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  1. This thread just brings to light again we really need a website like Atarimania that has Atari 8-bit public domain programs that are easy to search and download.
  2. The Atari 8-bits were sold in Israel. There was software produced there. My guess is a lot of it never got archived. I think there have been a couple of threads on this in the past. @gilsaluki Do you know the Belcom disk numbers for these?
  3. Here is a rare set of disks I just copied from originals. The Antic Software's Bulletin Board Construction Set for Hayes modems. Bulletin_Board_Construction_Set_Hayes_disk_1A.atr Bulletin_Board_Construction_Set_Hayes_disk_1B.atr Bulletin_Board_Construction_Set_Hayes_disk_2A.atr Bulletin_Board_Construction_Set_Hayes_disk_2B.atr
  4. My suggestion is to upload stuff either here or on Archive.org and then just point it to them. I scan a ton of manuals and upload them to Archive.org. Sometimes I will add a link to the manual in the Comments section of each entry on Atarimania.
  5. What country were you in at the time? It might help narrow the search down.
  6. I recently bought Dawn of Civilization that came with the manual. I scanned the manual. Looks like another interesting 4-player game. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-dawn-of-civilization_1530.html It looks like this was one of those games that came in a plastic bag. Dawn_of_Civilization_Superware.pdf
  7. I got six more issues of Computer Shopper from 1988 and 1989. Will be scanned soon.
  8. @rra I was just playing the 5200 version and noticed on novice and experienced that when you lose a ship by touching something, it doesn't take away a ship. You still can only lose 5 ships and the game ends, it just doesn't remove one of the little ships telling you how many you have left.
  9. A couple of more manuals I had scanned added since my first post. Also to keep in mind APX did five revisions of their manuals but most programs did not have all the revisions done since some programs were discontinued and some were later releases. I have been trying to archive all versions. Lemonade Reversi Character Set Editor BlackJack Casino. https://archive.org/details/blackjackcasinoversion2manualapx Presidents of the United States. https://archive.org/details/presidents-of-the-united-states-version-2-apx Isopleth Map-Making Package Rabbotz Utility Diskette II Polycalc Data Base/Report System Word Search Generator Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis. https://archive.org/details/realestatecashflowanalysisapx Diskmenu Diggerbonk(have educational Software version, not APX) Home Loan Analysis Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail (this title is an Antic Software release and may not exist as an APX release. It was a very late release and is in the last APX catalog but it may not have 'gotten out the door.') Thanks, @Fierodoug5 And thanks @BillC for scanning the Deep Blue C manual.
  10. Thank you. It does. One less manual to find and archive.
  11. Everything that I have scanned are either on Atarimania or on Archive.org. https://archive.org/details/%40allan52?query=APX&sort=-publicdate&page=2
  12. If you don't mind taking it apart that would be great. I've done this many times and they go back pretty easily.
  13. What manual type is it? Can you post a picture of it?
  14. Yes. If you could scan it at 300 dpi that would be great.
  15. I have been scanning both ST and 8-bit articles from each issue. If you can, please scan the ST articles.
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