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  1. ClausB


  2. Thanks to Curt Vendel for making space for old #26 at VCFE! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/290910-vcf-east-day-2-day-1-for-me/
  3. Thank you, Curt, for letting me and old #26 hang out with the cool kids!
  4. The original 800 Operators Manual also confirms the memory map in this thread's first post - except for the 48K part. "... experienced computer operators" indeed - experienced with a soldering iron! https://archive.org/details/Atari800OperatorsManualFirstVersion1979
  5. Yay! Need more Trek in this thread!
  6. My previous hobby was amateur astronomy. When I got my Atari 400 in college I was still a member of the astronomy club back home and I still contributed articles to their newsletter. I wrote a short story about taking Candy (my 400) to "the Dome" (the club observatory) to interface her to our telescope. It was going well when she got other ideas. Suddenly I spotted a Zylon ship in the eyepiece and she started flashing Red Alert. As I aimed the finder scope she charged up the photon torpedoes and launched one out of the telescope! So went my story about playing Star Raiders from the Dome. Now I'll have to dig up that old newsletter. I don't think I wrote it on the 400 since I didn't have a printer then.
  7. I did it in the day, though I cheated by writing my own P: driver to use joystick ports.http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234831-prantic/?do=findComment&comment=3173297 Another cheat is to replace $9B with $9A or $9F and live with one wrong dot. Edit: looked at the code and see that the custom driver doesn't help since it still goes through CIO, so I used the very cheat I mentioned above.
  8. Good times had at VCFE. Lots of nice exhibits, at both the show and the museum. Thanks to Curt for sharing his impressive display with me and old #26. Nice to meet Maciej, Thom, Allan, Joe, Kevin, Forrest, Bill, and many others. Can't think of a better way to spend a rainy weekend.
  9. I used the quarter squares method in BCD to speed up Atari's multiplier: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/124761-fast-math-rom/page-1?do=findComment&comment=1516639
  10. Teensyduino installs over Arduino making for a simple IDE. PJRC takes great pains to convert Arduino libraries to Teensy. They also sell their own bootloader chip for use on custom PCBs. Worth a look.
  11. I did a few Arduino AVR projects before I discovered Teensy and I'll never go back. Teensy 3.2 and 3.5 are 5V compatible 32-bit ARMs, perfect for retro projects. https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/techspecs.html
  12. Try opening up each RAM and ROM module and reseating each IC.
  13. BITD I patched Letter Perfect and Data Perfect to work with ACE80. IIRC I started with versions that supported the Bit3. Is there documentation on the Bit3 API? Maybe my patches could be adapted. BTW, I had no trouble running OS/A+ ver. 2 on ACE80.
  14. I think that 68000 board was one of these: http://retronik.fr/motorola/68K/68020/The_DEFINICON_68020_Coprocessor_[bYTE_1986_%2028p].pdf
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