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  1. I've got an Apple IIgs with four megs, 170 meg Focus drive, and the usual set up of floppy drives, Color Monitor, Printer, etc. Best 6502 compatible computer ever made. It rocks. I would love to get a SCSI card for it but they are too expensive on ePay. Allan
  2. Here it is if somebody hasn't already beat'en me to it. Docs: http://www.atarimagazines.com/ http://www.atariarchives.org/ http://trident.mcs.kent.edu/~clisowsk/8bit...it/atrpref.html http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200ref.txt Basic Compiler: http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200bas.html Cross-Assemblers http://tasm.home.attbi.com/ http://members.cox.net/rcolbert/dasm.htm Allan
  3. Not to sound critical of anybody but I don't see the point in designing something to allow the Colecovision to play games from other systems. Just buy the other system. But if you could upgrade the Colecovision to a faster processor, better graphics and sound through an expansion modual where you don't have to modify the Colecovision that would be cool. Of course then the problem is writing software for it. I would think you would have to write at least one good game to get people to try writing one themselves. You would have to also write up some kind of docs for the new system to make it easier for others to program. There are plenty of 65816 (the 16-bit version of the 6502) books out there but I never heard of any books for the upgraded Z-80. One other consideration is price. If it's to expensive, your going to have a hard time at getting people to buy it just to play the games (especially if there are only a couple of games for it) never mind to program it. It sounds like a monumental task but if you think you can do it, go for it! Besides a 'SuperColecovision' or maybe a cuttle cart type device, I don't see the point in it. Allan
  4. Good news folks. I was in a Radio Crap a couple of weeks ago and they finally have changed their policy about asking for your name and address. No more personal stuff. Just pay and go. The only time they'll ask for your name and address is if your ordering something that will be shipped to your house (of course.) Allan
  5. That's what I originally guessed. Oh well, it would have been nice. Still better than the 7800! At least we'll have Calamari's 5200 docs. Allan
  6. http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200bas.html http://www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200ref.txt Allan
  7. Because mostly the 5200 is an 8-bit computer except for a few differences like the controllers and lack of disk/cassette/printer I/O, etc. Plus unlike the computers, Atari probably didn't want anyone but themselves writing software for it so they probably didn't bother. I, of course, could be completely wrong and would LOVE to have a copy of it as well. But I've been a fan of the 5200 for years and would probably have at least heard the existence of one by now. Which I haven't unfortunately. Have you seen Calamari's 5200 docs? When you say you have the 7800 manual already, are you talking about the two diffrent sets of docs from Curt Vandel's site and from John Hardies site? Allan
  8. Allan

    mystery book

    There is a lot info on the Atari 8-bit computers/5200. It is a lot easier as well. Try these sites: www.azstarnet.com/~jeffryj/5200bas.html www.atarimagazines.com www.atariarchives.org The last two sites (which are really the same) have been having trouble the last couple of days but are normally fine. Allan
  9. Allan

    mystery book

    Try this: www.langesite.com/AtariRoots/index.html Allan
  10. Windows ME isn't much better. ..Al I'm a Mac person myself but most of my friends who have PC's say that Windows 98 was overall the best OS as well as being the most bug free. Many of them still use 98 after hearing all the horror stories of XP and ME. My brother in law had his 98 system running non-stop for over a year with very little problems. Allan
  11. Jetboot Jack, Ever since you put your site up I have been trying to download the Atr's of your programs without success. Did you just never get a chance to add them or is there something wrong with the links/server? Very cool site and as another modem user I also appreciate the less-graphics approach to your front page. Keep up the great work. Allan
  12. Allan

    The Prototype Hype

    Because there ARE a couple of people out there who are taunting some people (Just a few) about a game they have. It's a very child-like behaviour. I guess they really havn't grown up. Which isn't a bad thing in some ways but when you continue to display BAD child-like behaviour it is. I can understand someone having a prototype and not telling anyone so that people don't bother them about releasing it. But when they start showing it to a few people in order to get others jealous, this is just plain eight year old brat behaviour. I also think telling others that you have a prototype when you really don't and making up a big story about it is pretty sad as well. I guess that's the nature of the hobby. Most of us have grown up and are just revisiting are childhood but there are a few that never left it. Allan
  13. Don't you mean 'JACK' Tramiel? Allan
  14. Allan

    The Prototype Hype

    Who cares if Crystal Castles is a real prototype or not! http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...light=cc52e+rom Allan
  15. Yea, well we all know there are sooooo many people into collecting 5200 prototypes. It's really hard to guess who could be holding on to these games and only showing them to a select few and giggling to them 'I'm the only one who has this, he he he he he!' Gee, I wonder who it could be? (And no it's not Tempest, so that should narrow it down about 25%.) Allan
  16. I think it's better to make games in some catagories that are lacking on the 5200. Now that we'll have 3 different adventure games by the end of 2003, I'd like to see something different. How about skiing, Bowling, Volley Ball or hockey. A good hockey game would be cool. I'd like to see the 8-bit Donkey Kong ported to the 5200. Or how about a mini Super Mario Brothers type game. Some board games would be cool. Monopoly, Statego, Scrabble, Yatzee, Othello, etc. Another game I'd like to see for the 5200 is Caverns of Mars on the 8-bit. There were a lot of cool games written in Basic and Assembly for the 8-bit published in Antic, Analog, and Compute that would be cool! Some of the exclusive Colecovision games would be cool. Anybody for 5200 Smurf Rescue. Or how about some more supped up 2600. Frog Pond, Circus Atari, Outlaw, Midnight Magic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stunt Cycle, SuperMan, Warlords. Also I'd love to see the Intellivision game B-17 Bomber for the 5200. It could be the first homebrew game with voice! By the way, does anybody know what happened to the 5200 Tempest Project? Allan
  17. So you CAN hard wire the cart inside the computer. Cool! Are the instructions for this included with the cart? If not, can you post them here? Thanks, Allan
  18. Is this a pass-through cart like the original ICD cart? If not I would unfortunately be unable to use it because I have a MyIDE harddrive interface cart. It's still pretty cool though. I would like to have one built right into the computer. That would be even cooler. Allan
  19. I remember seeing instructions for the 5200 mod on Curt Vendal's site, www.atari-history.com. Check the 5200 section. Allan
  20. Yes, the 7800 MIA cart is a lot like the arcade game. I saw it at Philly at the Digital Press table. (Or at least at the table which was being manned by the same people who also happen to make up the Digital Press staff. ) Of course the graphics are not as good since it's on the 7800. If I am remembering right, it looks like they kept the same feel of the game but just made that background graphics from scratch. It's still the same general jungle background though. If a particular person who has not only screen shots but also video of the game would finally post it, you wouldn't have to wonder anymore though. Allan
  21. Apple had the same problem with their Apple IIc. It had that all in one design that hindered it's sales inspite of being portable. Apple IIe users were use to the great expansion of the IIe and stayed away from the IIc more than they would have if they could have used their IIe cards in the IIc. Apple finally got it right with the IIGS which had the simplicity of the IIc yet the same (even better) expansion of the IIe. Of course they threw in a 65816 and Mac/Windows like OS to make it the most powerful 6502-compatible computer. (Thank god for the Woz!) They only did two things wrong. 1. Priced it so high that it was really hard to compete with the ST's and Amiga's. And 2. Was never really taken seriously by Steve Jobs who only saw it as competition for the Macintosh. Yup, Economics 101, or probably Economics 100 remedial high-school level course. Allan
  22. Hey, cool! A 5200 E.T. game? I never saw that before. Alright, ET is not what you call a great game but any decent game on the 5200 is cool. Allan
  23. If you are referring to the AtariAge magazine, they're already all on the web. (forget where.) Most magazines are still owned by their original publisher. I doubt they would like someone making money off of their work. On the other hand, some publishers have allowed some people to post there magazines on the web such as www.atarimagazines.com. Kevin Savetz, the owner of the site, has got permission from the original publishers of Compute, Compute's Gazette, Creative Computing, Antic, Start, and others. The people who published these magazines are still on the web and if somebody else started posting their magazines without their permission they might get a little angry. I think they would be even more angry if someone was making money from it, as small as it was. If you really want to do this just for the classic video game community, a better way would be to get permission from a publisher like Electronic Games, or some other magazine, and start your own site. Allan
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