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  1. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing what the final product will be like! Hmm... wonder if a 2600-daptor will auto detect this on the fly as you switch from paddle to stick?
  2. Yup, what they said! The 16:9 button is perfect for this!
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark requires two joysticks... one to shoot and move and one to select the object to use. Its been a while, and I don't remember which stick moves Indy around. Plug in another controller and you should be able to get it working for you!
  4. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    OK, so we know that the usb port is connected to the data lines... will it recognize a usb joystick or 2600-daptor? I just ordered the above adapter OTG cable to play with, should be here by next week!
  5. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    Anyone figured out a way to just add usb input to this thing so we could just go with 2600-daptors and be done with it?
  6. Love Tailgunner!!!! Thank you for this! Any chance of a port to the 2600, 7800, or 8bits?? would be pretty cool with a trackball!
  7. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    Just got a "Trooper" Hyperkin 2600 joystick today... quite a difference from the one that originally shipped with the Retron 77! From the outside it looks exactly the same, but the Trooper weighs quite a bit more and really feels much sturdier. Where i Can shake the original controller and it rattles, the new one is solid as a rock! The Trooper has a much longer throw on the stick and the contacts on the inside feel softer and quieter. Theolder one has a shorter throw and is much more clicky. The Trooper feels a bit more like an old original Atari joystick that has been broken in a bit - very smooth but it takes much less effort to move the stick around than an original one. Ive only played a few minutes of asteroids with this thing, but it seems to perform well, although I think I liked the clickyness of the old one better. On the whole though, this sucker is pretty nice. I guess we shall see how well it holds up over the long haul.
  8. The connectors look pretty similar to automotive style connectors (I did car audio installations professionally for almost 25 years) Im usually pretty good with a set of pliers or crimpers - Im guessing the metal has just gotten a bit brittle over the years and a little too much oomph breaks them. I ran in to that sort of thing on classic vehicles all the time. I did try to be gentle, but the metal did not want to give easily. It would be just my luck to have the only odd sized connectors in existence! lol
  9. I got two boards in the mail yesterday! Thanks Osgeld! I did run into a slight snag though - I had four old Atari joysticks that Ive had for years and the first one I took apart the metal connector ends were too wide to stay on the replacement board and I ended up breaking two of the metal connectors trying to squeeze them down a bit. So, I just went on to the next one. The next one I opened up, the connectors fit great, and the next one I tried was the same as the first - too wide of gap on the connector, and then the last one i tried fit great. I hadn't realized there was that much variation in joystick connectors. All four of them had the dark brown board, but they all had different styles of dome switches. Any thoughts on how to avoid this in the future? The boards seem to work great though, very responsive!
  10. Tifany

    RetroN 77

    Got mine ordered! Im wondering how long it will take someone to hack this to run the latest and greatest version of Stella, allow it to use almost any joystick/paddles/keypads/whatever, and stuff it in an original Atari 2600 4 or 6 switcher! Cuz that would make it just about perfect!
  11. On the bright side, the 2600'Daptor now works with the Flashback one 7800 style controllers! So, if you are into emulation, its yet another option for retro gaming. I use them fairly often for NES and 7800 emulation since the extra buttons are all configurable.
  12. Thanks guys! I appreciate all of your input! I guess I need to slow down and find games that I really enjoy playing and make a favorites list. Then when I actually have time (im in grad school right now) I can try some new and different games to see if I can add to my faves.
  13. With almost every console up to the Ps2 and maybe beyond (not to mention computer systems) being able to be easily emulated (depending on your hardware) how does anyone actually find a game to play?? I find myself just continually scrolling through thousands of games on dozens of platforms trying to find one that I want to play? Sadly, I almost always just default to one of the games that Im very familiar with and have been playing for the last 30 years or so. So, do you guys keep full romsets so you can play anything that might tickle your fancy, or do you just narrow the field down to games you think you will actually play? How do yall overcome emulation overload?
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