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  1. Clay, When you have a 5200 joystick hooked up to the Master Control along with a PSX stick can you still use all the functions on the 5200 stick? If yes, this may solve the trackball/multicart problem. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that when you start certain games like millipede, centipede, and Missile Command, the games sense whether your using a joystick or a track ball. So with the trackball hooked up to the keypad extention of the Master Control and a PSX controller hooked up to the main extention, you should (in theory) be able to choose the game with the PSX controller and then when the game starts, use the trackball. Any thoughts? Allan
  2. Clay, I don't know if it is too late for this but if you can program it in, it would be great. When you have Sean Kelly's Multi-cart in and you want to use the trackball, the only way to do it is to use a stick to put the arrow on the game you want and then unplug the stick and plug in the trackball. You can't select a game with the track ball unfortunately. At least I havn't been able to figure this out yet. So if you can get the Master Control to work with both the trackball and the Multicart that would be great. Unplugging and plugging in controllers when the 5200 is on is not a good thing. And playing games like Millipede and Centipede aren't as fun with the stick as opposed to the trackball. I racked up an additional 100,000 points the first time I used the trackball with Millipede. Allan
  3. Yes Clay, I'd like to see a list of the 'Trick Modes'. Allan
  4. Yes, $80 is a lot of money. But looking at it with the two 5200 controller ports, the Playstation port and all the electronics, plus all the time, it's not that bad of a price. If you read what it can do it's even a better deal. You can finally play Asteriods like it plays on the 2600. You can play all the maze games the correct way with a four-way stick instead of the analog way which can sometimes trip you up going around the corner. Believe me, I'm just as cheap as the next guy (probably even cheaper) but this is still worth it. It's a hell of a lot better than trying to find a Master play interface. And even if you can find one you have to compete with everyone else who wants it. And it's not even as good as this new MasterControl. I wonder if the old Wico keypad will work with it? Allan
  5. What games are they? The loaner carts were made to give to reviewers and testers on a temporary bases. Many of them never made it back to Atari. They are worth money so congrats. It would be cool if you could do an interview with your aunt to find out what she did at Atari. I'm sure a lot of people on this board would be interested. Allan
  6. Albert Wrote: Yes, I know. I was standing there right next to you at Philly when you were filming it. It would be great to see some screen shots/video from it again. It looked like a cool game inspite of being unfinished. Now that were on the subject, it would be nice to read some interviews from some of the 7800 programmers. All the ex-Atari programmers coming out of the wood work were 2600 and 5200 programmers. Where are all the 7800 programmers? Allan
  7. DEBRO Wrote: The Fuji screen comes up. Then the title screen comes up. You can see that for less then a second everything is fine but then the characters that make up the words 'Super Pac man' change into what you see on the screen shot I posted. Non of the characters move there positions. Allan
  8. NoahsMyBro wrote: I used my TVx card in my Mac. I just ran the 5200 into the input of the card and captured a picture with the software that came with it. I got the card a couple of years ago for about $30 bucks. Allan
  9. Here's a screen shot of Super Pacman on the Multicart crashing. Allan
  10. What happened to the Missing In Action cart for the 7800? I guess the title was a little prophetic. Allan
  11. 'Boot Error' usually means there is no DOS on the disk. Find a ATR image of a Atari Dos and put your program on it. Then load it from DOS with the L command. Allan
  12. What the colecovision needs is a site like Atariage.com. Atariage.com has helped the the atari scene a lot. This great message board is part of it. It also needs at least a couple of dedicated web masters like Albert and Alex. This is the key. The site should not only have roms but also scans of boxes, carts, and manuals. It should have links to dealers, a section on prototypes, as well as lots of info on the games, the system, and on the company as well. Articles on things like interviews with the original programmers would help. A programmers section would be great too. The site should have a clean and consisted feel to it (like Atariage) and reflect the multi-colored scheme of the Coleco packaging. And of course a good message board to keep the scene going. Maybe someone can work with Albert and Alex to create a sister site that ties into Atariage.com. For instance, you could have a different front section but somehow tie in this message board into the site with a colecovision section. Somebody could also do this with other systems like the Intellivision as well. That way no matter which page/system you went to, you would eventually wind up at one message board. This would help support the scenes of the less popular systems. Just some thoughts. Allan
  13. Big Mo wrote Go for it, Big Mo. I'd love to see an article on designing graphics for the Atari. This would be great. This should help anyone trying to write programs for 5200, 8-bit computers, or the 2600. Allan
  14. I just did it a couple of weeks ago. It's not that hard. Just keep the screws organized and pay attention when taking everything apart. Take a moment to study it. You'll see how it goes together. You really can't put it in wrong. If you accentently put it in upside down you'll realize it right away as you try to put things back together. It can be a little difficult pushing the pin connector on to the board (It's a tight fit). Just make sure you have a good hold of the board and the connector. It took me five minutes. The longest part is unscrewing all the screws. Allan
  15. The best way to store magazines is just like storing comics. 8x11 plastic bag and backing board in a comic book like storage box (vertical, not flat and on top of each other) but magazine size. You can get these at most comic book shops. Allan
  16. Apple never had to come out with their own 1090 because it was built right in to all their computers except for the Apple IIc. What they also did was come out with the Apple IIgs, a sixteen-bit 65816 computer with 7 expansion slots. We have to thank the Woz for this though. If it wasn't for him Apple would have just dropped the Apple II line earlier and went on with the Mac. If only Commodore and Atari built a 65816 version of their computers. Well, at least we may have the 16-bit Commodore One soon and maybe a 65816 Atari as well if rumor is true and the woman developing the Commodore One decides on the Atari as her next project. Allan
  17. Philflound, You make a good point. Sorry if I sounded hostile but I guess the problem I have is that when you say for example "$3.95 for shipping and handling" (or worse you just say "shipping") this kind of implies that you are sending it Priority Mail (unless of course the shipping method is stated) since Priority Mail is about this price. This is of course is my own opinion but if you need to pay other people for helping with the auctions (which is fine by me) you should incorporate that into the price of the auction (start it higher than $1). That's what I do. If you are going to incorporate this into your shipping and handling charge, to me, it is only common curtisy to let people know in the auction listing how much handling will be. Unlike shipping, this is going to be the same no matter who bids on the item. If I saw an auction and it said $5 just for handling for, say a $10 item, I probably would not bid on it. Telling people after they have won the auction that there is a handling charge (especially when it's like $5) is decieving whether the seller was trying to be or not. As I said before, I buy and sell on eBay so I can understand both sides. (although I don't sell as a business). I guess my point is always make clear to the potential bidder of ALL charges and don't lump them into one sum and cause confusion to what money goes where. Yes, and ultimately it is 'Buyer beware' and it is true that if you don't like it, don't bid. About what Room 34 said about Prioity Mail, I talked to a Postal worker who told me that in New England all Priority Mail first goes to one place in Massachusettes which then is sent out to where it's suppose to go. If your shipping out of New England it will most likely get there faster than cheaper methods but if your shipping in New England it actuallly takes longer than Ground. The US Post office tells it's workers to push Priority Mail because they make a lot on it but depending on your area, it may actually take longer. This is problably true for other areas as well. Beware! Allan
  18. Room 34 wrote: That's pretty funny. I can't believe someone would actually say this. What a load of bull^%$&. I'm sorry, there is bull, and then there is BULL. And that's BULL. If someone ever tried that with me I'd give them a negative on the spot without even trying to work it out. She probably tells people she has a whole team of workers that help run her auctions. Let's see, Taper, Box holder (To hold the box while the taper tapes the box), Tape cutter, Box folder, Auction poster, Deliver to Post office, Labeler, etc.... , while she "Coordinates" everything. What a joke. Allan
  19. Of course if you just required them to send you a money order you would get your money and not have to worry about someone taking it back through the evil PayPal. Then you could send out the package. IMOHO Paypal doesn't really help the seller. There are have been a lot of complaints about this company anyways. Require them to send you money order. If they don't send it, you don't send the package. Yes you lose the auction fees but it's better then dealing with all that other crap. I have a bad feeling that Ebay is going to start penalizing people who don't use PayPal and eventually make it the only way you can pay. They'll make up something about it's the only way to protect people and force you to do it their way and therefore make more profit from us. Does this sound familair to anyone? Allan
  20. What I'm really worried about is if Ebay now gives an incentive to ebay sellers to only except Paypal and not other options like Money orders. This could be really bad for bidders who don't like to use Paypal. Allan
  21. Mitch wrote: Oh yea, that's right. I actually had a four port back in 83/84 that I had to bring in to a Atari Service Center (Ed's TV of Hamden, CT.) to get it modified to work with the 2600 adapter. I do remember a problem having to do with the modification and Realsports baseball. Either the speech didn't work before the mod or after, I forget. Allan
  22. I have a two port 5200 that plays everything including Pitfall and Moutain King as well as works with the 2600 module. I wonder if the bios in my 5200 are the final corrected ones. Has any body heard of a 2-port that works with everything? Allan
  23. Philfound, I understand your anger. But unfortunately the approach of many other countries is cruel (not say that our country is anywhere near perfect, faaaaaaaaaaaar from it.) The most extreme example of this is all the people who have been killed by the death penalty law, then when DNA testing came along and remains of people where tested it was proven that these people could not have killed the people they were suppose to have killed. Death is pretty permenent. In a way, the judges that ordered these falsely acussed people are now murderes themselves. Should they be killed now? Luckily the system doesn't go that far. Putting someone in prison is 'suppose' to do two things, punish the person who commited the crime and as well as get them to see what they did was wrong so that they don't do it again. Of course murdering someone for any crime defeats the whole purpose of prison. It is just a form of revenge. and isn't any better or worse than if a family member of a person killed by the state went and murdered the judge that ordered the accussed to be killed. They're both forms of revenge. IMOP. Allan
  24. KAZ, With the number 01011110 you just ignore the first zero. just like if you were adding two decimal numbers like this: 0256 +0256 ______ 0512 If you weren't dealing with bytes you could write the binary number '01011110' like this: '1011110' But because your dealing with computers which work with bytes you have to deal with eight bits at a time even if the number you want is smaller such as the amount three, written in decimal as '3' and binary as '00000011'. You could write three in binary as '11' but not with a computer since it demands eight digit binary numbers. Hope this helps and is not to simplistic. Allan
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