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  1. Hows that 7800 coming along.......

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Mine too.... 😭

  2. the.golden.ax


  3. lucked out and found a neo xyx at a mom n pop used store while out of town at a doctor got it on trade credit not able to play it myself but son likes it even if he is really bad at it ha
  4. that smell is money us old farts liked that odor it was the thrill of wasting your money on a new game in 1992
  5. t/y for the kind words still kicking around taking each day at time seen famicom mods on ebay for 129 look very cool but expensive
  6. so glad you are grig i just cant any more really missed it 2014 was nice return 2015
  7. take your time is good advice if you have a needle nose pliers squeeze old caps try to crush them gentle wiggle goal to remove cap from legs but leave legs dont want to pull pads or traces off the board then with cap out of the way clean fluid crust with qtip and alcohol add flux or new solder if needed then remove old legs best to clean old solder off desolder wick device or tool then clean pads again b4 new caps
  8. replace all caps but do two 1uf 50v first then test bet it works get cosole5 kit all you need
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