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  1. On 5/3/2018 at 11:49 AM, DjayBee said:


    Do you still have the Parrot disks?

    If yes, then please make an image with your Kryoflux because they are protected with weak sectors and there seems to be no full dump on the net.

    I am able to recreate a working ATX from your image but a real dump is preferable.

    @DjayBee Wow. I just realized I missed this. Sorry. To answer your question, no. I sold the whole thing to (I believe) fibrewire. I am angry that I did not scan the manuals but it was before I got into scanning Atari manuals. :(

  2. 19 hours ago, Kyle22 said:

    @rcamp48 You seem to be a good software sleuth. I am searching for a disk called PicPrint Pro [IIRC] 6.2.  BITD, I sold exactly ONE copy of it for $15.00. I lost the source code LONG ago. I released a demo version of it that works, but prints graffiti all over the picture. I obfuscated the code to make it unhackable and I am not able to remove the graffiti now.

    I appreciate anything you can find.

    Sold by MKD Systems, Apollo PA

    I phoned Carolyn Hoglin [nice lady] (who reviewed it favorably) but she didn't have it. I don't remember selling that one copy to her, so someone who bought it must have given it to her. Please don't look her up and bother her. It's been I don't know, 5-6 years since I spoke w/ her.



    Do you remember advertising it somewhere? Even something like a couple of lines in a user group magazine? Or was it listed/mentioned in any shareware/public domain catalog?

  3. 4 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

    Are you looking for anything specific?  It turns out three years ago I downloaded a bunch of COMPUTE! Commodore disks.  No note regarding from where I got them, but I have them.

    No. I just wanted to go through them and possible compare them to their Atari versions. If you can find them it would be great if you could upload them here. Thanks.

  4. 16 hours ago, phc_joe said:

    Hi; I have been a die-hard Atari 8-bit user since buying the snazzy new 130XE when it was first released and gradually acquired a motley collection of hardware. The past 30-40 years have taken me into various new responsibilities and interests and I look at this pile of stuff (along with a bunch of other piles of stuff) and say to myself "I'm not likely to use many of these things anymore, time to get them to someone who needs and wants them". Unfortunately I have forgotten how to use a whole bunch of these things and will have to re-learn a bit in order to test them/get them ready to auction.


    So, over the next few weeks I will be putting some or all of the following out on Ebay (Ebay name: "Kibbywibbles" (the kitten we had when we started selling stuff there, who passed away about 5 years ago at the age of about 15))


    Not yet listed:


    Various game cartridges and 8-bit software mostly on 5.25 disks.

    Some old Atari books that I never had time to read/do anything with.


    If you are looking for any old programs public domain or otherwise, message me and I will see if I have them.


    @phc_joe. Is it possible to maybe get a few/couple of pictures of your software and books. With the books I have most of them but it is possible you may have something rare that I have never seen or heard of. Sort of the same thing with your software. You didn't mention if your commercial software was original (or not so original :). ). I digitally archive software, manuals, books, etc. and put them up on the Internet so I am always looking for un-archived Atari 8-bit archivable stuff.

  5. On 1/11/2022 at 12:16 PM, BIGHMW said:

    As for Missile Command not having three bases, well Paul Lee came up with a better version of it a few years back, more true to the arcade (play-wise not necessarily graphic-wise) called Missile Command + and it even utilizes the 1, 2, and 3 keypads (J, K, and L on the A8 keyboard) on either the joystick or (better than that!) the legendary CX53 Trak-Ball for each of the missile bases, Alpha, Delta, and Omega. And to switch between joystick ("STIK") mode and trak-ball ("TBAL") mode, all you do is hit the reset button on the controller (or Ctrl + T? on the A8 keyboard). I have played it and it is BY FAR better than the original A8/5200 MC.

    Missile Command +.bin 16 kB · 7 downloads Missile Command+.xex 9.51 kB · 6 downloads

    I started this thread and it wasn't about making conversions. I really wish you would stop asking people to convert programs. Can't you see the problem with this? It's been pointed out to you MANY times. Please just stop.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, www.atarimania.com said:




    Is page 35 supposed to look that way?

    Yes. It's suppose to be the same width just shorter. If you download the PDF it looks like it suppose to.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Tuxon86 said:

    I bought a lot of about 500 Atari floppies from an ex BBS operator. I'm waiting on my Sio2PC and Sio2SD to come in the mail and I'll start going through them. I did a C64 lot a year and a half ago with my ZoomFloppy and a 1571. I love going thru those old floppies, it's like a treasure hunt.

    Looking forward to what you find.

  8. It's interesting because Gremlins has a release date May 22,1984 and was produced in large numbers, yet Millipede has a release date of of April 4, 1984 yet has never shown up except in prototype form. Most of the copies of Gremlins (as well as Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus) were sold off to places like Radio Shack to be sold off for years after.


    It's nice to have a 'Final List' but disappointing that there aren't any unknown ones on there to possible be found in the future.


    Thanks, Kay, for the scan. And of corse thanks Dan for saving it.

  9. I believe PamRAM is a testing cart that was used in the factory for a final test before the 5200s went into the box. You can see this in the Cosmo's soccer/football documentary Once in a Lifetime. I may have posted some screenshots of this years ago on here. If I come across it I will add a link.


    Interesting that the list includes Miner 2049ner, Star Trek and River Raid.

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