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  1. Unless you are a hardcore "original hardware" collector, I honestly don't know why someone *wouldn't* want to upgrade their 400 to 48K.  Especially if it already has a B-key keyboard mod installed.  (Although, I am a big fan of how the original design 400 membrane keyboard looks so I might be inclined to install the RAM card on one of your other 400s instead. :) )

  2. @Allan - No manual, just bare bones.


    @BillC - The spudgers worked perfectly.  Thanks for the heads up, I would have never thought of this myself. 


    @Nezgar - Attached are some pictures of the PCB.  It looks like a few of the chips are in sockets but most are soldered down.  Now I have to figure out what's what and what replacements that I might be able to get my hands on for them.  


    Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 



  3. 9 hours ago, BillC said:

    I found carefully working with some spudgers(used for prying open laptops/cell phones/etc) starting at one end and working my way around that the 2 case halves separated.

    The tool should be a softer material to avoid damaging the case

    Thanks for the advice Bill.  I just ordered a set of these "spudger" tools from Amazon and will see if I can make any headway with them.


    @Nezgar - If I can manage to get the thing opened up safely then I will post a picture of the board.  

  4. So I took a chance on this "untested" MicroRam 64K module for my 600XL.  It of course doesn't work.  SYS-Check is telling me that some of the RAM (equivalent to U10 & U11 ???) is bad.  Unfortunately, I cannot see any way to open the thing up to do any physical checking; there are no screws to be seen anywhere.  Anyone have any experience with this thing and/or any ideas?  Thanks.



  5. I have purchased a number of things from Jürgen and he has always given me both amazing communication and service. I too am waiting on package from him that is weeks overdue but the total blame lies with the shipping snafu that this past year has brought with it and not with Jürgen himself. I can see on tracking that the package was sent but then when it was supposed to move from Germany to the US it just disappears off of radar.  I am experiencing a similar problem with a BASIC REV.C cartridge that was shipped from Texas and is now weeks overdue.  The situation is certainly frustrating but not in any way the fault of either man who has shipped my stuff in good faith.  I remain hopeful that both packages will arrive to me eventually. 

  6. 2 hours ago, gobo said:

    While I love the keyboard itself, I don't like the function keys. They are looser than the other ones, don't have as much give and worst of all seem to sink in below the case which looks kind of ugly

    This sounds like a decent description of my own Alps (Type 1) keyboard.  The function keys on the AWC (Type 2) keyboards have a much tighter feel to them and the keys are still great feeling to use.  Because of this, AWC (Type 2) are my favorite XL keyboards to use.  

  7. I have a SOPHIA1 DVI in one of my 600XLs and Retrotink 2X-mini to use with my 800XLs.  Both work great and don't introduce any discernable lag.  The SOPHIA is, of course, ultra clear but it does involve some modifications to the machine and casing.  The Retrotink 2X-mini produces a much softer image but I still find it quite acceptable and since it is a completely exterior connection it's a great choice for people who don't want to cut into their cases.  

  8. 6 minutes ago, Philsan said:

    SDrive-Max lets you select files and swap disks from lcd display.

    This is why I tend to use my SDrive-MAX more than any of my other devices.  To my mind, the ability to swap virtual "disks" via the LCD display makes the experience feel the most authentic and nostalgic; it is a lot like swapping real floppies in my 1050 back in the day.  The fact that you can get SDrive-MAX cases to look like mini 1050 or 810 drives just puts it over the top for that nostalgic feeling. 

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  9. I keep almost considering selling off my SIO2SD but think that I'll probably just hold onto it for nostalgia's sake because it was the first modern-era peripheral that I bought for my XL.  Like @Philsan said, the SIO2SD was great in its day but there are much better options available in 2021.  The SDrive-ARM is tiny and compact and will do everything that the SIO2SD does.  The SDrive-MAX has an awesome and very convenient touchscreen display.  The FujiNet does just about everything that you could want for your A8.  I would highly reccomend considering one of these options over the SIO2SD. 

  10. 3 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    This game could be converted/redone with Fast Basic, with a little re tuning die hard fans and those who really weren't into it would both enjoy the game as it would be more polished and fluid. Many basic games really could use such treatment. Good games made great by a speed up and touch up!

    Try running "Crush, Crumble, and Chomp!" under Altirra BASIC.  It runs at an all but unplayable turbo speed! 

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  11. I have a 64K modded 600XL motherboard that would not clear its memory for sometimes minutes at a time even though the machine would pass all of its self tests.  I eventually replaced the two RAM chips and suddenly everything started working OK.  Perhaps one or more of the RAM chips in your 800XL is experiencing a similar problem?  

  12. 38 minutes ago, DrVenkman said:

    That's good confirmation that the packaging as scanned and posted on AtariMania is incorrect. 



    So this was interesting.  I wanted to double check myself just to make sure that I was giving out the correct information.  As reported, Ballblazer will NOT run on my 16K 600XL.  However, then I switched off the machine, left the cartridge in its port, and plugged in my 1064 module into the back of the 600XL.  I flipped on the power and then Ballblazer fired right up.  I am calling this myth "Confirmed".  The Ballblazer packaging is in error. 

  13. 1 minute ago, DrVenkman said:

    Indeed. That's exactly how I did mine, using @Mathy's website instructions to verify which pins to connect. Replace the two DRAM chips, solder three wires. Done. 


    You have to bend up the legs of some chips for this method though.  Skyfox said that he's nervous about ruining his machine so I doubt that this would be something that he would be comfortable with.  I feel that Lotharek's drop-in board is probably a better solution for him.  

  14. 25 minutes ago, xrbrevin said:

    what we need is someone with a 16k 600XL and an original Atari made ballblazer cart - i think it should work. i have the cart but my 600XL has the 64kb mod...!

    I have both an un-modded 600XL and an original Ballblazer cartridge and can absolutely confirm that the cart will not run on this machine. 

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  15. I just realized last night that "Police Story" was available on HBOMax.  Too bad that there's only one other classic Jackie Chan film there too.  "Police Story" used to be really difficult to get ahold of in the US until just a few years ago because of distribution rights.  I had to import a DVD copy of it way back in the early 2000s and then hack my player to be region free in order to watch it.  Glad to see that it's finally available to a much wider audience; it is such a brilliant film.  

  16. 52 minutes ago, mimo said:

    Maybe a really cut down version just giving ram upgrade and selectable OS? Then let some other device like sio2xx or AVG cart etc do the file shifting? My guess is that the 400 will be used as a games machine rather than anything heavy duty .

    Just my 2ç

    This is exactly what I would be using a device like this for in my 400.  I would actually prefer to have some other exterior device like the SDrive-MAX or FujiNet to handle the software loading side of things and for the interior board to just do OS switching and RAM upgrade.  400s are such beautifully designed machines and I'd love to get mine to be able to jump through a few more hoops. 

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