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  1. Hey there, where in Okieland are you? Im in the Tulsa area and have a av modded jr, a vader and a sears video arcade 2 lying around. Along with several games. PM if interested!
  2. You will need the A/C power cord and an RF cable - you may also need an RF switch box unless you have an adaptor to directly hook up to your older Tv's cable input. If you are wanting to use it on a modern LCD TV, you may need more stuff! And of course at least a joystick! And a game or two! You may want to purchase a console that has been AV modded to save some trouble and maybe one that has everything you need all in one package - it can be pain to track down everything individually!
  3. This thing is awesome, super clean and works flawlessly! This guy is the real deal 😁
  4. There will always be another chance! Besides I may get bored with it eventually lol
  5. The R77 version link is broken.
  6. Thanks for the info! I think i just hooked the '77 up, saw that it was a crappy picture and then put it away and went back to Av modded junior! I guess I will have to give it another go
  7. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KW3MU1G It "works" but it squishes 4:3 to be abit skinnier. I use it with a ROKU on my bedroom CRT, if you are watching something like an older tv show on netflix that is in SD it will look a little off... you get used to it though! It works best with converting a 16:9 input to a 4:3 output. Not perfect by any means, but it gets the job done. It does not work well with the Retron 77 - picture is just off and squished.
  8. Awesome! Thank You! I will show mine off when i finally get around to finishing it lol I always seem to have too many projects and never enough time
  9. I'm working on something similar with a PiZero... I'm betting mine will not turn out nearly as nice as yours! Would you be interested in selling a couple of those stickers? That really makes it look like a real thing from Atari! Great work!
  10. Can you give us a quick review of that case? Did you get the Atari Vault SD card with it?
  11. Amazing Work! Looking forward to seeing more!
  12. Thanks very much for the info! I seem to have a bit more time on my hands these days to tackle that project! As always, you are awesome!
  13. Hi there! I just wanted to say that I love 6.1, Kudos to Stephen and the Stella Team! But I do have a question - is it possible to change the snapshots that the UI shows for each game? Id love to be able to change this to box art. Im sure its an easy change, but Im not so great at figuring stuff out sometimes! Thanks!
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