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  1. Just sharing some auctions I've posted. A bunch of different SMS games that all start at .99 and I combine shipping. Thanks for checking it out. http://www.ebay.com/sch/chrisballer44/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. Hey guys! I just listed some auctions today with some nice collector quality Nintendo stuff. I will be putting up some different stuff most weekends so keep an eye out for more items. I have a large collection of all different systems and games and want to slim down some more. All of my auctions start at .99 and I combine shipping. I package well and ship fast. Thank you for checking it out! Link to my Ebay Page in my Signature below.
  3. Ends tonight!! Thanks for looking.
  4. Giving a link to pictures that you asked for is good customer service. I can't load that many 5mb pics in the thread. It was a link I made for here. Condition is subjective that is why I give you pictures to see for yourself. If you were to buy some expensive games and I told you they where mint you would still want to see them for yourself. The two did not dop off the face of the earth they logged in a couple times with no response. One can see when the last time someone logs in. I don't care what you can believe. I will deal with them in my own way. I don't think you owe me anything. I brought that up because you were talking trash about it then did the exact same thing. I did negotiate with all offers except for Tom. If there is anyone out there that did not negotiate with me that sent me an offer say anything. You wont hear anything because there are none, so stop stating false stuff. I also let three other people know about the link that asked for pictures such as yourself, and all of them recieved a different message, because they actually asked questions. I answered all questions that were asked. I also have found the marketplace to be good as well over the years. I was not bashing it. As a matter of fact the only person I have had a problem with is you. With your sarcastic untrue posts that just keep spewing crap. As far as garnering interest in my auction that is exactly what the the Auction thread is for and why I posted in it. That is what I always do. I also don't need customer service advise from you either. I have pefect feedback for the last 16 years on Digital Press, Nintendo Age, Sega Age, CheapAssgamer, and many others. Say whatever you want I am going to ignore it I am done talking with you. Sorry everyone for all the rants this guy just gets under my skin. I am over it.
  5. You are exactly right. I will not do a FO thread again. I usually always do FS. I was in a hurry and did not look up every price and make a list is why it went up FO. I would always prefer to sell on here rather than Ebay.
  6. "I'm also shocked that out of 20 PMs, not a single person made a reasonable offer on any one of your games. That seems impossible to me, but given that it was a holiday weekend and since I don't know everyone here personally, I guess anything is possible. I guess if I was in your position, I would probably go back and re-evaluate my tactics and possibly revise my sales post, maybe even pricing everything, as that seems like a pretty poor response from a community that is tailor made for what you are selling." Never stated I did not get any offers. Just like all your posts in this thread you like to assume much. I got two normal offers and I excepted them right away and then the people did not respond. One of the reasons I got frustrated and sent them to Ebay. "As for your responsiveness, I can only speak from my own experience and say that you did respond to me with a single line of "I listed a link to the photos in the first post". In my opinion, this seemed like a pretty canned bulk response and since the games I saw didn't meet with my standards, I didn't follow up. I don't think I owed you anything further as I felt your response showed a pretty distinct lack of interest. Similarly, I don't think you owed me anything more, although your abruptness didn't leave a great impression with me for possible future transactions" This is exactly what you said Bojay copy and pasted. "Hello. I am interested in purchasing Ace of Aces, Impossible Mission, Mario Bros. and Motor Psycho if you have them in mint/sealed condition. Please let me know and if you have photos of those, that would be great. Thank you." This was my response as soon as I posted the pictures awhile later..... "I listed a link to the photos in the first post. Thanks, Chris" I got back to you the next day and with pictures for you how is that bad at all or a "distinct lack of interest" I don't get it?? This is your bad personal experience with me. Okay. Also, you state if something don't meet your standards it does not need a reply, but out the other side of your mouth in your first post you say there is something to be said about courtesy in the forums and with the community with replies and then dog me for not responding to an offer I did not like. I can only speak for myself, but this may sound hypocritical.
  7. Look, when I put the post up I stated I wanted to guage interest on the games before putting them on Ebay. I did not get much interest, but for a handfull of games. I also stated some of the more rare games I was just going to put on Ebay, because I was not really sure as to their price. Some there are no price to go off of like Tank Command and others like Kung-Fu and Rampage the price is all over the place. I asked people to PM me with offers and I would look at the online price guides and ebay and go lower with what I would want for them. What is wrong with that. I am not a store. I am just a guy who likes to collect video games. I just went back and looked, and Tom was the only one I did not get back to that made me an offer. If you look at my post I even apologized to him for that even though he started name calling. Yes my last post came across abrasive, because of the post before it. Maybe I should have just ignored it. I got back to you as well Bojay and got no response from you. So this talk from you about courtesy is a bunch a crap. The games went to Ebay, because of the little interest and it was a Sunday. I like to put my games up on Sundays for seven days so they end on a Sunday, and I know I would be out of town next weekend. It is just easier for me to do this, because I have time on Mondays to pack everything and get it out. Anyways, I put a for offer thread up and posted multiple pics of every single game what more effort would you want me to put in? Is there some rule as to keep your games up for x amount of days or you are not helping the community??? No, I was not hoping for way more than they are worth jetset. I have sold thousands apon thousands of dollars worth of games on all different types of gaming forums and always give good deals, and have always had perfect feedback on the gaming forums. I was subscriber to this site for a long time too until recently. I am selling a nice size lot of games right now to Chris Leach for maybe half of what they are worth. Also, Bojay what are you talking about "everything that went down"??? This is what went down, I put an offer thread up for three days did not really like all the offers I recieved as expected. I got back to the people that made offers (except one) and they did not get back to me. I did not ignore a bunch of people. I did not get back to one person who made me an offer, and people are giving me shit like I am just an ass who ignored a bunch of people and want more than ebay prices for my shit which is very far from the truth. Well that and it was up for three days... Who cares how long I put a post up for? The only person I need to explain anything to is Tom and I apologized to him.
  8. That is not a real offer, and anyone who even knows a little about those games will tell you the same thing. I am sorry you are butt hurt I did not get back to you. AS far as education and social skills go..... I have plenty of college under my belt. I am in the medical field which is a very social field where I save lives and help people through the end of their days in hospice as well. As far as education in games go..... I have been doing this since the 90's and have literally thousands of games. I completed my first collection in 99-00 which was the NES. Well some how I think I will be okay without your FAIR purchases Tom from Brazil. However, you are right on one thing, I should of at least said we are to far apart or something. Which I usually do for all offers. So I apologize for that.
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