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  1. Maybe not the most literal Canyon Bomber type game but have tried Buried Bucks. I wasted many an hour on that game. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-buried-bucks_844.html Buried Bucks.xex
  2. Super Demon Attack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTOtK_2f6-I
  3. Charming was replaced by Bluffing. Tricking was still allowed. You have to get to the "Transact" sub-menu to see them. If I recall correctly only 16 potions will transfer from the City to the dungeon. I'm sure the dungeon manual is scanned and posted on the web. Bob
  4. Just curious how this will work if burned to a real cartridge for use on real hardware. You posted you create a virtual "D1:" for character management. How will this work on real hardware if you want to save/load to a physical disk including importing from City character floppy disks where the game was saved by a dungeon entrance.
  5. Ugh, it wasn't the NTSC version. I edited my original post.
  6. I do recall one similar thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/284683-looking-for-8-bit-image-one-cool-image/ Bob
  7. I did a quick google search on "Math Attack Atari 2600" because I hadn't seen or heard of it before but I didn't find anything on it. Did you get the name right? Bob
  8. I'm just starting to play around with Rastaconverter and I have what I thought would be a simple question. How do you choose an NTSC color pallette. All the included pallettes seem to be PAL. Do I have to make an NTSC pallette and add it to the rastaconverter directory? If that is the case can someone post it here for me? Preferably the Altirra default NTSC color palette. Thanks, Bob
  9. The only problem is (if you see it as one), the resizing is introducing a ton of new colors. The above PlanetX is nearly 200,000 colors. I think the window capture of Altirra might be the better option. Edit: Hmmm, It seems Windows, my browser or this web site has a hand in the extra colors. the 40 color image I posted here is still over 24000 colors as displayed on the website. The download of the file does have just 40 colors but what is being displayed is much more.
  10. I personally don't mind the small screen captures in these posts, If I see a Gunstar image posted... I'm opening in it Altirra.
  11. I'm a little late to the party, but on the subject of screen captures. Don't forget the simple "print screen" button on a pc keyboard. Pressing ALT and "print screen" will copy a picture of the current app to the Windows clipboard. So bring up a raster coverted pic in Altirra. Size the Altirra window to what ever you think appropriate, hit "ALT Print Screen" and you can then paste that image into any paint program and either save it with the Altirra window showing or crop just the image. Sample below:
  12. I thought about that too, but wondered what happens to the highlights when you end up on the grass.
  13. hmmm, I don't love either but I'm going to have to go with number 2. To me number 2's blue lines look like highlights appearing and disappering in the sunlight. Number 1, having only 2 frames of animation - the lines look more like they are something sticking off the sides of the body and are just moving up and down. Bob
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