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  1. Please put me down for two copies if still available.
  2. Thank you Rev for the very quick refund on Sea Venture. Much appreciated on the shipping refund as well.
  3. I just got Deep Zone this week. Amazing game. I had ordered it back in late December from Rev along with Meteors, The Government Waffle Project and Sea Venture. I got three of the four games after waiting almost 4 months for delivery. I have e-mailed Rev since there was no note saying Sea Venture was delayed and that is why it was not included. I have gotten notes like this in the past from him. Has anyone else waited this long and not gotten all the games ordered from Rev? I hope he responds soon. I am thankful to finally get to play your game.
  4. One copy each of Mystic Castle and Super pro Baseball. Two copies of All-star Hockey please.
  5. Please put me down for two copies. Whatever serial numbers are available.
  6. Please put me down for one copy if you make more of this game.
  7. Please put me down for one copy if you make another run of this game.
  8. Payment sent for two copies one each of CBS and Mattel.
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