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  1. Some pipedreams: River Raid 2000, which I imagine as a rail shooter version of Battlemorph. Battletoads Arcade with Trevor McFur as a bonus character. A fighting game with good controls. A JRPG, even if it sucks.
  2. This game looks like a Sega CD game made by a top notch dev team, great work! Im not a programmer so I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, but I will suggest giving the hero a big dramatic death animation like in Rondo of Blood 😁
  3. I have fast cards and slow cards that all seem to work roughly the same, but some are better at some games, or crash games in different ways. The best run I ever got on Battlemorph was on a slow 4gb card.
  4. What games do you still need converting?
  5. It seems that the price had gradually dropped to $189 by March of 95 before the big drop to 150. Its too bad they didnt have more software support, seems like they were getting a lot right besides that. Its funny to hear all these clearance sale stories. I was a kid going to game shops in the late 90s so I probably saw a Jag at some point but none of the kids at school talked about Jaguar and I have no memories of it at that time. I didnt even know it existed until I read the Atari wikipedia page around 2005.
  6. All those Nintendo kids mocked us for saying it was the future of gaming, but now we are vindicated!
  7. Never seen tits in a licensed Nintendo game before.
  8. Hey friends, I was wondering if there is a known timeline of Jaguar price drops. I know it launched at 250 USD and by 1995 it dropped to 150 to try to compete with PS1, and eventually it ended up going on clearance at 70 bucks when they were trying to liquidate stock, but beyond that I dont know anything else. I wonder if for example it got dropped to 200 when early expectations were not met.
  9. Awesome. I wonder if it will be censored for consoles.
  10. Thats my plan, however I cant get to the boss levels unless I finish the normal levels in the sector without the game freezing and so far Ive yet to make it to the first boss once. I could play every level besides the boss levels but that just seems like I would be ruining the overall experience of the game for myself.
  11. Today I was able to trigger some kind of glitch that let me get farther. After completing paramer I went to the bonus level where you collect ammo. I messed around there for 30 seconds or so, collected an ammo cube or two, then left and went on to silur. When it dropped me at silur though the game had no music, yet it did have sound effects and there was no drop in frame rate, it even seemed to be slightly smoother. I finished the level with no issues and for every new level I would once again not have music but would have the sound effects and there would be no crashing. Until finally my luck ran out. On the last planet of the first world, when it dropped me the music was back. I crawled through the level at a snails pace trying not to trigger the crashing but eventually it did. I was on kalmer and went thru the teleporter hidden in the building and the game died. Oddly enough though the music kept playing and the screen was frozen black.
  12. Finally finished Trevor McFur. The classic combo of difficulty and joylessness. I kinda cheated by using a Japanese style arcade stick that wouldnt be available back in the day, but the game plays dirty so I play dirty haha. And yeah this one is bad. Less polish than a flash game from Newgrounds in the early 00s lol Though tbh a part of me wants to see some kind of enhanced and cleaned up Crescent Galaxy 2.
  13. Just curious has anyone successfully converted it to .jcd and got it running on GD?
  14. In a sense SCD doesnt really belong with them, but in an ironic twist all the resources it got simply because it was a Sega console gives us the best glimpse at what it might have looked like if the Jag had the chance to be the cool kid and make some nice ports from SNK, Konami, etc. SCD could be considered a failure but I suspect Sega's MO was to use it as a tool to drive Genesis sales. I also think its perception gets colored by the 32X which was a flop on a much more colossal scale.
  15. Check my original message, I didnt mention power at all. I said it makes more sense to compare the Jag to the Sega CD, 32X, and 3DO than it does to the N64. N64 was fully in the 3D era, Jag was part of the awkward transitional era is basically my point. Hardware changes with the era but what I was getting at was more of the style of games being made. To use your example Doom on Jag is more like Battlecorps on SCD than it is like Golden Eye on N64.
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