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  1. Auction is not cheap but there are a couple of Home Computing Journal disks here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203490790258?hash=item2f60ff0b72:g:aIAAAOSwXKNgw7e4
  2. Can you possible scan it at a lower size? Maybe at 100%. This is what it looks like now when I open it up at it's actual size.
  3. Some stuff came out in the late Eighties/early Nineties that was released as shareware that a lot of people missed and are unaware of. A lot of it is only mentioned in user group magazines. I've been scanning the Dal-Ace newsletters (will post soon) that mentions stuff I never heard of and is in any Atari 8-bit on-line databases.
  4. No, Unfortunately. There is a game mentioned in the Random Access flyer that's sounds interesting as well. I tried searching for it but couldn't find anything.
  5. There is some interesting stuff here included a couple of 8-bit programs I have never heard of and couldn't find any reference to on the Internet.
  6. Here are some Atari 8-bit flyers I scanned while scanning the Dal-Ace newsletters. Tic-600_flyer_Crystal_Cable_Company.pdf Random_Access_Dallas_Microcomputing_Dragon_Technologies.pdf Newell_Industries.pdf Metropolitan_Computer_Products_Inc_Atari_Flyer.pdf Dos_Checker_flyer_H_Hafele.pdf Computer_Skills_Metro_Amiga_Computer.pdf Dal-Ace_User_Group_flyer.pdf ACUGD Dallas user group disk library.pdf Aladdin_Collection_flyers.pdf
  7. The Dynacomp Paper Boy came out before the arcade game. When I say the arcade game I was pissed that it wasn't anything like the Dynacomp version. I demanded my quarter back.
  8. I went to a few meetings located in a computer store in Meriden, CT. From what I remember, it was not well organized. They had pirated software sitting around which I was able to copy stuff from. I thought it was weird since they sold Atari software. I did buy my ST from there but my memories are vague. I later joined an ST user group that was better organized. They also were anti-piracy. I would have loved to have gone to the better run user group meetings.
  9. Got mine today. Thanks Mr. Robot. And of course thanks Abbuc team.
  10. The two links don't work unless you cut and paste them into the address bar.
  11. Come on. It adds to that retro feel. 😁
  12. No. Sorry to give that impression but I see the smiley. It's one of the things I do not like about the Internet. So much gets lost in a conversation over the Internet that is seen and mostly understood in a in-person (or phone) conversation. But I do see people being a little harsh (or at least a little lazy in their communication) about Ben. I do understand people's point of view as a customer but it's important to understand the situation Ben's in. For example I do believe he doesn't even have a cell phone nor any means of taking a picture and sending it to them, which is for many people, incomprehensible.
  13. Ben might have a room of stuff at best. Brad has a big warehouse of stuff.
  14. Interesting. I stand corrected. I just assumed there was not considering the cost. Media mail can bring up issues though because of all the restrictions it has.
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