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  1. $20! Aaack! If only I lived a bit closer to the west coast; I just can't afford the airfair this year. I'm totally crossing my fingers that it's availible after the show. (I'd love to get my hands on a copy of "Cracked", too. Maybe they'll both be offered at next year's PhillyClassic?!?)
  2. Death to the evil machine from Mattel!
  3. SS

    Duck Fighting ???

    Funny you should mention. When I first typed it, I did put "Dick Fighting". Luckily, I caught it just in time. That *would* be a completly diffrent gaming experiance! Maybe an unreleased Mystique title?
  4. SS

    Duck Fighting ???

    I've got a rom called "Duck Shoot" that was put out by a company called Starsoft. I think it might be German. 'Miles Tails Prower', is this possibly the one you were looking for? I'd be glad to send it your way if so.
  5. What do you mean *GONE* crazy!?! That's the nature of the beast.
  6. SS

    Commando ROM?

    An Activision collection? For what platform? I'm crossing my fingers that it's for the GBA and not just a repackageing of the lousy PC collection from a few years ago.
  7. SS

    Commando ROM?

    It looks like all of the Activision roms have been removed. Wonder what's up?
  8. I've both a 7800 and "Vader" styled 2600 hooked up currently.
  9. I'm pretty sure that Pac-Man was my first.
  10. SS

    Woo hoo!

    32 carts and 347 posts!
  11. I don't get it. That certainly looks like a CX2600A to me; they were 4 switch woodgrain models. http://www.atariage.com/2600/systems/sys_AtariVCSC.jpg What were you looking for? You may have paid a bit too much but what else is wrong with it? Just currious.
  12. Sweet find! I run across stuff in the wild around here from time to time. Still, once you get near the 200 mark, it gets harder and harder to add anything new to the collection w/o going the eBay route. Haven't found a "Miner 2049er" yet. Congrats!
  13. Well Karateka will add a good 5 minutes of Atari playing time to your week before you tire of it!
  14. SS

    2600 w/ 100 Games?

    I'm quite fond of the middle picture. It really helps clarify things.
  15. Can't say that I've ever given much thought to it but I'd guess maybe 3-5 hours depending on the week. Mostly, I play Atari as a "quick fix" while I'm waiting around for something else (like dinner to get done); maybe 20 minuits at a time on average.
  16. My TV has audio outs in the back of it. I run a cord from the TV to my stereo and can thus get stereo-esque effects for all of my gaming systems. I'd have to think that thios would be the easiest method if your TV supports it.
  17. I'll second the nomination for Track & Field. First time I played it I was floored that the 2600 was capabile of such things.
  18. So far in this thread I have seen Eggomania, Dishaster, and Kool-Aide Man mentioned as canadates for the weirdest game. I just thought I should point out that, weird as they are, these are three of my favorite 2600 titles. What does this say about me, I wonder?
  19. SS


    I think it's kinda cool to play Space Invaders with a "Track & Field" controller. However, if you're still fairly new at Atari collecting, it make take some time untill you locate one. Still, it's worth the wait (especially if you can get a Track & Field cart to go along with it!).
  20. Which is exactly where my original question came from. We know that Froggo games are copies of games from other companies. However, there were some minor graphical changes made so they're not exact copies. This one is a tough call. Basically I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of the average Joe who might ask "So, how many diffrent Atari games do you have?". It seems like I should have two diffrent answers : 204 cartridges and 196 unique games. Task Force is the one that's been throwing me off.
  21. Personally, I'm not really interested in Sears releases unless there's really a notable difference in them or unless they were exclusives. Pong Sports is a good example. It's exactly the same as Video Olympics but has a MUCH cooler name. Still, as of yet, I haven't counted it twice when I'm keeping track of the numbers of unique games I own.
  22. The way I've been counting so far, I'm up to 196 "unique" titles. However, I count Video Olympics and Pong Sports as variations of the same game. Likewise with the Atari and Coleco versions of Donkey Kong. I count label variations, such as a text and picture version of Combat, as one unique game as well. If I were to change my method, then I'd be well over the magic 200 number that I've been shooting for. Tempting, very tempting indeed ...
  23. ... do you count Froggo titles as "unique" games or as "duplicates"? I can't decide if Task Force and Gangster Alley count as the same game or not.
  24. I double dog dare ya to try making an overlay repro that fits the Star Raiders Touch Pad controller! I tried and failed miserably. I finally gave up and just bought a damned Kids Controller off of eBay.
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