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  1. Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide ny Allan E. Moose and Marian J. Lorenz. Published by Weber Systems (June 1, 1987) ISBN: 0938862545 I am trying to either find this book to puchase or find any info out about. If someone has it but doesn't want to part with it, I would really appreciate a scan of the cover and back if possible. Even just a quick blurb on how good or bad is would be helpful. Thanks, Allan
  2. The general idea behind 'shadow registers' was to allow Atari to update the OS but at the same time have older programs still work. If your program used the 'shadow register' it would be garenteed to work because Atari would never change the address of where they were. On the other hand, the 'hardware registers' could be changed at any time and if your program used these instead of the 'shadow register', it might not work on newer OS's. This way Atari could pretty much move and change the OS in a lot of different ways and still have all the old programs work. Of course this was the theory but since many people broke the rules (including I think Atari also)....well, you can figure out the rest. And as far as the 5200 having less 'shadow registers', that's just because of less abilities like no cassette, disk drives, printers, plus the fact that the 5200 was kind of thrown together as well as not designed to be programmed by the people who bought them. Therefore they didn't really try to make it easy to program and didn't worry as much about upgrading the OS in the future. (Although they had to once with the newer two-ports.) Allan
  3. Dan Kramer, the creator of the 5200 Trackball and ex Atari employee has a few auctions on eBay with more to come. Check it out. http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...&sort=3&rows=25 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3002372317 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3002361804 Allan
  4. If you get old commercial software on the original disks you don't need a dos since there is a dos on these disks. If you want to load another type of program, say a basic program, a game you downloaded from the Net or a program from a magazine, etc., you need a dos either on a disk or a cart. The dos can be from another disk than the disk your program is on just as long as you load the Dos first (obviously). The only advantage to a cart-based dos is that it loads fast and that if you are going through a bunch of disks searching for a program it doesn't matter wether a disk has dos on it or not because it's on the cart. Sometimes you'll load a disk with dos on it and then go to another disk for a program your looking for. You load the program and either it will crash or the program just requires you to reset the computer to use another program. If you don't have dos on the disk in the drive you have to take out the disk and put a disk that has dos on it back in and then restart the computer. Then you have to take that disk out and put the other disk back to load that program or another one. With a cart-based dos you don't have to do this. All you do is reset/turn off and on the computer and you're all set. This to me is were Insta-Dos really shines. I don't have it yet but plan to evetually get it just for this reason. Allan
  5. When will the 'I survived the January 25th server maintenance' T-shirts be available? Allan
  6. Allan


    You're pic looks more like a post-modern Messiah than Obi Wan This is a good thing if your single. Do you have any idea how many Christian women think Jesus is hot! Just go around acting like him and you'll get lucky in no time! Allan
  7. What the 7800 needs is for someone to write a tutorial like there is for the 2600 and 5200/8-bit. I think that would help start more people writing games for it. Allan
  8. Hehe, you're not quite right, the cart is empty. Pretty convincing though huh ? Yea, but a Sinastar would be much cooler! Hint, Hint. Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge!!! Allan
  9. I think your right Cafeman. Very cool. Dam I need a digital camera. By the way, anybody know what game 5259 was? Allan
  10. Hi Curt, Did you ever get a chance to scan and post these? Very curious! Allan
  11. I forgot to mention this before but thanks Matt for the pic the the Asteroids controller. I've been waiting to see this for over two years (that's when I first learned of it's existance.)! And great site as well. Does the inclusion of the Tumbleweed title mean you have access to the game and your going to review it soon? Of course your right about the 7800 but if Warner couldn't find a buyer for Atari, they might have just liquidated the company and took it as a loss and then I wouldn't be able to play Klax right now. Allan
  12. Oh, that's COOL!! How did you get the angled picture. Did you photograpg the 2600 Elevator cart/box? It pic's going on my desktop! Allan
  13. If it wasn't for the Tramiels there would be no Lynx, Jaguar, 7800, ST, TT, PC portfolio, 130XE...... Allan
  14. It's just the Tempest label from John Hardie (I think! If I'm wrong someone please correct me.) The later labels like Gremlins are much easier to do but this is the only good scan of a 5200 label I have. The letters in the blue stip of course are the hardest. If your lucky you can find them in other labels and just cut and paste them. Allan
  15. Does anybody know how to get to the secret fifth screen in 5200 Donkey Kong? Allan
  16. Yes. The MyIDE interface only works with ide harddrives, not 3 1/2 floppy drives. You can get a XF551 drive modified with a 3 1/2 inch 720K double-sided drive from CCS but that is a seperate device. These are nice also but don't hold that many more programs obviously. Allan
  17. With an Apple IIgs it's really easy to transfer files to a Mac/PC and back again. You just use the AppleTalk network which is built right into every Mac and Apple IIgs. Unfortunately my IIgs OS disks are corrupt so I have to get another copy. Allan
  18. The reason I made the post was that I didn't know anything else about it and whant to know more. It is not a 65c816 16-bit processor but a 32-bit version of it. I also don't know if it's 65c816 compatible as well as 6502 compatible. Here's where I found it. That's all I know. http://cbm.videocam.net.au/ By the way not Dave's son but Dave himself has posted on this board. Allan
  19. I just read on a couple of commodore 64 sites that somebody has developed a 32-bit version of the 6502. It was done I guess to make a better 32-bit c64 but I'm sure you could use it to make a 32-bit 6502 compatible Atari 800/XE/XL. I was trying to find out more about it but was unsuccessful. Does anybody know any more about this? Allan
  20. Here's a hint. He wrote one of these books on this page: www.Atariarchives.org Allan
  21. Haha... I wish! No I just want these for my proto page. I need the C&D box for my new rumor page. Tempest Your going to need a 100 gig hard drive to store all the 5200 rumors going around! Allan
  22. Oh no, nothing like that. Firstly these aren't 7800 protos which no one has tried to mass produce. Secondly I'm not going to be selling anything, just demoing (for now). I'm not going to be getting the protos for a bit yet anyway... Tempest Isn't that what happened with 7800 MIA? A demo at Philly Classic and then nothing. Although the people who showed MIA said they were going to be available for purchase and then they never were. I know your not saying that. I hope you can make them availble to everybody in some form eventually. Except if it's an unplayable Sesame Street game or something similar! Allan
  23. Maybe... Trust me, you're going to like these.. All shall be revealed at PC4! Tempest I hope it's not anything like the 7800 Chuck Norris Missing In Action fiasco! Allan
  24. Unfortunetly Cloak and Dagger is still not out on DVD. The only way you are going to get really good shots from the movie is to find somebody who has it on Laserdisc or on that RCA disc format. http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14049 http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14544 Allan
  25. Personally I love the trackball on Missile Command, Centipede, and especially Millipede. I can get much better scores using the Track Ball. But if any joystick came close to being like a Trackball, it's the 5200 stick. Although it would be a disappointment if there was no trackball control on CC, it would be worse if you kept stuggling with the TB control and delayed finishing it. Looking forward to CC with or without TB control. Allan
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