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  1. I love famiclone carts they are so unique I struggle not buying any one I come across.
  2. So, i've moved to the state of washington, and i'm in a cold area... lots of my game stuff is unfortunately in boxes, in a cold, cold garage. Anyways, i've noticed every gameboy that i have, the screens are comming off, like the glue cannot deal with the cold. I'd like to bring the gameboys inside, and i'd like to glue the screens back on. Before i go willy nilly.... whats the best kind of glue for this? let me know!
  3. I got made fun of by my friends for how bad the game was. I was a huge nukem fan. I'll still play dnf but it was a huge let down... Just too much stuff packed into it. I'd be interested in what the op is talking about as well.
  4. Just wanted to share my excitement... I've been waiting for a long time, and after I ordered a week ago, it was just shipped today. Had to go the cheaper route tho and make my own cart for it..... any tips? What did you use to cut it? Paint?
  5. Just want to say I have a Super and a Genesis Everdrive I got from Stone Age gamer..... His products are worth every penny, I'm impatient so I order the 64 from Krikzz. But, you can't go wrong with Stone Age, you can tell how much care and finesse is put into each one. I love the ugc covers and the labels he does, so worth it..... I'm kinda sad i'm not getting it from them because it wont match on the shelf.... Oh btw, @StoneAge, do you sell just the labels or inserts for the everdrive 64???
  6. I want to find someone that can print good labels for my everdrive 64, I have a couple of customs I found on forums. I also have a file for a universal game case... if you can do one or both, please hit me up!!! thanks, --nashnooga
  7. http://shop.retrogate.com/ Just wanted to share with you all because I've been waiting for an n64 everdrive and today is the day!!!!!!!!! have fun, --nashnooga
  8. my washing machine is loud

  9. Sweet, thanks for all the info everyone... I was thinking about getting it modded.... does anyone know of a service that isn't super expensive and is reliable that does this? I can't solder And man, those collections look awesome. I love the saturn cases!!
  10. I feel you on the gaming overload too! I just got both everdrives.... too much to do now!
  11. Can anyone point me to a best of saturn list, or recommend anything to me? I've had one for a while, and I really want to get into this system. It seems like a really underrated system, so let me know. Or, if you have some cheapo games you wanna dump, lmk.
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