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  1. Juri


  2. Hello Juri! *Many Huggz* to you and your family from Me & Bean!

  3. Juri

    Hi Emily! Are you from Down Under??:)

  4. Emily

    Hi Juri

    Your dad knows my dad hehehehe


  5. Merry xmas to you Juri and a happy new year

  6. Merry Xmas Steve! My dad says you are a good mate!:)

  7. Juri

    Merry Xmas, Bean! Hope you got some biiiiiig presents...........:)

  8. Juri

    Hi Bean!!

    I am flyin´to Brasil on Xmas!!!:) I have heard they have no snow there......kind of strange, isn´t it?

  9. Bean

    How is my friend Juri? :)

  10. *Huggz* to you too and hope Kindergarden is going well! <3

  11. Bean

    I'm glad you are having fun! Sometimes I "blow rasperries" at Mommy when she asks for a kiss or wipe my face off. But I think "rubbing noseys" is cute and it always makes me giggle. I spent a lot of the summer coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles outside, playing ball, eating fresh tomatoes, practicing letters and numbers, and splashing in my little pool. I hope you make a lot of new friends! <3

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