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  1. ANTONIA is an internal upgrade but it is also a completely solderless solution if your chips are socketed.
  2. The Ultimate Cart has a joystick driven menu. On the disk emulator side, a SIO2SD has an onscreen joystick driven menu and a SDrive-MAX has a built in touchscreen.
  3. I was having a hard time deciding between the Switch Lite and the full sized machine. My wife surprised me last month with a full sized Switch console though and I have to say that she definately made the right call. I did not assume that I would be playing in docked mode nearly as much as I have been. I blame the excellent Switch Pro Controller. It really is a great system overall.
  4. Couldn't the problem also possibly be with the socket for the keyboard's ribbon cable? Maybe loose pins? Just a thought.
  5. Lance always responds to my emails within 24 hours and sometimes within minutes like Gunstar says. He is always polite and helpful.
  6. I have a simple DVI-->HDMI converter cable that I use with my 16:9 SOPHIA board and 720p HD television. Everything works just fine for me with this setup. I have been thinking about getting a converter box so that I can get both the video and audio from the HDMI input. You have me a little worried about it now though.
  7. I wish that I could find some opponents online so that I could play some two player Combat.
  8. @hueyjones70 - Are you planning to put this 600XL up on eBay? Please post the link if you do.
  9. If you do the UAV, some detailed picture posting would be greatly appreciated. I am sitting on a UAV and a spare monitor port connector that I would like to eventually put into one of my 600XLs.
  10. This is almost exactly me except the first set of years is more like 1998-2006. Nowadays almost every Atari thing that I buy is Atari computer hardware related.
  11. @mytek - I am sending you a PM right now about a RGB SOPHIA.
  12. Hopefully the fire stays well away from your house. Stay safe!
  13. The Hall Monsters seem to come into the rooms very quickly. I cannot recall if the original works like this or not but it's almost like you have to do a speed run to get out in time. I wonder if there is any way to slow this down just a bit?
  14. Not eBay, I bought it at a brick & mortar store, but I picked up a 400 in box yesterday for $60 (although no styrofoam or manuals). I am going to clean it up a bit and put tf_hh's Super CPU and 48/52K RAM cards into it. I've only owned XLs up to this point so this is pretty cool.
  15. Not exactly solder free. There are three wires that need to have easy solders made to two chips.
  16. I have tf_hh's 512K board in one of my 800XLs and it is a great product. His 600XL board is essentially the same thing but with a 64K base. 600XLs ARE almost all socketed motherboards (except for some VERY rare, late produced PAL models) so instillation is very easy with these boards. I have a few of tf_hh's products and highly recommend all of his stuff.
  17. Any type XL keyboard will work as a replacement. BEST sells brand new old stock keyboards, complete with ribbons. However for the price that they want for them, I'd say that your better bet would be to pick up a cheap "untested" or not fully working 600XL on eBay and swap out the keyboard from that. As a bonus, you'll get some extra chips from the board (including a POKEY).
  18. SS

    Pokeymax v2

    I have decided that, once they're available, one of mine is going into my 576K 32-in-1 800XL. Just cause this is my experimental fun machine and I'm really interested in seeing what the Pokeymax can do. Then I'll put the real POKEY from that machine aside for safe keeping.
  19. I saw this auction and was curious about it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-1200XL-Home-Computer-CONSOLE-NO-Power-Supply/223710401230?hash=item34162dd2ce:g:xrYAAOSwzF1dqTOr#vi__app-cvip-panel Based on the condition of the machine, I assume that it wasn't a U1MB though. The U1MB is new enough that I would expect to find a cleaner looking machine. This one looks like it must have sat around unused for quite some time. It must have been the Newell upgrade.
  20. I went back and read again what @tschak909 said on the FB thread. I think that I may have misunderstood. Thomas was definitely talking about HD floppies in his comment. I think that I combined the two ideas in my own mind. Sorry, my fault completely; two conversations about similar ideas threw me off track.
  21. This topic *just* came up on a Facebook thread too. Apparently Atari drives need 48tpi. The 96tpi disks are often listed as HD disks and according to @tschak909 their "magnetic coercivity is way too high for 48tpi heads, and what's recorded on those disks will degrade _very_ quickly."
  22. Funny. I was just looking at that auction last night but put it in my watch list instead of buying it. It was a decent price too. Oh well, you snooze you lose.
  23. This is actually the most interesting thing that has come out of this thread.
  24. How much RAM do I have in my 600XL? Oh yeah, 4096K.
  25. I have an "Emulators" folder on my C drive with a bunch of separate sub-folders located inside. Some of the sub-folders are for a specific emulator and some are general for a system with further sub-folders inside. "ROM" folders are on a separate harddrive, usually linked to within the emulator program itself. It all makes sense to me but maybe wouldn't so much to someone else.
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