Jaguar stacked up against the king of 90s 3D, id. I broke it down like this: Doom wins out on framerate, lighting, and draw distances; Alien Vs. Predator wins out on resolution. The framerate of AvP isn't all that bad - playing as the Alien is evidence of that - but the lighting and especially the draw distances pale in comparison to Doom. Certain textures in Doom look particularly low resolution (I'm thinking of the animated skull graphics on the walls in later levels) but the game never breaks stride or slows down. I'd throw Skyhammer in the mix, I think the game is awesome and looks great, but it seems unfair as parts of the game do feel like they could use a little polish. I suppose we could consider Hover Strike: UL as well. The lighting effects are killer in that game. But I don't think the environment is as complex. So what do you think is the most impressive fully texture mapped 3D engine on the Jaguar? ~ü
  3. Considering that this is one of the criticisms of the Jag, that the library has too many shooters, I think you may have answered your own question here. Jaguar is really a system between two eras. So Super Burn Out and Power Drive Rally end up being some of the best titles in their genre -- those styles of games just aren't as common commercially in the Sony/Microsoft era. The Jaguar's launch titles, Dino Dudes (puzzle) and Raiden (shooter) are both excellent but didn't come across as the promised leap from the Nintendo/Sega era. Cannon Fodder is also nice and cheap pickup for the puzzle/strategy crowd and Flashback is an excellent action/adventure that might not share the same stress as a normal platformer. Also in the racing category, Val D'Isere Skiing is an affordable quality pickup. Then the Jaguar also has some good 3D games, like Doom, AvP, and Skyhammer. The latter two might be too expensive. Tempest 2000 is an obvious must-purchase. ~ü
  4. Looks great. I haven't been to a JagFest since the first one in the Chicago suburbs. Bummed you didn't get to enjoy a little BattleSphere, that's like not being able to eat at your own wedding.
  5. I'm on the list! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  6. First, consider that the Telegames petition list was at 870 signatures (I'm #143) before they published Breakout 2000 and Towers II. They had published Brutal Sports Football sometime before, but were hesitant to continue supporting the system. So having a core fanbase of ~900 people isn't a bad start for getting some positive word-of-mouth, which is still the most important form of advertising, even in 2014. Carl already put in his 2 cents. I'll mention that I was already familiar with Songbird due to the projects he developed on the Lynx. And even though it didn't come until much later, Skyhammer was always one of the most notable lost titles on the Jaguar. Particularly due to its connection to Rebellion. So even if you only paid a little attention to Jaguar happenings, it was hard to miss when it was released. ~ü
  7. My list (worst being #1) Supercross 3D Space Ace Troy Aikman Football Trevor McFur Brain Dead 13/Dragon's Lair Most Disappointing: Checkered Flag (bought this full price in the 90s b/c it was Rebellion) Blue Lighting (The easiest genre to get right and they blew it) Fight For Life (Hyped b/c of Francois Bertrand's involvement)
  8. Congrats Curt and Marty. Glad my girlfriend and I could both be a part of it. Can't wait to read the book!! Schmüdde www.schmudde.net
  9. This looks like a good grab. Not only will you get Rygar in the future - but you'll get two *excellent* games in Shadow of the Beast and Ninja Gaiden. Also, playing the Lynx on the couch natively is much better than using an emulator on a laptop. No comparison. Schmüdde www.schmudde.net www.directingfilm.net
  10. Contrary to a poster above, I believe I did get a few games published in 1990 at Big Lots in Peoria including MotorPsycho and Alien Brigade. I believe Peoria, IL Big Lots received this haul in 1993ish. The inventory sold included 2600/7800 games and systems. All games were $1-$3. I bought quite a bit of software to round out my collection (including Secret Quest for the 2600). It was a great time. Second best to the time when Don Thomas, while still being employed at Atari, helped liquidate much of their inventory through his connections at CompuServe. Schmüdde www.schmudde.net www.directingfilm.net
  11. Thinking about Ninja Golf.

  12. Thinking about Ninja Golf.

  13. Schmudde

    MESS Help

    I just want to second this solution. With Mac Mess I had to create a bios folder (all the others were created, including a ROMS folder). The .ini file pointed to the ROMS folder. Mac Mess wouldn't find it. I had to create a bios folder and then change the .ini file to point it to that folder before it worked. Nothing in the documentation. Amazing. Thanks for the help everybody! Schmüdde www.schmudde.net www.earthcirclefilms.com
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