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  1. Hong Kong made 800XLs *should* have fully socketed motherboards. Taiwan made 800XLs are a mystery until you open them up.
  2. I can totally see why people installed things like the various Omni* and Boss XL Operating Systems as replacements for the stock XL before these OS switching boards were available. They are really good for cross-compatiblity with both XL and OSb programs. The only reason that I don't keep them regularly installed is that I have the real things there instead. Plus, I'm not doing any word processing on this machine so no need for OmniView's 80 column capabilities. (The ANTONIA board has eight OS slots available so I do keep OmniView loaded on that.)
  3. Right now I have a 16K padded OSa, a 16K padded OSb, XL/XE rev.3, and MyBIOS v4. For BASIC, I just have the three Atari BASIC revisions and Altirra BASIC 1.55. I was playing around a bit yesterday with Boss XL and a few variations of Omnimon/OmniView. I put everything back to my defaults though before I shut everything down for the night.
  4. I disagree. These modern peripherals are exactly what makes using my XLs in the 21st century so darned interesting! I love making my machines do things that the original designers could have never even envisioned. I saw Joe Decuir (one of the 800's original designers) give a speech over the summer and he talked about his love and fascination for these new modern devices too.
  5. This is absolutely why they made the PBI/ECI ports, for future expandability.
  6. I figure that I've still got a good 30 years of enjoyment ahead of me though. I just need to get my modding stuff all but done in the next decade while my fingers still mostly want to cooperate.
  7. There is a good chance that his estate won't even understand the importance of what it is. Somebody should convince him to leave it in his will for Matt.
  8. Nostalgia is certainly a large part of the experience for me. However if it were only nostalgia alone, I probably wouldn't keep coming back so often. It really is modern additions that keep driving my interest. Not only new SIO devices and multi-carts but also internal upgrades like new RAM boards, multi-OSs, and video upgrades. I love making my machines jump through new hoops that they were never quite designed for.
  9. Well, you'll really be missing out if you don't. There is some absolutely incredible stuff out there these days; multi-carts, disk drive emulators, memory upgrades, video upgrades, etc. However if you really don't want to try your hand at any of this kind of stuff, then a 400 probably isn't what you're looking for. You'll be much happier with a 800XL.
  10. Yeah. Like $5 for a BASIC Rev.A cartridge.
  11. I don't see this as much of a limitation. Except for maybe SpartaDOS, I cannot think of anything that you would need the cartridge port for when you're using BASIC.
  12. This looks wonderfully awesome! I am definitely interested to see how this progresses. I love new hardware that allows retro equipment to preform in ways that they were never even imagined for. I certainly don't *need* another multi-cart for my 2600 but I would absolutely buy something like this just to see everything that it can do.
  13. 400s are so beautifully designed; like futuristic retro. The keyboard might not be the best to type on but it sure does *look* nice! I much prefer a 48K upgraded 400 to a stock 800.
  14. How to run it on real hardware? The repro carts that were sold were on Melody boards so will this work on a Harmony Encore?
  15. I would like this too. I have multiple A8s modified in different ways and it would be great to have a way to keep a number of machines connected at the same time so that I wouldn't have to keep swapping them out.
  16. My poor old 1050 gets almost no love these days. So sad too because it served me loyally for 30 years, only to be cast aside by a younger sexier model in my middle age.
  17. Andrew, do you need a 2600 UNO for Sokoban development? I would be happy to send you mine as a thank you for all of your work for the community over the years. I'll send you a PM to get some more details.
  18. It doesn't require power to operate but there is an optional 5V input for when you need it. For example when I try running both my SIO2SD and SDrive-MAX off of SIO power, the SIO2SD display screen becomes very muted so the extra power connection is nice to have. Also, having the splitter powered allows the attached devices to remain on even when the Atari itself is powered down.
  19. I use one of these with my splitter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01ISM267G?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  20. So what if I want to leave my RF modulator and channel switch as-is? What other output choices can I use with the UAV in a 600XL? I kind of like the idea of having more than one video option available.
  21. The trouble with NTSC 600XLs is that they have no native monitor port. I have one one 600XL that I am planning to add a monitor port to, so it seems that I might as well put in the UAV while I'm at it. Or maybe if I'm putting in the UAV then I should just leave the RF and channel select as is and just add a separate video out instead. EDIT - @manterola posted as I was writing this. What did you do for your output port? I have a UAV just sitting here begging to be used.
  22. Thanks but space is kind of tight and VICE meets my needs pretty well for my limited C64 usage.
  23. I sold off all of my C64 stuff years ago so VICE is all that I have these days. I've thought a few times about picking up a mini but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  24. I agree that a .car file would be nice. In the time being though, have you tried using Maxflash Studio to make a 1MB .car file in that and then adding it to your TheCart! file?
  25. I already have a CC2 but I will definitely also be buying one of each new cart produced.
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