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  1. @Geister - Very nice pick up for you! Sounds like you have probably been needing one too. It also tells me that I should have been paying more attention to the LV Craigslist too, since I also live in Easton PA. 😛 I'm glad that you got the stash though and hope that everything turns out to be either working or an easy repair.
  2. I own real, legit purchased copies of "Venture", "Tempest Elite", and "Animal Keeper". All are fun games and I really wouldn't want to be without the first two. I did have an issue with "Venture" when I first got it but Lance at Video61 totally came through for me and replaced my copy with a new one. "Tempest Elite" is picky about which XL hardware that it likes to run on; it hates my earliest HK revision 800XL but runs just fine on my later Taiwanese made 800XL (and it has no issue with any of my RAM upgraded 600XLs). I have corresponded with Lance from Video61 on a number of occasions via email and I have always found him to be helpful and friendly; I genuinely like the guy.
  3. SS

    Pokeymax v2

    I got my two Pokeymaxs in the mail today. I haven't done any wiring yet but everything seems to be working fantastically as a straight Pokey replacement. One question : I thought that I had ordered a basic Stereo version but, instead, the Stereo Covox version showed up. Will this make any difference if I want to use the Pokeymax for just a simple stereo connection? Also, will I still need to attach both the A4 & A7 wires to the SALLY chip or just the A4? Thanks.
  4. I'm sure that this is going to be a dumb question but how do I go about creating an empty 2MByte ATR?
  5. Definitely one for now, for an 800XL. Possible one later, for a 600XL.
  6. Is this what you are looking for? I have had them sitting on my Ultimate Cart forever but haven't really ever done much with them. I cannot recall where I found them either. I ran a few with Altirra and they seemed to work just fine. Hope this helps. Williams Carts.zip
  7. https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/product/atari-810-sdrive-max
  8. I am a big fan of @tf_hh's internal 576K RAM upgrade board. It will likely do everything for you that you're looking for and is relatively inexpensive. However on an XE machine you will have to do a bit of desoldering and re-soldering work to install it, although this probably won't be a big deal if you were already planning on replacing some RAM chips anyway.
  9. I don't honestly know if I've ever used the 2/4MB setting on my ANTONIA. I generally just leave it at 576K or 1MB; both settings meet pretty much all of my needs. What I really do appreciate about the ANTONIA is that it has the 8 open configurable and easily selectable OS slots.
  10. Just wanted to pop in to give a public thanks to @bob1200xl for the MediaMate disk holder. My one old one was becoming hopefully overcrowded in recent days so this was greatly appreciated!
  11. Send Simius a PM. He always responds in a day or two.
  12. Fantastic! Glad to hear that you were able to get everything sorted out. Now go fill up those OS slots with some alternative Operating Systems!
  13. SS

    Pokeymax v2

    Is this an issue only with the 600XL or might it affect 800XLs too?
  14. I think that I did know that. Too large for the UNO Cart nonetheless.
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