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  1. Hey guys. I just got me a cool 130 XE and XF-551. I saw it pop-up on CraigsList relatively close by, so I grabbed it. I should have done my homework ahead of time... I am wondering if there is a way to send the output of Newsroom to a PDF 'somehow'. Looking forward to being a round here and learning what hardware updates I can do to my XE 🙂 Thanks for not erasing my old account!
  2. Hello guys, Just found out about IntyBasic, it looks GREAT! I would like to get started on it and hopefully someday be able to do something as good as the falling apples or the jumping clowns. I am trying to get started but I am having a hard time getting going. Does anybody have like a simple pong program I could dissect to learn? or is anybody by any chance working on any type of getting started tutorials? do you need a very knowledge less guinea pig? or maybe some URLs you can recommend? I do have some Basic language experience, I think I just need a bit of push to get going.
  3. Do you have the books for Mac/65 and Basic XE?
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering if there are any users groups in Southern California.
  5. Hello Guys, I am hoping that somebody here can help me or point me in the right direction. I recently discovered a language called 'mobile basic'. It looks like it has not been supported in a while. I have a demo version. I REALLY like it. I am trying to locate the author so that I can pay him for a license and get a registration code so that it will not expire. The author's name is David Firth, which looking around the web I found out also wrote an Atari 800 emulator, so I am hoping one of you guys can pint a fellow Atarian in the direction. Help....
  6. Nathan, Your work always kicks some serious butt! I don't enter anymore since I always like your stuff better than mine, but I keep coming back to check them out. Great work!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I was also wondering what the right category would be. So you just saved me a ton of time. I just found and Action cart with manual too. So looks like I have more stuff to sell. A few months ago I found my eProm Pro burner for the Atari 800. I misplaced it on a recent move but I now found the manual, which I thought was gone. I am trying to see if I can loacate the burner again and maybe I'll put them up all together to see what happens. As far as the featuring on the home page question, I meant the homepage here, sometimes I see eBay items featured on the main page here at AtariAge.
  8. Hey guys, I have a SpartDOS X cart with manual that I am thinking on selling. Anybody has any idea for about how much they are going on eBay? One more question, I have also seen that sometimes eBay items arefaetured onteh homepage here, is that a service we can pay for? or is it only for items you think are worth displayin there? Thanks!
  9. I had an emulator on my Pocket PC. The guy was not that great, actually I think there was no GUI, but I was able to run some games and do some basic code. I don't have taht pocket pc again, but I would google it. It should not be that hard to find.
  10. Hello Guys, I am in the process of cleaning my garage and I ran into these 3 carts with manuals. I am considering selling them since I am not sure I will ever end up using them again. Do you guys by any chance know how much I could expect to get for them?
  11. Wow... There are great entries on this contest. I think Henry Lee's label is very cool. I really like that style.
  12. Phosphor, that is one evil looking cow. You are going to turn us into vegetarians.
  13. Do you guys know if I can still buy Haunted House?
  14. Looks really neat, but yu are right it is kind of high.
  15. My memory may be failng (bd chip, not age...) but wasn't there an adapter that let you use PS controloers on a 5200? I was looking for the info but could not locate it.
  16. El foro desaparecio hoy??? Creo que el foro es aleregico a mi...
  17. Not yet. Did you figure out your font? I used the one suggested here, and modified slightly to make it match closer. I modified the 'p' to turn it into an f just like it.
  18. El foro de MSN no me funciona en mi computadora en casa. Solo tengo una pantalla morada. Se me hace raro por que durante el dia en mi trabajo se miraba bien. Voy a ver si puedo decifrarlo...
  19. Just sent the second entry. Can't wait to see what you guys have done.
  20. You can buy those burger boxes that you are talking about at Smart & Final. They are al over the west coast + NV and AZ. (www.smartandfinal.com) That is a very neat idea. If you want I can go check the pricing and do a size check. Let me know.
  21. Algun cachanilla en su club? Fui a tratar de unirme, pero eso de el 'ms passport' como que me complico todo muchisimo.
  22. Wooohoooooo!!! Just sent my first entry in! Good luck to everybody.
  23. Mine was 'PopCorn' I think that was a basic game. It came from Antic or Analog, can't remember. It was basiclly a Kaboom clone. You had to catch the popcorn poping. At the end of teh level, yo would see the boss, either happy or upset depending on how you did. Can't rememeber much, but I do tremeber playing it LOTS.
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