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  1. It looks like the just stuck a sticker on the 65XE handbook.
  2. Something tells me we are going to be disappointed with this manual.
  3. Not be me or Kevin. So probably not. I wish I could get me hands on one.
  4. Get a Kroflux. We have been using it to archive hundreds of Atari 8-bit disks. The hard part is getting a working 5 1/2 PC drive. I don't know how hard it is to find a working 3 1/2 inch drive. I would imagine it is a lot easier. The Kroflux works great although there is a little bit of a learning curve.
  5. Yup. I most likely made the entry from one of the Dynacomp catalogs. I got a new catalog and it has a picture of the game. It looks pretty cool and wanted to see if I could find it.
  6. Anybody have or even just remember a game called "Hack and Slash" by Dynacomp?
  7. Noop. Best Electronics still sells brand new copies of them. Allan
  8. He had a patent on the check holder. https://patents.justia.com/inventor/ted-a-goldstone
  9. There as suppose to be a ST version as well but was never shipped as well. It would be cool to hear an interview with Ted A. Goldstone, the owner of the company. (if he is still alive.)
  10. But the question is, what happened to the Apple II version? And what ever became of the dot-matrix printer check pinter holder?
  11. Nice. There were a number of well written programs from the late Eighties/early Nineties that never got much attention since many people moved on to STs/PC/Macs/Amigas etc. It would be great to see someone do a blog or a video blog or a general website high-lighting these later 8-bit programs. Allan
  12. Is the SIO2IO designed for a particular case? I guess it's not a big deal today since we could have someone print a case as long as the board is not to big. Also is there any way to add a printer buffer to it?
  13. I think it's on one of these disks. I THINK! Had to fix one (two) things. Atari_Classics.zip
  14. I believe I have this. I am copying the physical disk now.
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