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  1. Now that I am done with posting the Dal-Ace newsletters I have started scanning the Atari 8-bit and ST articles in the Computer Shopper issues I have. I just uploaded the November, 1987 issue. I uploaded the February and April, 1988 issues in the past couple of days. I have January and August here to scan plus I have the July 1987 issue on it's way.
  2. I know it's been a while but just curious if you had a chance to look for this?
  3. That is all of them. I don't know how long it went. If you read the issues, they will sometimes give you more info. For example, in 1990 they did not publish anything for four months. It is explained in the July 1990 issue.
  4. There 'seems' to be missing pages from this. Is this all there was? It goes from page 6 to page 9. I put all the jpegs into a PDF. Austin_Atari_Computer_Enthusiasts_Feb_1985.pdf
  5. I just uploaded some Dal-Ace issues today. Mostly done. I have 1988 to upload. Unfortunately there are some missing pages.
  6. https://archive.org/details/Atari_XE_Software_Listing/page/n1/mode/2up A list of un-released programs for the Atari 8-bit including a bunch from Haba Company, the ST utility program publisher.
  7. This guy reminds me of my Latin in college.
  8. I am starting to upload these on Archive.org. It is taking a while so I will take some time. https://archive.org/details/@allan52
  9. I am uploading the October, 1987 disk image here so they are all together. Compute! Disk October 1987.atr
  10. If you are missing any of the manuals of programs you are archiving, you are welcome to take any of mine. https://archive.org/details/@allan52 If you use the search bar to the left it will only do a search with stuff that I have posted.
  11. Good point but it's not like searching 'Atari' on Ebay is a big secret. If it was an auction that did not have the word 'Atari' in it, I would not have said anything. I am sure every collector of Atari Pong machines to all the way up to Jaguar/TT, see these auctions. If somebody really wants it and is willing to dump a lot of money for it, they will get it. I only buy them to archive so that everyone can have a digital copy. But I am not rich so I can't spend too much on this stuff. My only hope is that more will show up either on eBay or from some fifty-year-old who had an Atari computer back in the day and still has their collection and decides they want to archive it.
  12. Do you have a place on the Net where you post the listings you have typed in?
  13. No. Sorry. Been super busy plus I am working on a large newsletter collection.
  14. I took all the files and put them in a DOS 2.5 disk image. I am not sure how this came out by the author. VT850.atr
  15. Thank you so much for archiving these. I don't know if you know this or not but when scanning manuals, if you stick a black piece of paper behind the page your scanning, it will reduce the amount of bleed-through from the back side of the page. I have done a few manuals myself. https://archive.org/details/@allan52
  16. Can you post the ATR here in case someone is looking for the program or the docs in the future?
  17. I hope this isn't the Gauntlet from Mean Hamster software. You are not suppose to have a rom of it and definitely not share it. Apologizes if it is not.
  18. I can't recommend this product enough! You can get adapters for 5200 and Intellivsions carts as well.
  19. 1. Beeblebrox 2. invisible kid 3. Philsan 4. Sub(Function(:)) 5. Spancho 6. CAVOKER 7. 8bitguy1 8. Roydea6 9. pps 10. CharlieChaplin 11. Lord Thag 12. Wilheim 13. Dinadan67 14. TrekMD 15. martinez 16. Ndary 17. Oldyoldson 18. Hurrican 19. a6502 20. Allan
  20. @mytek Does the joystick connector on the XEP-80 have all the necessary lines to run your XEP-80-II in a XEP-80 case? Or would you need to find new joystick cables to use this?
  21. Thanks for everybody's input. So for non-game software, it's only going to work if the software uses the joystick to control it. Which would mean it wouldn't work with programs like word processors unless it had cursor control from the joystick, which most don't.
  22. Is anybody familiar with the Suncom Icontroller Joystick Controller? Here is a recent ebay auction for one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274824720885?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It was suppose to work with the Atari but I've been trying to find out more about it. Did it need a software driver, etc?
  23. Waiting for Bob to say "Well, I got a whole shed full of them! Doesn't everybody have a stock pile of these?"
  24. Things are generally fine here except for an occasional incident or certain individuals. Any forum that has more than a few people are going to have flame ups and personality conflicts. There are certain individuals here that I am not always thrilled with but I would say 99% of the regulars contribute positively to the Atari product experience. The ones that are really here to cause drama eventually leave.
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