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  1. I really hope you can finish this. It looks fantastic. It reminds me of Atari's Black Belt prototype. It would great to have them in modules, were each version could be a different mystery to solve/crime to solve, but all centering around the same general place.



  2. You need to look at the new paradigm. Musicians are making and marketing their own music all on their own. Record companies are a thing of the past. They just don't know it yet.(Well, they do really) The same is going to/is happening with movies. The big studios are putting out crap (and that is a compliment). People are making their own films. You should do the same with what ever you do. Companies like Apple are trying to recreate the old paradigm with apps like other industries did. But in the long run it won't work. New industries in the new paradigm are starting as well. What until the 3-D printers advance more. No more going to Walmart for a plastic thingy. Just make it yourself or have a local person make one for you with your design. Eventually it will be other materials as well like metals and super-strong plastics. Things are changing rather quickly and there will come a time when people will be their own industries. No more being taken advantage of by a small group of leeches.


    Do some research on people making, marketing and selling their own creations on the Net. There are a ton of new possibilities for people today that didn't exist in the past. It will only get better in the future. The hardest part though is changing your own belief system.


    The only downside is that the old paradigm will not go out with a fight. But eventually it/they will eventually be a thing of the past. I can tell you more but that would have to be in private. Good luck.



  3. BTW, Allan, hope all is well. I think in a few months I will be having another 'Classic Gaming Night'. :)


    I hope so. I wanted to have one myself but my home construction has taken a lot longer than I wanted. I'm looking forward to some gaming with real people. We should get together some time for some game designing/programming time. I love the week-end programming/gaming sessions they have in Europe all the time. Nothing but pizza and soda and programming and gaming and a little sleep in between.



  4. Outstanding!


    I still think Albert needs to make label art posters available in the store... you never really get to appreciate this kind of artwork at 2.75" x 3.375". Fortunately, it gets printed larger on the manual.


    Speaking of which... are you going to show us the manual illustrations next? :roll:


    Yes, I'd love to see that.


    Great job. I love that painting. I'd love to see some posters as well.



  5. All of those sound good. I would suggest a couple of 8-bit to 5200 conversions first. Maybe try to do one with Bryan's 256K board. I'd love to see another conversion like MULE.




    I had some more thoughts on this..


    Some games to do and why.


    1. Zookeeper on the 7800 would be great and and all the sounds are already done.


    2.Convert the 5200 sounds of Donkey Kong and Jr. over to the 7800 versions because the sounds suck on them. Plus you could had the High-score cart code to them.



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