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    WTB: Apple IIGS

    Looking for an Apple IIgs. Just the computer and possibly a keyboard.
  2. Unfortunately I only got the manual with this collection.
  3. Here is new one. New York City by Synapse Software.
  4. I played a few games of this on a real 130XE just now. It seems to play correctly. The score seems to work correctly, as well.
  5. Generally, if I have a question about the Atari 8-bit computers, I look in the Atari 8-bit FAQ first. It has answered many questions for me in the past. You can find it in numerous places on the Internet. I have seen a lot of questions ask over the decades about Atari 8-bits that are answered in the FAQ. It really has a ton of information it. Maybe more than most realize. Maybe it could be included (or a link to it) on the top of this sub-forum.
  6. I got two more small manuals (with disks and some packaging) today and scanned both manuals and put them up on Archive.org. The disks will eventually be made into ATXs. Qwik Pix PC - A graphics convertor from Print Shop to Paperclip Hodge Podge by Artworx
  7. Does anyone have the manual for the Atari XEGS version of Summer Games? All the XEGS manuals have been scanned except for this one. It is very rare and wonder if someone has it and could possible scan it. (or at least let me borrow it to scan) I know there is the Epyx original version and I know that they contain the same basic information but I would like to have the final XEGS manual scanned. Thanks.
  8. I may have started one of these years ago and forgot about it, but I have scanned many Atari 8-bit manuals and put them on Archive.org and thought I would make a thread to draw more attention to them. Here are a couple I have done recently: Super Mailer Plus by Royal Software Proto's Graphics Machine by Educational Software Ace of Aces by Atari Gato by Atari The Darkness Rises by Rainbird Software On-Track by Gamestar Dawn of Civilization by Superware I will try to remember to add a post here when I add a new manual to Archive.org.
  9. Subject: 6.5) What graphics tablets were produced for the Atari? According to Wikipedia, a graphics tablet (or digitizing tablet, graphics pad, drawing tablet) is a computer input device that allows one to hand-draw images and graphics, similar to the way one draws images with a pencil and paper. At the time of the Atari computer the more popular term was: touch tablet Several graphics tablets were produced and marketed for the Atari 8-bit computers: o Animation Station by Suncom - Shipped with DesignLab disk (Suncom version of Blazing Paddles) - Fully compatible with the earlier, popular KoalaPad - Work surface is about the same size as the one on the Atari Touch Tablet - about 50% larger than the KoalaPad's - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list. o Atari Touch Tablet CX77 - Shipped with AtariArtist cartridge RX8053 (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, Atari Touch Tablet version) - Also shipped with Atari 810/1050 Master Diskette II CX8104 (DOS 2.0S) disk - Similar to the popular, earlier KoalaPad, but returns reversed y-position values compared to the KoalaPad/Animation Station tablets - Device measures 7.5" x 9.5" x 1.25" - Drawing surface measures 5" x 6.5" - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list. o KoalaPad Touch Tablet by Koala Technologies - Koala Model 004 for use with Atari computers - Atari version shipped with one of: - Micro Illustrator (disk) by Steven Dompier for Koala, (c)1983 (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, KoalaPad version) - KoalaPainter (cartridge) (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, KoalaPad version) - Device measures 8.5" x 6.5" x 2" - The square drawing area is 4.25" on each side. - Very popular - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list. o Kurta Graphics Tablet by Kurta Corporation - Very early device - 400/800 only: requires controller ports 1, 2, and 3 - Device measures 13" x 15.5" - Shipped with Kurta Demo Disk - Kurta Atari Graphics System, sold separately, includes software: o Road Map Distance Analysis o Length o Area - Calculation of areas (any shape) o Sound - display pen location by means of sound o Drawing o Graphics - See ANALOG #1 for a review (p. 16) and an ad (p. 17) o PowerPad by Chalk Board, Inc. - A unique and very large device - Device measures 17" x 19" x 1.5" - 12" x 12" square drawing area - Shipped without software - Cartridges released separately by Chalk Board for the PowerPad: - BearJam - Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush - LogicMaster - MicroMaestro - Micro Illustrator (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, PowerPad version) o Super Sketch by Personal Peripherals, Inc. (PPI) - Atari version - Shipped with Graphics-Master cartridge - A 10" X 14" tablet - Similar to the earlier VersaWriter - trace or freehand a drawing into the computer. - Planned Atari software from PPI for used with Super Sketch (released???): - In-Store Demo (disk) - Printer Utility (disk) - Business Presentor (disk) - Master Home Planner (disk) - Super Music Box (cartridge) o VersaWriter Drawing Tablet by Versa Computing, later by Peripherals Plus - Shipped with Graphics Software (2 disks) - Trace or freehand a drawing into the computer - Dimensions: 12" x 13.5" - See ANALOG #4 (1981) p. 46 for ad, p. 47 for review - See Creative Computing vol. 8 no. 4 April 1982 p. 79 for another ad. - Reviewed: SoftSide #45, November 1983, pp. 90-91 - Reviewed (with picture) in Atari Classics June 1993 pp. 26-28 ------------------------------
  10. I picked up an Atari version of the Animation Station and it came with a bunch of disks with artwork on it. I made ATRs of them and added them below. I scanned the manual and put it here: https://archive.org/details/animation-station-designlab-suncom Blazing Paddles is suppose to be the same program as what is included with the tablet but Suncom calls it DesignLab. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-blazing-paddles_12410.html The original disk will eventually be made into an ATX (if possible). I really like this tablet. It has a better feel than the Koalapad. It will work with anything that will work with a Koalapad. It's not Atari Touch Tablet compatible. Allan Lab_1.atr Lab_2.atr Lab_3.atr Lab_4.atr Lab_5.atr Lab1_b.atr Lab2_b.atr Lab3_b.atr Lab4_b.atr
  11. Oh, I see now. Sorry for the miss understanding. You were quoting the guy you got the cart from. P.S. Thanks for posing the cartridge dump.
  12. My guess would be that if Warner Atari had been able to continue on and came out with the 1090 in large numbers, they would have had issues with 1090 cards not working with some 600XL, 800Xl and 130XEs. They would have most likely have figured out the timing issues and had people bring their computers to their local Atari Service Centers and have their 74LS08 replaced with 74F08 or whatever other issues they had. Atari was used to this and this is why they created the Service Centers. For example, when the 5200 VCS adapter came out, they didn't work with the 4-port 5200s. They figured out a simple mode to the board and had people bring in the 4-ports to mod them. I had my 4-port modded by a service center back in late '83.
  13. Also notice that the cartridge is angled to the back the the console. My guess is the 5200 case was empty and they didn't know exactly how it was going to sit in the console or that the photographer angled it on purpose so you could see more of the cartridge label.
  14. I guess it's time for a new camera since my newer phones pictures are much better.
  15. Here are a few from my phone.
  16. My camera is not the best for detail but hopefully these work.
  17. I got one out. What type of angle do you want? Strait at from front and back?
  18. It was @Bryan who modified it to work with his special bank-switched cart. It's a 48K game so you can't just put it on a regular 5200 board. But it will work with the Atarimax 5200 SD multi-cart.
  19. @swlovinist Do you remember what type/things you worked on for Atari? Do you have anything or pictures of anything advertisement related left?
  20. @mytek I predict this is going to be a big seller. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in the top two or three for @MacRorie. Hopefully this inspires more people to write more 80-column software. Finally doing the XEP-80 right. It only took 35 years to do it. Now I just need to find room to fit a flat screen monitor to fit on my desk next to my cough/Commodore 1702/cough (I mean Atari) monitor.
  21. Somebody want to buy this and archive it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/154649560882?hash=item2401d50732:g:cHkAAOSwVI5hZegq
  22. Is this a basic program? CLOAD? , ENTER"C:"?, or boot with pressing START key?
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