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  1. This older 400 probably has tinned card edge connectors, not gold, which corrode quickly. So your upgrades should improve reliability.
  2. Please post a photo of the imprint on the case rear underside.
  3. I'll challenge the notion that length is always the longest dimension. A skyscraper's longest dimension is height. For many aircraft it is wing span. For most sailboats it is mast height. For standing people it is height. Also, width is usually left to right. For Ataris, width, depth, and height are appropriate.
  4. The other WW numbers in our list don't fit that pattern.
  5. Oh wow, you got a 1979 machine there! Only 3 others on our list. The datecodes for those are different. 949 means 49th week of 1979. Congrats! What else can you share about it? Does it have a CTIA?
  6. Yes, there's a motor control signal in the SIO port to enable the 410. Here's an article by my former boss: https://www.atarimagazines.com/v1n4/audiowhileyoucload.html Edit: sorry, that didn't fully answer your question. Put 5V on the Motor Control line to enable playing. See the pinout diagram in the article.
  7. Please take the Incognito discussion elsewhere. This is not the thread for it.
  8. Here's the original without accumulation:
  9. Thanks! No music built in but it does turn on the cassette motor so you can play music through your 410.
  10. This. Look for an imprint on the rear underside.
  11. Wonder if there's enough room in the FPGA for an ANTIC core.
  12. Yes, look at the list. The serial numbers are not serial. That's why we go by datecode.
  13. Missing 3-digit date code. Check rear underside, as in ApolloBoy's post above.
  14. Those are awesome! They are squashed though. The circles on the locomotive should be circles. You should fix the aspect ratio in your emulator and take new screen shots.
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