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  1. This is a shot in the dark but I am looking for Swifty Software's Graphics Editor. Does anybody have an ATR or a disk?
  2. Another issue up. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-16-number-3-may-june-1996
  3. I tried to change the language option on the 1985 issue. Does it seem any different. https://archive.org/details/portland-atari-club-january-1985
  4. Interesting. I will try to make sure I make sure I mark it as English from now on in hopes of avoiding this. From the title I thought you were writing about finding russian Atari 8-bit stuff on Archive.
  5. Don't feel bad. All I have is a picture of my Commodore 64 which I returned after two weeks to buy my 800XL. If you have an Atari 8-bit now you can always post a pic in the thread about 'Your Atari 8-bit setup now'.
  6. There is one positive outcome of this. You might get some new software and hardware out of it.
  7. If you mean on archive.org, they are not in a collection yet. Do a search for Current Notes Atari and it will weed out most of the other stuff. All the Current Notes on Archive.org were all posted from three accounts. Mine (Allan52), savetz and scottithgames.
  8. I just ordered this plus your first Intellivision book.
  9. https://archive.org/details/current-notes-volume-6-number-2-march-1986 First issue scanned and posted. It's still be rendered by Archive.org but you can download the PDF now.
  10. A couple of quick ones I did. 1990-9 DAL-ACE - Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter September 1990.pdf 1988-12 DAL-ACE - Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter December 1988.pdf
  11. It might be a while until I get to the rest of them scanned because I need to do the Current Notes issues that are suppose to arrive today. But here are two of them including the December, 1985 issue, making the whole year archived. 1985-12 DAL-ACE - Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter December 1985.pdf 1989-4 DAL-ACE - Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter April 1989.pdf
  12. Every one I see under $300 have sold. One sold for $312, one for $317 and one in the box for $500. Even the ones that are just the PCB are selling for over $100.
  13. There is a BASIC program in the back of the manual that will display these in a slideshow.
  14. For the prices that C128s are going for, somebody could start making these again. I remember time when you could get these for almost nothing.
  15. Lee wrote a AMS to MIDI convertor also so you could play your AMS songs on your MIDI keyboard. I need to try this on my Casio CZ-1000 hooked up to my 130XE. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-mms-midi-music-system_19311.html
  16. Fantastic, Thom, I've been wanting to do something like this for a while with non-game Atari software. AMS got a lot of use back in the day and nice to see someone show it off. Would love to see some modern songs transcribed. I hope this inspires others to not only transcribe some more songs for a AMS but also I hope it inspires others to make similar videos for other Atari 8-bit non-game software. Some software never got the attention it deserved back then. A lot of potential here. Just some software off the top of my head....Movie Maker, 3-D Supergraphics , Cartoonist, Desktop Performance Studio (This got virtually now use. It even had modem support.), PManimator, ChromaCAD, Stereo 3-D Graphics Package, Newsroom (The), Page Designer, Rubber Stamp, Typesetter, just to name a few. Great video.
  17. I tried too. It seems they are all out in the U.S. Hopefully if they make more they will chime in here to let us know.
  18. I just did a search and turns out they did. I knew the name sounded familiar.
  19. I'm not saying it was over-priced, just expensive. It would be nice to know more about this and the people who made, assuming it was actually made.
  20. It was included a number of DAL-ACE issues so maybe it was something real but didn't sell well. It was expensive.
  21. Maybe he won't. Just joking. I just did. I didn't think you could edit the subject heading after you posted it but it probable has a time limit like the body of text.
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