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  1. 2600 carts have been sold. Prices added on 2600 Jr. and 4 switch consoles. Had some local no shows on my router, so that is temporarily available again. ^^Up^^
  2. **Edit: Router is pending local sale.** Price lowered to $30 shipped on Harvest Moon 64, $110 shipped on the 2600 carts (there are roughly 70 individual titles, rest are dupes), and added a bundle option: $125 shipped on the 2600 carts + either 2600 console. I hate ebay with a passion, so don't force me to go that route. Hit me with any questions you may have, or offers on multiple items. ^^Up^^
  3. Wow, went out of town and figured I'd have some PMs when I got back. You guys sleeping? Price has been added on the 2600 cart lot, which has now been separated from the 2600 consoles. Taking offers on the individual 2600 Jr. and 4 switch systems (both have power supplies etc. by the way). Price lowered to $35 shipped on Harvest Moon 64 Up^^
  4. Added a detailed cart list for the 2600 stuff. Would rather offer this to you guys first, so PM me if you're interested! Considering reasonable offers at this point, as I haven't taken the time to set a price. If you're interested in either system w/ controllers, one system with carts for example, PM me. May be willing to separate a system, and some of the dupes etc. Also open to reasonable offers on Harvest Moon 64, and my Linksys WRT54G router. If you want either, make an offer. ^^Bump n Jump!^^
  5. Hello. Just have a few things for sale here. Looking for PayPal only at the moment. If anything's missing a price, I will try to add one later. Thanks! First up: Harvest Moon 64. Good shape, cart only. Classic 64 title, and very difficult to find these days. Price lowered to $30 shipped on Harvest Moon 64! Two 2600 Consoles: (1) 2600 Jr. w/ 2 original Jr. paddles + RF and original power supply (1) Woody 2600 4 switch w/ 2 original standard paddles + RF and original power supply $40 shipped for each console. (add $5 for tennis paddle, or Video Touch Pad) Next: Brand NEW / Sealed Linksys WRT54G router! (Throwing this back up here because I've had a couple local no-shows for the router...) Okay, we all know these are amazing routers. Stable, good range, and all kinds of 3rd party firmware modifications. This is brand new, never opened. Only selling because I don't need 2. $45 shipped http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j181/RocketLawnChair/sale%20pics/wrt54g_router.jpg[/img **SOLD Items listed below** - 2600 cart lot (109 carts)
  6. Available again! Was "SOLD / Pending", but the buyer apparently had some unexpected expenses...
  7. Anyone? I'll do $15 shipped on this, but that's about it. Again, would keep it but I'm not into sealed stuff. ^^up
  8. Price lowered to $20 shipped in the U.S. I'd keep this myself, but I don't collect sealed stuff... ^^
  9. Anyone interested in an unopened Berzerk for the 5200? Box and seal are in pretty good shape, but there is a little damage (mainly corner damage) as you can see in the pics. There is also a glare from my camera's flash in the pic of the box from the back (upper right hand side), this is not seal / box damage. Price lowered to $15 shipped within the U.S. via PayPal. Thanks. **Sold items listed below** - Harmony + 16MB SD card **SOLD** for $55 shipped. - Pro 91 150 channel analog trunking scanner **SOLD** for $40 shipped
  10. Hey, good to hear. I'll even do $40 shipped if you're in the states, because I hate it when deals fall through. Happy to see someone else enjoy the scanner. Here are a couple pics for you first:
  11. Yes, this does do UHF up to 956Mhz. Sent you a PM with a link to the owner's manual for more details. For everyone else, here is a link to the same manual: http://support.radioshack.com/support_electronics/doc62/62188.pdf
  12. Anyone interested? This is the same model scanner + a box... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110555080728 Will try to add a pic or two tonight. ^^^^
  13. Thank you for mentioning this, as it totally slipped my mind. I forgot to mention this is an ANALOG scanner, not digital. This means emergency frequencies may, or may not work for you. If they work now, chances are they won't work in the near future. Many areas have recently switched their emergency frequencies to digital. If you're primarily looking to scan emergency digital frequencies, you may want to look at the Pro 96. Should note though...Pro 96 is rather costly, @ $300+. Anyway, I've never been into scanning emergency stuff much... I like to cruise around for random, abstract stuff. This Pro 91 still provides plenty of entertainment in the 29Mhz to 956Mhz analog range.
  14. Added a kick ass Pro 91 150 channel trunking scanner. Figured I'd ask around here before selling elsewhere.
  15. I probably would, but I generally try to avoid shipping internationally. Reason being is, somewhere along the line I had the US (or UK) Post Office lose a package I sent once... Ended up costing me my package + money, because I didn't want to stick the buyer with that. Shipping would probably be pretty high for you too. Right now I am waiting to hear back from someone, but will keep you in mind. Thank you for your interest.
  16. **Should be adding more here and there. Stay tuned. ** **Sold items listed below** - Harmony + 16MB SD card **SOLD** for $55 shipped. - Pro 91 150 channel analog trunking scanner **SOLD** for $40 shipped
  17. Eh...that crossed my mind, but I doubt it's anything to worry about. I'm not selling the ROMs, but rather giving the card away as a bonus. Thank you for your concern. On that note: Dropped to $55 via PayPal Gift to make it worth your while.
  18. Price lowered for the final time to $20 shipped in the US! Not worth the extra $10 I *might* get if I sell on a certain unnamed auction site (eB_y), because I hate them.
  19. Very smooth transaction, and highly recommended. Thanks again!
  20. Edit: Parappa's still available. At $25 shipped, this should've been the first item sold.
  21. Someone take this stuff off my hands. Hit me with offers if you're interested in more than 1 item.
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