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  1. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    Thanks for the clarification!
  2. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    With the OTG adaptor, wouldn't the Trooper II work through USB on the Retron? Is Stella set up to recognize joysticks other than with the 2600Daptor or whatnot? I realize that it's probably easier just to plug something into the front panel though! Just curious!
  3. Hmm... so much wrong here lol But she is young and probably does not have much real experience with the ol Atari 2600
  4. I have Flashback 9, X, and a Retron77 All bases covered!
  5. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    You guys crack me up! 🤣
  6. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    I have 3 cats and two dogs ... I could dust every two hours and it wouldn't help lol 😄
  7. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    Maybe slightly off topic, but, has anyone ever made or seen a dust cover for the Retron 77? Mine seems to collect dust like crazy! lol I usually keep it in the box, but Ill pull it out and leave it hooked up for a few weeks at time when I need some Atari time.
  8. I have a couple of the Cirka 77 sticks and I really like them, they have just the right amount of clickiness! I've had them for a couple of years no and have no issue with them yet. I don't know what folks are doing to break these things, maybe the younger folks aren't used to stiffer sticks. Which may explain why the trooper and Flashback joysticks are so loose!
  9. Hey all, I am having a weird issue with my Flashback X. I had the older update firmware on it and I tried the nexus pack - everything worked EXCEPT the 2600 games, it just would go to a blank screen with a flash every few seconds. I thought it might be because of the firmware, so I flashed the new firmware 1.9 with the 1.2Ghz clock speed. The unit boots up fine and functions normally without the usb Y connector - but if i try to use the Y, it will not boot at all. even if there is not USB drive attached to it. Ive tried 2 different Y connectors with the same results. Any ideas what is going on with this silly thing? And yes, the Y was working fine with the older firmware. NEVERMIND: I started over from scratch for the 5th time and everything is working fine now. Bleh - electronics are so weird sometimes!
  10. I really havent noticed any kind of lad with either usb adaptor/controller - if there is any at all it is extremely small. I think you'd be happy with the Trooper II - its a bit looser than an actual Atari stick, but you adapt quickly!
  11. Hey there, You might try this one: https://www.microcenter.com/product/627549/hyperkin-“trooper-ii-premium-atari-2600-style-wired-usb-controller-for-pc-mac-raspberry-pi-retro-pie-linux-joystick or get a 2600daptor and use a real Atari stick :http://www.2600-daptor.com/ Both work great with Altirra!
  12. I purchased one of these too! Its a pretty good stick, just a bit loose. Works well for a retropie set up since there are enough buttons to navigate the menus without any problems and play games that require more than one button.
  13. I NEED This!! I've been wanting something like this forever - I was going to make my own out of a jakks plug and play, but never got around to it.
  14. Hey there, where in Okieland are you? Im in the Tulsa area and have a av modded jr, a vader and a sears video arcade 2 lying around. Along with several games. PM if interested!
  15. You will need the A/C power cord and an RF cable - you may also need an RF switch box unless you have an adaptor to directly hook up to your older Tv's cable input. If you are wanting to use it on a modern LCD TV, you may need more stuff! And of course at least a joystick! And a game or two! You may want to purchase a console that has been AV modded to save some trouble and maybe one that has everything you need all in one package - it can be pain to track down everything individually!
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