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  1. It will be interesting to see if the price is affected by the development of mister stuff.
  2. Those games look really amazing. It makes me wonder if Atari put all their efforts into a CD Jaguar from the start if it would have become successful.
  3. Its interesting that the devs apparently had reservations about a cartridge version because of the Jags limitations, yet the Jag pulls off games like Cybermorph and Zero.
  4. Is there a working ROM of this available? The videos of it on youtube look absolutely gorgeous. Much better than the SCD version.
  5. Looking forward to this one. I wont be guy #1000 asking when its ready lol I remember back when AtariAge was going to release Tempest for 5200 I was always thinking about it, when it would come out. Eventually I got burnt out from it, gave up, and then stumbled upon the fact that it was released a year or 2 later. Its best to just let these things happen. Keep up the great work SainT 👍
  6. I was just thinking that this style of game would suit the system so well but I dont think Ive seen any like that on the system but I dont know the homebrew games very well. How cool would it be if there was "River Raid 2000" !!!
  7. I'm sure you're right, but I still find I-War much more visually appealing. Cybermorph is lacking in many ways but I find its speed very impressive. It makes it so easy to pick up and play.
  8. I found out a friend of a friend of mine has a Jaguar. I asked if he wanted to hang out some time and game some Jag and he said yes. I then went looking around local retro game shops for Iron Soldier. Most had zero Jag games. Then I found this guy in a small shop that had exactly 1 Jag game, Iron Soldier shrinkwrapped CIB. I was expecting it to be 200 bucks or something dumb like that but it was actually 60 bucks. I couldnt believe it, told him to hold it for me and immediately drove there to pick it up. Got back from lunch break half an hour late and didnt even care. Tonight I finally played Iron Soldier. It plays and feels like a decent N64 game except every now and then you get those sprite based Doom style graphics on fireballs and stuff and it throws you off. Its makes it feel like its stuck between two generations, but of course when you consider this is 1993 hardware its basically a generation and a half ahead of the curve. Most 1st person mech games have an awkward feel to them and IS is no exception, although it feels 100x better than those Sega CD mech games but noticeably slower than the N64 ones. Also its pretty tough. I think next time I play it I will stop trying to win and just smash up the cities. Looking forward to picking up IS2 some time, just gonna enjoy this one for now though. Also I should add that while it is the most difficult to emulate, it is not the most technically impressive to the eye. Cybermorph is faster, I-war has a more detailed 3D world, and that Zero game with the rotating ship also outshines it.
  9. I saw on a youtube video someone said most dead Jags are because people used the wrong power supplies and fried the internal components, so how can you tell if a power supply is safe? How common is it to find an original power supply? Edit: I just noticed the sticky thread, I blame the lack of coffee 😅
  10. Pitfall 3D from PS1 would be awesome but I get the feeling its maybe not realistic lol
  11. Ive been playing Tube and its a lot of fun. It would be cool if someone made a Jag version of the 3D Pitfall game on PS1, or Tomb Raider for that matter.
  12. Still, last update was 2017. I suspect the project is not on his radar atm. It would for sure be cool to see other options like MiSTer develop though.
  13. Russian guy who made Phoenix, if you read this some time in the future, I will paypal you 50 bucks if you make IS work.
  14. For me its the Retroflag one. Never had any compatibility issues, and no physical wear after a year. Both these traits are quite rare as far as USB controllers go.
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