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  1. Thank you. It does. One less manual to find and archive.
  2. Everything that I have scanned are either on Atarimania or on Archive.org. https://archive.org/details/%40allan52?query=APX&sort=-publicdate&page=2
  3. If you don't mind taking it apart that would be great. I've done this many times and they go back pretty easily.
  4. What manual type is it? Can you post a picture of it?
  5. Yes. If you could scan it at 300 dpi that would be great.
  6. I have been scanning both ST and 8-bit articles from each issue. If you can, please scan the ST articles.
  7. According to Atari800MacX emulator, it uses it's own unique 64K bankswitching.
  8. Did this come with a disk? The manual says it can run without a disk drive. The config modem file for 850/MIO loads automatically. I am assuming the phone directory is something the cartridge makes as you add entries/phone numbers. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-express_30026.html
  9. Since it was cheap, it is almost exactly the same as the XMM801, it could be used on the Atari 8-bits with a printer interface and it hadn't been scanned before (as far as I know) I bought this, scanned it and put it up on Archive.org. https://archive.org/details/atari-smm-804-dot-matrix-graphics-printer-owners-manual/mode/2up
  10. 18 issues of the Atari Micro of Monmouth newsletter out of New Jersey. https://archive.org/details/@allan52?query=monmouth
  11. https://archive.org/details/gemini-enterprises-catalog-1985
  12. I got a catalog from Gemini Enterprises. I will scan it soon and post it.
  13. Mom has some treats coming. Stay tuned.....
  14. @T.A.P. If you have disk software and manuals, consider archiving your software onto modern PCs. Although a lot of software has been archived already, there is still a lot that hasn't. Some disks have copy-protection and you need special hardware to archive, but a lot of disks don't, so you can easily copy them to PCs with any of various modern SIO2PC devices. Looking forward to some pictures.
  15. This is why I asked. I guess the answer to my question is no. There are a number of super rare programs in that collection. Oh well.
  16. Did anyone here win this auction? https://www.ebay.com/itm/403046416174?hash=item5dd7703f2e:g:InsAAOSw1VphDA~W
  17. Got mine today. Thanks, @Mq. and everyone involved. I played it a bit today. Fun game.
  18. If you download the PDF and print it out, it's still going to look better than that.
  19. I scanned the box and 'instructions.' I hate when companies don't put release-years on their products/boxes. https://archive.org/details/icontroller-1
  20. Correct. It's why they are so hard to find. Especially on-line. You need an over-sized scanner to scan them. Luckily I have one. Some time in the 2000s they started printing them in a normal magazine size.
  21. I have scanned some Atari ST articles from Computer Shopper magazines. Some I had done a while ago but some I have just recently have done. You can find them in my archive.org account. https://archive.org/details/@allan52?query=computer+shopper
  22. The last of the Computer Shopper Atari articles that I have are scanned. https://archive.org/details/computer-shopper-january-1988-vol-8-num-1-atari-articles https://archive.org/details/computer-shopper-july-1987-vol-7-num-7-atari-articles/mode/2up If anybody knows of anyone with 83' to '89 Computer Shopper issues, please let me know.
  23. Here is a new issue. Archive.org processing it. Should be available very soon. https://archive.org/details/computer-shopper-august-1988-vol-8-num-8-atari-articles
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