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  1. There are more national character sets assembed in place of the international: http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/ATASCII like arabian and polish. I'm not sure there wasn't czech or czechoslovak charset in the past assembled in models sold in Czech or Slovak countries. Edit: CHBAS ($2F4) is exchanged with CHSPTR ($26B) in 1200 XL when CONTROL+F4 is depressed, so it's good custom to set both variables in games that redefine charsets and don't disable OS.
  2. I tested SD and DD versions on Atari800 emulator. IRQEN is set to $80 what makes Break key IRQ enabled.
  3. IRQ vector is empty ($FFFE=$0000) and game hangs up when Break key is pressed.
  4. mono

    SFX Engine

    It's QA (Quick Assembler) notation. A number of polish coders still prefer it and modern assemblers like XASM and MADS support this syntax.
  5. New era of one-button game. One tap to win, loose or pause! Never know what happens.
  6. Why this code stores $D640/$D740 (VIDEO_CONTROL)?
  7. Maybe it's not practical but still very nice to listen to
  8. Thank you Avery. What is size of AudioRAM in SoundBoard 2.0?
  9. Please add me to the list. I'd like to order 2 pieces of DragonFly both contain POKEY and YM chip + cables for original socket. Shipping to Poland.
  10. Page 347 ANTIC CHBASE description: Now it is but should be: Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't find PORTA description in PIA registers section. Page 337 contains SKSTAT description and next one describes PORTB. Following there is lack of POTGO ($D20B) register on the page 354 with POKEY registers table.
  11. Maybe providing the method to scan original Atari keyboard maxtrix KR1 and KR2 lines manually would be interesting feature? For example when SKCTL=%xxxxxx01 reading POTGO ($D20B) would return KR1 and KR2 states every scanline. This way we have got full keyboard scan after 64 scanlines. You can of course cache KR1 and KR2 states internally on normal keyboard scanning routine (when SKCTL.1 is active) and return cached values on subsequent read of KBCODE ($D209) or POTGO (let's name it RAWKEY). You need only 8*9 bits of internal cache for this purpose (KR1 is taken every scanline, KR2 every 8th scanline). I can imagine following routine of full keyboard scan: lda #%00000001 sta SKCTL lda RAWKEY ;first KR1 states sta buffer lda RAWKEY sta buffer+1 ... lda RAWKEY ;last KR1 states sta buffer+7 lda RAWKEY ;all KR2 states sta buffer+8 lda #%00000011 sta SKCTL It doesn't reset POKEY timers neither LFSRs so normal POKEY operation wouldn't be distorted.
  12. Thanks a lot for this manual. I found small bug on the page 254 chapter 11.2. Common memory map (PBI devices section). Now there is "The address pages $D1xx, D5xx, and D6xx are reserved for the currently active PBI device." but IMHO should be "(...) pages $D1xx, $D6xx and $D7xx (...)".
  13. I've found one more song made by Yerzmyey: "Mono Adventures" It was composed for party in Głuchołazy at 2015. Run it with SHIFT and so on... monoadve.xex Edit: Another ones from the same party are: - "Sounds Like Chicken" by V0yager - "Last Attempt" by Wiecz0r/Lamers sounds.xex lastatmp.xex
  14. Additionally you can quickly test your COVOX with "XL Digital" music disk: http://mono.i-demo.pl/xl_digital/xl_digital.atr Boot this disk, then load XLDIGIT.COM by L option. On main menu use TAB key to setup COVOX address to $D280 then press 0 - all tunes will be played one by one. Edit: Other disks with Pinokio's songs are: - http://mono.i-demo.pl/xl_digital/x16_tons.atr - http://mono.i-demo.pl/xl_digital/fort.atr Load .XEX file with depressed SHIFT key, then configure COVOX address by arrow keys and accept your choice by RETURN. Song will be loaded and played. And at last the same for Yerzmyey's songs used in XL Digital: http://mono.i-demo.pl/xl_digital/xl_digital_play.atr
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