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  1. "A naked man has few secrets, a man forced listening to my music - none." - Michael Bolton

    1. jd_1138


      A naked Michael Bolton has many women.

    2. youxia


      I supppose CIA could consider using this as a form of torture

    3. TheTIGuy


      So will a naked man forced to listen to Michael Bolton's music start telling you *other people's* secrets?

  2. July salary was booked on my giro account today and includes the vcation allowance, totalling €2,371.36. Should I spend the allowance for Atari stuff or invest it...?

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    2. masschamber


      so you asked people on atariage for advice then promptly gave yourself the advice you wanted. Makes sense

    3. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      I only said I will not invest in Atari SA - well, investing the 36 cents into that penny stock wouldn't hurt, but any real money?


    4. roland p

      roland p

      I invested my money in Disneyland lol.

  3. Never forget the Borgholm Green Massacre #JeSuisSweden

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    2. GoldLeader
    3. Prosystemsearch




      Did they find any of the perpetrators yet?

    4. BydoEmpire


      My wallet and laptop were stolen in Stockholm last year... maybe that's what he was talking about. It sucked, but it wasn't *that* big a deal. I got home safely. (ProTip: ALWAYS keep your passport on your person, that was huge for me and made it much easier to deal with than it might have been otherwise).

  4. Now Trump complains there's no Chevys in germany (in fact there are those built in Korea since GM relabelled the entire Daewoo range)... as in Japan, American cars are mostly considered a novelty here, not a viable buying option.

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    2. DZ-Jay


      My very first car was a VW Beetle from 1969. I have a miata now. Oops! wrong thread!

    3. xucaen


      @ne146 you're joking, right? Please say you're joking. Of course you're joking. forget I said anything. He he very funny guy.

    4. GoldLeader


      ^ Yeah NE146 strikes again! Almost thought he was serious for some unholy reason, then I began to laugh like crazy.

  5. UXO alert in Augsburg, Germany. 54,000 people will have to leave their homes on christmas, at least until the bomb is defused.

  6. The German postal service issued a 145 cent honorary stamp for the Sci-Fi series "Raumpatrouille" https://www.efiliale.de/briefmarke-nassklebend-raumpatrouille-orion-145-ct-10er-bogen

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    2. SpiceWare
    3. SpiceWare


      Confirmed, the english subtitles are only on the 2003 movie version. I've already ripped and added them, though did have a problem with episode 1 because the subtitles in the file were out-of-order (subtitle for 2:30 was listed AFTER the 2:34 subtitle) and that caused Handbrake to abort. I used Jubler to resort the subtitle file.



    4. SpiceWare


      @GoldLeader - I later found alternate subtitles here, they appear to be sorted correctly.



  7. This really should solve a lot of issues curtrently plaguing us: http://cogink.com/cleese/

    1. GoldLeader
    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Personally, I admired the announced permit to carry a vegetable peeler the most.

  8. On the German language Wikipedia, Trump's victory has been put in line with other major historical events taking place on 11/9: the 1872 fire in Boston, the 1913 Great Lakes storm, the 1963 explostion in Omuta/Japan.

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    2. Thomas Jentzsch

      Thomas Jentzsch

      I suppose some are hoping for the NRA laws backfireing

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      Merkel hat immer noch nicht gratuliert, shame on her....

    4. high voltage

      high voltage

      Merkel finally...she's woken up

  9. After five days of Gamescom, I am seriously exhausted.

    1. BassGuitari


      At least it wasn't Game.com, right?

  10. On eBay, one seller is offering the RC2 Animalympics DVD - available on amazon.de for 10.49 - for US$ 31.99. Gosh, the Euro must be soaring...

    1. Ransom


      Hey, what happens on eBay stays on eBay.

    2. 7800fan


      Animalympics? I need to find those, loved it back in the day but only VHS were released locally

    3. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Official DVDs are available from Germany ("Dschungel-Olympiade") and Spain ("Los Animalympicos"), both releases include the original English audio track. You just need a region free player to watch them, since both are RC2 PAL releases.

  11. Galactica 1980 is the only TV series that managed to jump the shark and grow a beard at the same time.

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    2. doctorclu


      Was good to see Boxey grow up and become established as a adult character. It was also good to see what happened to Starbuck.

    3. xucaen


      Galactica 1980 never happened. Neither did Highlander 2.

    4. doctorclu


      If you don't like all the Space Troopers, and time on Earth, here was one good fan effort to take the best of the 1980 series and make a good story from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O194x48XaT8&list=PL8DnloZ5LQFSM7X4Kf_I_zavr0ziKKRJP

  12. Why does Barry Allen always lose his first fight no matter who his opponent is? He is supposed to be the Flash, not a WWE wrestler!

    1. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      Haha, yeah, that is predictable. :D Give the villain his moment of glory, then have Barry win later. :D Still a great show imo, pretty much my favorite live action superhero show ever.

  13. A late Christmas Greeting: http://www.dilgar.de/PC290001.JPG

    1. BillyHW


      It's still Christmas until New Years.

  14. Thankfully, we Germans have no sense of homour, otherwise I'd laugh ass off watching this:

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    2. Bryan


      Thanks. I think I need a shower.

    3. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      It is wrong that Germans have no sense of humor. We just have a very bad one.

    4. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      In that case: LMAO! Oh, the full version is also on Youtube:

  15. I like the fact that #nippelstatthetze ("nipples instead of baiting") went viral and Facebook seemingly have a hard time keeping up deleting re-uploads of the associated picture.

    1. Shawn


      Didn't know of this till your post here. She sure has a lovely set that is for sure.

    2. high voltage

      high voltage

      Yeah US and UK discriminates against women, male nipples are ok.

  16. The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" finally starts being broadcast free-to-air on Halloween here in Germany.

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      Is Germany a season behind?

    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      On Sky (pay-tv network) Germany is not (ep. 1 of season 6 was aired on October 12th), but the free-to-air broadcast usually is (also true for GoT - season 4 was broadcast free-to-air in January 2015).

  17. Dukes of Hazzard will be banned in the US shortly I presume, considering the paint job on The General Lee's roof.

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    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      @Stephen: We had it all here in Germany. The Nazi flags are banned (except for their use art - including movies, but no comic books usually, so in Captain America the Nazis wave a window lattice flag instead - and historical purposes), so Nazis started abusing the (WWI and prior) Imperial War Flag first, then after outlawing the use of this flag on their rallys they actually started using the flag of Norway (to the embarassment of all Norwegians who learn about this fact), which of course can...

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      They're just some good ole' boys, never meanin' no harm (except of course perpetuation the legacy of slavery) ;)

    4. DoctorTom


      I mean I don't agree with banning the flag per se, but no one can deny it has a negative connotation to many.

  18. I love this cheesy song (Hi-NRG or Italo Disco?), and the video was made in my hometown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A20yHPBzmG4

  19. The Pontiac Aztek surely is a car that is very hard to find on this side of the pond. And none in pale green, of course.

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    2. Bakasama


      Well, "Aztec" isn't a tribe but a political union between three tribes. The strongest tribe was the Mexika (meh shee ka). That's where the name Mexico came from.

    3. BigO


      I thought Pontiac was Odawa, not Aztec.


    4. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      Try to find a Yugo! I have one! Anyway, the Aztec is a really fun & reliable car to drive! Everybody said it was ugly, but it did sell quite well! There's 3 in my area! Try Craigslist! You might have better luck!

  20. Just finished watching the first two Grimm seasons (in English) on Amazon Prime. Despite butchering my mother tongue, this is a fun series.

    1. SoulBlazer


      I've learned over the years that the only language that is botched more (and picked on) by Americans besides German is Russian. :)

  21. Why did Footrot Flats only become that popular down under? It's one of the most hilarious strips I ever read!

  22. Just switched on my TV (it was tuned into RTL) and saw an incredibly fake sauna scene - one girl even wears a bikini (all German saunas are nudist facilities, and this one is one I attend myself occasionally).

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I have frequented a few nude sauna's in Austria myself. A good time until some dude starts swinging a towel around to blast heat in your face and does the "meat spin"

    2. MobiusAqua



    1. pseudo_intellectual


      That actually sounds interesting! Maybe I can convince the wife to watch it with me.

    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      next episode in US TV: tomorrow 9pm EST on MHz Worldview

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