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  1. Look at menu on the left side.
  2. @R0ger: Two issues: 1. I'm not sure colors are the same in PAL and SECAM. My observation is that vertical scroll by one scanline changes colour on SECAM, although doesn't it on PAL (maybe it's connected with LCD monitor I've used - LG FLATRON M1917A; I haven't tested it on CRT yet). 2. Let's say that you need to know exact frequency of CPU, because you need to generate exact 1 kHz wave (there is no possibility of manual tuning). How to do this without detection of CPU speed (TV system in this case, because all I/O devices are clocked by the same frequency as CPU)? They're just theoretical examples, but knowledge about TV system can be used to correction of game colors (once you develop your game) or when you use Atari as audio device playing unisono with other devices of different kind and clocked by completelly different frequency.
  3. In Polish, but Google should to deal with it: http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Programowanie:_Jak_wykryć_system_TV Do you have any idea how to detect SECAM?
  4. This archive contains: *.ACT - "Adobe Color Table" palette files contain triplets of bytes R,G,B,R,G,B,... in binary form for all 256 colors - this file can be created by e.g. Adobe Photoshop, *.PAL - "JASC Palette" files with textual representation of all colors in palette - this file can be created by old Paint Shop Pro, VBPAL.COM - palette manipulator tool for Sparta DOS X, VBPAL_EN.MAN - short description of tool usage in English, VBPAL_PL.MAN - the same in Polish. All palettes are taken from AGS and G2F made by MAD Team: http://g2f.atari8.info/ VBPAL requires any VBXE driver (like VBXE.SYS, S_VBXE.SYS or RC_VBXE.SYS - all of them are available on SDX toolkit disk) detecting VBXE card and providing VBXEBASE symbol contains VBXE I/O registers base address. So after installing one of them try PEEK VBXEBASE to reach this address. Tool usage: VBPAL LAOO.ACT or VBPAL LARRY.PAL It takes specified file, parses its content and updates all colors at first (in case of FX core) or the only one (in case of GTIA core) palette by direct addressing of VBXE I/O registers: ldx #0 stx VBXEBASE+PSEL stx VBXEBASE+CSEL ?loop jsr get_red_component sta VBXEBASE+CR jsr get_green_component sta VBXEBASE+CG jsr get_blue_component sta VBXEBASE+CB inx bne ?loop First palette is a default VBXE palette so all changes modify colors for screen in normal Atari modes. Using S2: XIO to change palette is a very good idea but keep in mind that it works only for S_VBXE.SYS driver which provides S2: CIO device. VBXE.SYS provides only VBXEBASE symbol and RC_VBXE.SYS provides _RAWCON driver ready to use only by SDX tools - XIO doesn't work with them.
  5. Short description is in *.MAN file - you can show it quickly by TYPE or LESS (or by MAN once you install this file on MANPATH). Description is tiny because there is no specific jobs to describe - this program just takes palette file in .ACT or .PAL format and setups basic (first one for FX core and the only one for GTIA core) VBXE palette with it's content. To use this tool you need install any VBXE driver - VBXE.SYS (it's distributed with SDX toolkit disk) or S_VBXE.SYS or RC_VBXE.SYS. Edit: I forgot - LAOO.PAL is a PAL palette but LARRY.PAL is NTSC.
  6. @emkay: Could you attach .rmt file? Edit: OK, I took it from ASMA.
  7. I'll keep fingers crossed. Congratulations @gorgh!
  8. It could be faster a bit: lsr xx+1 lda xx ror lsr lsr tay but look at the second routine in http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Programowanie:_Rysowanie_punktu and replace and+ora to eor bytepxl,x at the end.
  9. $D20B is POTGO (W) register. $D20C is used by SIO FIFO:
  10. Great work! Thanks. Tiny note - could you address the second POKEY too with the same values as first one?
  11. TMC2 by Jaskier supports four POKEY-s IIRC.
  12. I'd like to buy two pieces.
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