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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to know this excellent project is going strong!!
  2. What a great collection you've posted here!! Thanks Niad!
  3. There are some great additions in this release! Thanks to all involved! Great Project!
  4. Please put me down for 3 800xl units if there is room on the list. Thanks, ... Foster
  5. This is exciting news!! ....and is certainly worth the delay imo. Many thanks to Bryan for sharing his design! Thank you Jurgen for incorporating this and delivering an even better solution!!
  6. Now this looks REALLY impressive!! Please put me down for 1 Gold (ATARI 400/NTSC). Thanks for sharing your fine work with the community.
  7. Please find room on the list for me too. Thanks!
  8. This is really great work Diaperboy! ...especially reading through your notes. ...very interesting indeed. I look forward to following your progress.
  9. Wow! It's great to see active development for this incredible device!! The SIO2USB is my favorite flash device for the 8bits although it is definitely the slowest. YASH is a GREAT looking shell and is super versatile. Thanks for the continued work on this.
  10. Nice update!! It's great to have these manuals. Thanks for the effort.
  11. Please add me to the list also. USA. Thanks for this awesome project! ... Foster
  12. I'd just like to chime in to say that this is a worthwhile project and I commend your efforts. It's great to see so many classic titles preserved in this way. Thanks for making this happen. ...and for making it available to the community.
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