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  1. I remember seeing these knockoff Gemsticks quite often back in the day but never actually purchased one. This one was on eBay for a decent(ish) price so I thought, "What the heck...". It turns out to be kind of cheap feeling in the hands but yet nice and responsive. Not a terrible controller overall. Still, it'll probably eventually end up in the box with all of the other oddball Atari controllers and won't ever see much use.
  2. This is fantastic news! I have been checking the ordering site at least 2 or three times a week since the winter. However, now the question arises whether I should order as soon as the availability open up *or* if I should wait just a little longer until the HOKEY chips are ready to go? Maybe a fully populated cartridge would be best? I honestly do have a spare POKEY chip sitting around but I am probably more interested in having the new HOKEY technology installed, just cause.
  3. As far as I can remember, Roklan's "Wizard Of Wor" cartridge should work on a XL or XE system. "Gorf" won't but "WOW" should. That said, you can use the "Ultra Translator" program to hot-swap OSb only cartridges and use them on XL/XE systems. Video61 sells a version of "Ultra Translator" on cartridge but the attached ATR will work equally well. It takes a bit of practice to learn the precise angle of how to insert the cartridge (start with it tilted ever so slightly to the right and then insert it in one swift motion) but the translator program does work. Ultra Translator 2.0.atr
  4. I am personally responsible for the destruction of no less than three MMU chips.
  5. FYI, "Food Fight" is on the Evercade Atari Cartridge 1. https://www.amazon.com/Evercade-Atari-Cartridge-1-Electronic-Games/dp/B07XDB9FZT/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=evercade+atari&qid=1623111959&sr=8-4
  6. You know, I don't know if I've ever actually played a Flashback 1. I think that I skipped on it *because* of the fact that I knew that the games were recreations rather than the origional roms themselves. Now this thread has me wondering how "Food Fight" actually plays on that system? Maybe I should search one out after all this time to give it a try.
  7. Thinking more about this ... if I can get an Incognito enabled 400 that also has a SOPHIA2 board inside of it, it will very probably become my main A8 machine. 400s are just so darned nice to look at! The only question then would be what to do with all of these other various upgraded XL systems that I have? Pack them away for a rainy day or sell them off?
  8. I am definitely excited about the prospects of an external U1MB and 400 Incognito Lite! Here's hoping that the external U1MB will work with a stock 600XL.
  9. Maybe I shouldn't have talked myself out of that $170 1200XL a few years ago after all...
  10. After all these years I *finally* just bought one of those USB floppy drives for my new laptop so that I can archive some old 3.5" disks that I have. The only problem is that now that I own a drive, I cannot actually find where I put the disks! So I don't know if the drive will read/write to them or not. 😛
  11. The print quality on this is really fantastic! Many thanks for the great work @Mr Robot!
  12. I'm sorry but that Blaze Atari handheld is one of the worst devices that I ever bought. 7800 emulation was simply horrible on it and 2600 emulation just felt off. I was no fan of their D-pad either.
  13. I honestly love modding/upgrading my Ataris. I love being able to make them jump through hoops that they were never designed for. That said, I definetly have at least one stock backup machine for every model of Atari that I have modded. This way I really can have the best of both worlds.
  14. I 100% recommend the 2600-daptor. Real Atari controllers (actually most *any* 9 pin controllers are useable with it) and all but imperceptable lag. Everything that you could ask for.
  15. SS

    Video 61

    I have had good and pleasant dealings with both.
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