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  1. On the same subject, it's fun trying to make out all the boxed games in the movie. You keep hoping you'll see something like Crystle Castles or Elevator Action. Allan
  2. Does anybody know if Cloak & Dagger is ever going to come out on DVD? Then we can get a much better shots of all the Atari boxes in the movie. Allan
  3. The other sticker part of the Tempest pic is that the damn reflection from the light is right on it. Damn light technition. Allan
  4. Here's the best evidence of what the 5200 Battlezone box would have looked like. Although you never know. Allan
  5. Tempest wrote: Here's one for starters. I don't think you can see the front of the Battlezone box, just the side. You can see the front of Tempest though. The one mock up of Tempest floating around on the Net uses a different picture. I have a ad for Battlezone that has half the box though. I will scan and post it in a few minutes. Allan
  6. Here's were you can get the video of Cloak & Dagger. http://www.atariage.com/store/affiliate/br...se.html?CatID=9 Allan
  7. I was just trying out my $30 video card to get some pics. Personally I think 'Glenn' was an Atari employee who obviously had to remain a mystery. IMOHO. Allan
  8. LOL!!!! It was a JOKE!!! In the movie the guy owns a computer and roll playing game store. No, this is not Glenn the 5200 man!! Didn't you guy's notice the wink at the end. And no, the little girl is not Drew Barrymore. Allan
  9. I finally found out who Glenn the 5200 Man who did all those 5200 to 8-bit conversions was. Here's a couple of pics of him. Apparently he owned a computer/roll playing game store in a mall in Texas. Allan
  10. The Rainbow emulator (both on PC's and Mac's) has an export and import feature that allows you to move files back and forth from ATR's. Allan
  11. Allan


    I have played Millipede quite a bit and I don't really see anything that would indicate that it was not complete. This is one of my favorite 5200 prototype games (or any 5200 game.) It does seem a lot different then Centipede but after playing it a while I like it a lot better. To me, the graphics are much better and frankly it's smoothness is fine by me. The characters are bigger (and brighter). I think the difference is that the programmer used a different approach with the graphics. The spiders may not be as smooth but the overall feel of the game is great. I never play centipede any more. To me Millipede is much better. Keep playing it, it will get a addicting. And once you get used to the trackball you won't go back. My score doubled the first time I played it with the trackball. It's great. The only downside with the trackball and the second multicart is that there is no way to select a game with the trackball and once you start the game, Millipede checks to see if you have a trackball or a joystick plugged in. You have to hit the power button with the stick plugged in, then select the game with the stick, hit the fire button, and then, without moving the stick at all, unplug it and plug in the trackball. Unfortunately I can't recommend doing this because if you ever had a build up of static electricity while doing this, you could fry your 5200. Hopefully Sean will one day modify his code on the newer multicart to be abale to use the trackball to pick a game as well. Allan
  12. The only way to view a programed saved in Atari Basic is on a real machine or in an emulator. But, if you save a program using the List statement you can then view it in a text editor on your PC or Mac. One problem is that the carriage return on the Atari is different than on a PC/Mac. After you export the file out of Atari Basic you have to replace the carriage return symbol at the end of each line with a different symbol. The PC/Macs use r symbol, the Atari uses õ symbol, except for the last line of the program which uses a õ and then r symbol. (If you forget the last r symbol the last line of your program will be deleted.) Just use your search and replace command of your favorite text editor. I don't know how to get this symbol other than to cut and paste it from this posting. The other problem is getting your code in and out of your emulator. The Rainbow emulator for both PCs and Macs have an export and inport feature which allows you import/export basic programs saved with the List command. Example: LIST"D:PROGRAM1.LST" To save it in this form on the Atari use: ENTER"D:PROGRAM1.LST" I don't know if Atari800win has this feature but as I said you can use the Rainbow emulator to do it. Allan
  13. Printing in color is very expensive. Especially in low volume like a couple hundred. Don't be to harsh on people when they choose black and white. Even Atari started printing in just two colors with their manuals. I'm sure this saved them thousands. Remember for every color the paper needs to go through a press an additional time. So obviously, the more colors the more runs. Plus for every color there has to be made a seperate printing plate. (A long and complex process.) And that's just the end process. Allan
  14. DEBRO wrote: HooooHoooooo!!!!! YEESS!! YIPEEE!! TTTHHHIISSS RROOCCKKSS!!!!! Clay, That's twice you have made my week. It looks awesome!! This also inspires me to get on the ball and get back to learning Assembly. As soon as I finish my secret project, (an interest to any of you old time Atari 8-bitters.) I am going to start messing around the 5200Bas as well as assembly. Now I am going to play CC52e on my 8-bit to get me in the mode. By the way, as programmers on the Atari 8-bit/5200, is there any docs any of you would like to see other than whats at www.atariarchives.org and www.atarimagazines.com? Remember, I'm not the boss, just a worker, but I can certainly make suggestions to the big honcho. Allan
  15. CrazyImpmon wrote: What!??!?!? Not a whole lot of detailed info on the 5200?? A bunch of us have been busting are arses to get as much 5200/8-bit info on the Net as we can. Go check out: www.atariarchives.org and www.atarimagazines.com It'll take you months to go through it all. Enjoy!, Allan
  16. Hi voiddweller, Go to Curt's site and go to the 5200 section.(I think it's there) You will find a three page article on how to do the mod on the 5200. You can use this to determine if your 5200 is modified or not. Allan
  17. Are there any Docs for Technicolor Dream somewhere? How do you load and save pictures? Calamari, how much ram do these pics use up in 5200Bas? Thanks, Allan
  18. Jon Wrote: Do you mean this program? http://www.atariarchives.org/APX/showinfo....o.php?cat=20210 Allan
  19. Some games just die. It's very, very rare, but it happens. I have a 5200 zaxxon cart that just refuses to work. I tried all the tricks multiple times but it just won't work. Allan
  20. I like the court graphics on your early version, Tempest. I also like the backboards on the early version. For some reason Patrick Bass made the backboard angle going in the opposite direction then the court, which makes the court look like it's tilted. Although I do like the solid look of the backboards on the newer version. I just noticed that the upper fire buttons in realsports basketball are different on each side. The right side shoots the basketball and the left side changes the player you control. (When playing doubles.) I didn't know you could program all four firebuttons to each do a seperate thing. I thought the left and right buttons did the same thing. Allan
  21. DEBRO wrote: You mean of course Bounty Bob Strikes Back isn't on the Multi-Cart. Miner is and works (or is that plays) great. One of my new favorites now that I have the Multi-cart is Millipede. This game rocks. I can't believe this game never got released. Stargate is excellent too. Defender was great but after a while it got to easy. I think I got something like 300 million after playing it for a week (not continuosly) until finally I just quite because I didn't want to keep my machine on forever. But Stargate is much harder but in a good way. Jr. Pac-man is great as well as Super Pac-man (although I only have this on an emulator.) Of course the all time worst game on the 5200 is James Bond hands down. It Sucks!!! Speaking of unreleased games. I noticed today on Tempest (I whish this game was finished) that if you press the number keys it makes about 8 different sound effects. Has anybody notice this before? Does anybody know what these are for other than to make funny sounds? Allan
  22. Lee Krueger wrote: Barring the control issue, the 5200 Asteroids has a lot of the extra modes that the 7800 Asteroids has and the 2600 lacks such competition mode, Team mode, etc. Yes, the graphics might have been better but the 7800 has better graphics anyways. They also had the 5200 Asteroids experience to make sure they made a better version on the 7800. And besides, I believe 5200 Asteroids is the only version that has a three/four player mode. Allan
  23. 5200 Asteroids is a strange bird. If you push forward you thrust. Left and right you turn your ship and if you pull back for about a second your ship gets a shied over it until you pull forward again. I think the problem with these controls is that the thrust starts working as soon has you move your stick even one bit forward. If they had made it so you had to move the stick more towards the top before you started to thrust it might have been easier. Another words if the up and down pots read from 255 (top) to 0 (bottom) and center is 127, they should have made the ship thrust at say 210 instead of something like 128 (which is what it feels like). Although I can't imagin that the programmer didn't think of this. There must have been a reason why he did it that way. With Master Control, if you shut off the up and down controls, and assigned one button to up for thrust, one button to down for shields and one button to center to shut off the shields but not thrust, Asteroids would become the game it should have been. Any thoughts? Allan
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