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  1. What I'm really worried about is if Ebay now gives an incentive to ebay sellers to only except Paypal and not other options like Money orders. This could be really bad for bidders who don't like to use Paypal. Allan
  2. Mitch wrote: Oh yea, that's right. I actually had a four port back in 83/84 that I had to bring in to a Atari Service Center (Ed's TV of Hamden, CT.) to get it modified to work with the 2600 adapter. I do remember a problem having to do with the modification and Realsports baseball. Either the speech didn't work before the mod or after, I forget. Allan
  3. I have a two port 5200 that plays everything including Pitfall and Moutain King as well as works with the 2600 module. I wonder if the bios in my 5200 are the final corrected ones. Has any body heard of a 2-port that works with everything? Allan
  4. Philfound, I understand your anger. But unfortunately the approach of many other countries is cruel (not say that our country is anywhere near perfect, faaaaaaaaaaaar from it.) The most extreme example of this is all the people who have been killed by the death penalty law, then when DNA testing came along and remains of people where tested it was proven that these people could not have killed the people they were suppose to have killed. Death is pretty permenent. In a way, the judges that ordered these falsely acussed people are now murderes themselves. Should they be killed now? Luckily the system doesn't go that far. Putting someone in prison is 'suppose' to do two things, punish the person who commited the crime and as well as get them to see what they did was wrong so that they don't do it again. Of course murdering someone for any crime defeats the whole purpose of prison. It is just a form of revenge. and isn't any better or worse than if a family member of a person killed by the state went and murdered the judge that ordered the accussed to be killed. They're both forms of revenge. IMOP. Allan
  5. KAZ, With the number 01011110 you just ignore the first zero. just like if you were adding two decimal numbers like this: 0256 +0256 ______ 0512 If you weren't dealing with bytes you could write the binary number '01011110' like this: '1011110' But because your dealing with computers which work with bytes you have to deal with eight bits at a time even if the number you want is smaller such as the amount three, written in decimal as '3' and binary as '00000011'. You could write three in binary as '11' but not with a computer since it demands eight digit binary numbers. Hope this helps and is not to simplistic. Allan
  6. What good is a storage device with so few games. How about the programming mod for the 7800 that's on the Net. A nice mod so that you can write software on your Mac/PC and then download it to your 7800 for testing is really needed. To me this is the most important mod someone could make. This would incourage more people to start writing games if they could send their 7800 to someone and have them modify it for uploading/downloading programs. The only other important mod would be the 7800 Keyboard. I'd love to write programs on the 7800 basic. Allan
  7. I found the link below at http://www.cassette-interface.net/atari.html . www.atari-explorer.com Does anybody know anything about it? Is going to be site for the Atari Connection/Explorer magazine? Allan
  8. ziggystar, Get over to www.Atariarchives.org to get all your Atari 8-bit/5200 programming needs. De Re Atari is excellent as well. It will eventually be available on www.Atariarchives.org but for now can be found at http://www.dislerdesign.com/Atari/ . Allan
  9. Glenn, What were the MARS-8 boards you mentioned? Something like the MIO/Blackboxes? Hopefully when the Commodore ONe is finshed, Jerry, the woman creating it, will make an Atari-One and we'll finally have a 65816 Atari. Allan
  10. Well, that's to bad he won't release Warlords but I completely understand. It doesn't mean someone couldn't make the game again from scratch. It doesn't seem like a hard game to make on the 5200 although from the description it sounds like there are at least 6 or 7 players on the screen. That might be difficult. The only saving grace is that the four player sprites are limited to the corners so that might make a possiblity with some Interrupts. It would help if we could get a better picture of the screen he has and also a better description of the additional elements added to the 8-bit/5200 version. Anybody willing to try? I think this game would work great with the 5200 controllers. Allan
  11. I don't know if anybody/everybody has seen this but it's pretty interesting. I never knew there was going to be a 5200 Warlords. Allan http://home1.gte.net/leiterja/atari.html
  12. Allan

    Look: Super Pac-Man

    It's bad enough that Bounty Bob doesn't work on the Multi-cart but it's a real shame Super Pac-Man doesn't. I hope Sean can eventually figure it out. It really is a great game. I think it's the best maze game on 5200 easily. I can play it on the emulator and could bye it for the computers but it's just not as fun as playing it on the 5200. By the way, I love the Multi-cart. It really is worth $125. I would love a Multi-cart for the 7800. Since there are less games for the 7800 than the 5200. It shouldn't be hard to do. Allan
  13. Allan

    6502 Tutorial

    Analog magazine ran a great tutorial on Assembly language called Boot Camp. Started by Tom Hudson and continued by I believe Carl Weiger (sp?) which ran for quite a while. They also ran it again from the beginning in the last couple of years of Analog's run. Unfortunately the Digital Analog project has been going slow and only a couple of douzon (sp?) articles are on line. If you have any old Analogs and want to contribute to htmling them, I urge you to contact them. http://www.cyberroach.com/analog/ In addition to Boot Camp I also recommend Atari Roots by Mark Andrews and Assembly Language Programming for the Atari Computers by Mark Chasin (The best Atari 8-bit/5200 assembly language book written in my opinion.) Allan
  14. Hey Jet Boot Jack, Is there a two-at-a-time player mode in this ST game? It looks similar but I'm not sure if it's the same as the 7800 one. The 7800 game doesn't have the side panel with the name and scores but it could just be that that would have been impossible on the 7800. The difference in the 7800 and ST graphics capability could be throwing me off as well. John may be able to answer this better than I can since he own's it. Allan
  15. Thanks on the update John. And thanks for the name correction. There was a lot I took in at Philly. Info overload but well worth it. Like Disney for us classic video game fans. We're all rooting for you to get the games working right. Allan
  16. Try this site: http://www.atariarchives.org/basic/ Allan
  17. I have every 5200 game except: Montezuma's Revenge Bounty Bob Frogger II Return of the Jedi K-Razy Shootout Zaxxon Quest for Quintana Roo and Meteorites I am looking for the following 7800 games Alien Brigade Basket Brawl Commando Crack'ed Crossbow Double Dragon Fatal Run Ikari Warriors Impossible MIssion Klax (either new converted version or PAL) Kung-Fu Master Mat Mania Challenge Mean 18 Golf Motor Psycho Ninja Golf Pit Fighter (yea right!) Ramapage Scrapyard Dog Sentinal Summer games Super Huey Super skateboarding Tank Command Title Match pro Wrestling 5200 Joystick coupler from robotron or Space dungeun I also have an extra 7800 Jinks to trade. I don't care about the boxes but instructions would be a plus. Also I am always interested in Atari 8-bit/ST magazines and books. Allan Bushman Nach4321@aol.com
  18. atarimusician1 wrote : " The perfect example of this mistake is the Apple IIGS which used a 65816 hybrid 8/16-bit CPU. Looking at the specs, it looks like a good machine, with lots of sound voices, a good synthesis chip from Ensoniq, and graphics comparable to the ST and Amiga. I tried it out at an Apple dealer, and IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO SLLLLOOWWW! My god, I had to move the mouse SOOO SLOOOWLY just to move the pointer up the screen. It took me 3 'scroll ups' (ie move the mouse from the bottom to the top of the mousepad) just to get the pointer from one end of the screen to the other. What a joke! It seems like the CPU just couldn't handle all the graphics and sound data going through it. " "If a hybrid 8/16-bit XE was going to be like the Apple IIGS, I'm glad Atari was smart enough not to release one. The 65816 just can't handle 640x400 graphics, lots of sound voices, etc. The 68000 can though, and I think if one wanted something more powerful than the XE, it was time to move up to the 68000-based machines. " I have to disagree with this. The Apple IIgs may have been slower than the ST but it still is a great machine. Unfortunately it suffered the same fate as the Atari 8-bits. Jobs wanted his new Macintosh computer to replace the Apple II line while the Woz wanted to make a better Apple II that could run all the old software. Well, you know who won. If Tramiel had used his chip comapany to build a better 65816 chip he could have built a competative machine. His philosophy of letting the machines 'sell themselves' in addition to abandonning his 8-bit users really did them in. Plus, if he had took the 'Video Game' industry seriously, it would have helped him support the computer division until it was making a good profit on it's own. If they had pushed the 7800 early in '84 with better software or even better, had bought the NES when Nintendo offered it to them, they might have made a bundle and keep them alive. I think the worst thing about Tramiel was that he just was to cheap with everything. Not just the hardware but with everything including advertising. It eventually did him in. In spite of all this, don't forget that as bad as Tramiel was, it was Warner who wanted to get rid of Atari. If Tramiel or anyone else hadn't come along and bought Atari, Warner would have probably dumped it. If that had happened there wouldn't be no XE's, no ST's, no 7800, no Lynx, and no Jaguar. So don't be to to harsh on the Tramiels. JMO, Allan
  19. I've never seen the 8-bit version of Phobos. If you know where I can get a ATR of it, I could run it in an emulator and see if it looks the same. A few moments later..... I just downloaded the 8-bit Phobos ATR and it is definetly not the same game. The 8-bit Phobos is I guess a sequal to Caverns of Mars. The 7800 Phobos was a 2-player (at the same time) space shoot-em-up. The screen scrolled down while stuff came at you from above. Not an original idea (nice graphics though) but was kinda cool with two players. No, I didn't get to play it. John tried to get it going a few times but it just kept crashing after about 10 seconds. I think it was due the cart/rom/eprom and not the game/code itself. Allan
  20. I've never seen the 8-bit version of Phobos. If you know where I can get a ATR of it, I could run it in an emulator and see if it looks the same. Allan
  21. This isn't Adventure Master by CBS software is it? If so, I have the manual. Allan
  22. Thanks atarinvader! Sure enough. It was the connector. I bent up all the indivdual connectors and seemed to help but it is very tempermental. Hey Skatepunk60. Where did you get the connector for $7? Allan
  23. This weekend I bought a complete NES w/about 10 games for ten bucks. Unfortunately the NES doesn't work. It just acts like you turned it on without a cart inserted. Does anybody know some of the reasons why an NES might do this? Allan
  24. An internal 3 1/2 inch drive from a labtop? Very nice. Please tell us how you did it. And more pics of inside. Allan
  25. That's for an Apple II computer. The apple II's have an internal controller port on the motherboard as well as an external controller port that looks similar to the Atari's controller port. Allan
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