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  1. I will give it a try but it will take a while since I am still working on archiving DarkLord's Current Notes magazines. I have a midimate plus a Casio CZ-1000. Hybrid Arts made both programs plus the Midimate, your are probably write.
  2. Cool. Do you think this would work with MidiMate as well?
  3. That would be a great compiler to write. Curt had posted a number of source codes for games over the years that were done on Atari's PDP computers.
  4. @Big_Mo The Computer Shopper issues came today. Non of them have your review in them. Some day we will find it and archive it. I got January, February, April and August of '88. So at least you know it was not in one of those issues.
  5. There was an Atari 8-bit 3 1/2 inch drive advertised in Antic or Analog that I ordered. It took forever and when I got it, it was missing stuff. I couldn't use it. I returned it but never got my money back. They went out of business soon after. I think there was mention of the problems people were having with the company in one of the issues. I don't remember any more than that.
  6. Ironically I just won four issues of Computer Shopper/ They are all from 1988. I will scan them soon and post them.
  7. They look good but it looks like they screwed up on the 5200 end labels.
  8. Another issue of Current Notes scanned. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-13-number-6-july-august-1993 There is an article in it talking about a hobby company who ran everything on an Atari 800 (and later on STs.) They are still in business today. https://www.hobbytown.com
  9. Great video. I know DOS III is looked down upon, but since it was created by Bill Wilkinson it would be interesting to see an analysis of it and why it was bad and the possible positive aspects of it. In his Antic podcast interview, he talked about this.
  10. Here is a new issue I just posted. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-13-number-6-july-august-1993 There is an interesting article on a company called Hobby Town USA who is still around. They sold Atari computers and ran their company with Atari 8-bit software and then St software. https://www.hobbytown.com
  11. Funny. Remember, he is from the U.S. Month before day.
  12. I noticed that Jerry Allen of Allen Macroware posted on Atarimania recently. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-diskwiz-ii_19712.html
  13. Hey Mark. Welcome. Very cool story. Love it. I too also helped Kay convert Antic and other magazines to HTML before full-page scans were reasonable for download. It's how I learned HTML. Today I spend most of my Atari-time scanning books, magazines, boxes, manuals, etc. for the Atari. If you have downloaded any manual, book, etc. odds are they are one of my scans. I do this in hopes that others use them to do new things on the Atari. You don't happen to have any of the files for the art or the programs you did back in the day anymore, do you? I would love to see them on the real thing. I love to see what people are doing on their Atari 8-bit computers. Games are fun but the non-game stuff is really interesting as well. A lot of great software on the Atari never was used to it's full potential. Some of it barely got used. Programs like Virtuoso, Invision, Graphics Magician, PManimator, Movie Maker, etc. There are a lot. One of my goals is to make videos explaining how to use these programs much like Thomas C. just did with Advanced Music System. Allan
  14. I came across these on eBay recently and grabbed them. I never heard of them so I did a little Internet search. I only got a couple of hits with not much more than a mention of the group and/or newsletter. I scanned one and posted it below. I will scan the rest once I finish scanning the pile of Current Notes and Dal-Ace I have here. Anybody ever hear of these? Micro_of_Monmouth_Volume_3_Issue_4.pdf
  15. Yup. I put an asterisk next to it with a note below it.
  16. Two more: https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-13-number-3-april-1993 https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-13-number-9-november-1993
  17. I bet the people buying these are not aware of Atariage nor ltoflash.leftturnonly.info
  18. I scanned something last year that made reference to it. It was made by Atari. I will try to find it and post a link.
  19. Here is the March, 1993 issue. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-13-number-2-march-1993 April, 1993 up next. It's amazing that 8-bit programming was still going although in PD/shareware form.
  20. Cool. I need one of these. I guess it's time to celebrate.
  21. Here is an obscure newsletter. The auction was too high but I got the seller to sell them for half. It will be a while until I scan them. My archive pile is piling up again. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-1984-M-O-M-Micro-Of-Monmouth-Atari-Computer-Video-Game-Fanzine-Newsletters/402777182133
  22. There is a lot to archive and we will never get it all but I bet there is still a lot out there in people's homes. I just posted another issue tonight plus I posted another one yesterday. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-12-number-9-november-1992 https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-12-number-10-december-1992-january-1993 Working on March '93 tonight. Hope to finish it by morning.
  23. This is true about all the user group newsletters. We just have to keep archiving as many as we can.
  24. Once I am done scanning these Current Notes magazines I will scan the Dal-Ace newsletters. They have a lot of great content. Definitely worth reading.
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