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  1. The TOS limit is 512MB per partition, but the internal SCSI adaptor of the STE is crippled and can only address 1 gig in total. That's why there were replacements back in the day (e.g. "Link'96 Mega STE" here in Germany). This limit does not apply to ACSI connected (i.e. external) hdds.
  2. All machines have an RGB output and will work with the larger Sony BVM/PVM models (with component RGB input as three BNC jacks, some models here in Germany even came with SCART connectors, e.g. the PVM-2130QM and PVM-2950QM). Only the models with an RF modulator will also output composite and can be connected to the ubiquitous yellow composite RCA jack on TV sets, albeit with a lower picture quality (still better than RF, but far worse than RGB).
  3. Personally, I am not a programmer, the Interton VC4000 just happens to be the first console I ever bought, and as it was 100% ROM compatible with the Voltmace, this game will also run on that hardware. An Arduino based MultiROM cartridge has been developed or at least the development is in its final stage), see this Github: https://github.com/mkeller0815. Mario might also be very interested in any documentation helpful in programming this hardware platform.
  4. Never forget the Borgholm Green Massacre #JeSuisSweden

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    2. GoldLeader
    3. Prosystemsearch




      Did they find any of the perpetrators yet?

    4. BydoEmpire


      My wallet and laptop were stolen in Stockholm last year... maybe that's what he was talking about. It sucked, but it wasn't *that* big a deal. I got home safely. (ProTip: ALWAYS keep your passport on your person, that was huge for me and made it much easier to deal with than it might have been otherwise).

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  5. AotMP is a great game, despite the controls being a little awkward at times. Think "Lemmings", but instead of guiding the lemmings to the gate you must kill them all before they get there, plus it has the über-cheesy storyline. Cybermorph has bland graphics and meh sound, but it's actually playable, which can't be said for FFL or CF.
  6. Now Trump complains there's no Chevys in germany (in fact there are those built in Korea since GM relabelled the entire Daewoo range)... as in Japan, American cars are mostly considered a novelty here, not a viable buying option.

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    2. DZ-Jay


      My very first car was a VW Beetle from 1969. I have a miata now. Oops! wrong thread!

    3. xucaen


      @ne146 you're joking, right? Please say you're joking. Of course you're joking. forget I said anything. He he very funny guy.

    4. GoldLeader


      ^ Yeah NE146 strikes again! Almost thought he was serious for some unholy reason, then I began to laugh like crazy.

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  7. UXO alert in Augsburg, Germany. 54,000 people will have to leave their homes on christmas, at least until the bomb is defused.

  8. The German postal service issued a 145 cent honorary stamp for the Sci-Fi series "Raumpatrouille" https://www.efiliale.de/briefmarke-nassklebend-raumpatrouille-orion-145-ct-10er-bogen

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    2. SpiceWare
    3. SpiceWare


      Confirmed, the english subtitles are only on the 2003 movie version. I've already ripped and added them, though did have a problem with episode 1 because the subtitles in the file were out-of-order (subtitle for 2:30 was listed AFTER the 2:34 subtitle) and that caused Handbrake to abort. I used Jubler to resort the subtitle file.



    4. SpiceWare


      @GoldLeader - I later found alternate subtitles here, they appear to be sorted correctly.



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  9. Hello! I am currently selling some of the stuff I don't need to make room for new crap. Included are several DVDs including a Hellraiser 1&2 tin box (but mostly German releases, though most, e.g. Animalympics, feature the original audio track also), and a lot of Atari 8-bit games including a CIB Choplifter cartridge (we played this in the ABBUC Bundesliga last season, and I consider it vastly overrated): http://www.ebay.de/sch/thorsten_guenther2/m.html
  10. I am stunned! This truly is a piece of art, showing a lot of work and love. WIll there be a cart release?
  11. It's an all-in-one package to max out your machine to cope with any possible RAM and ROM needs on any machine of the XL/XE line. You can switch ROMs on the fly (it has space for four ROMs) with a nice selection menu, has an internal real-time clock and Sparta-DOS X. If you do not want to solder, the only hardware that is somewhat comparable and currently available is tf_hh's SysCheck V2.2. Despite it's name, it does not only do hardware checks, but also has four ROM slots and - on XL machines and ECS equipped 65XE/800XE only - 512K of RAM (RAMBO standard).
  12. This really should solve a lot of issues curtrently plaguing us: http://cogink.com/cleese/

    1. GoldLeader
    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Personally, I admired the announced permit to carry a vegetable peeler the most.

  13. On the German language Wikipedia, Trump's victory has been put in line with other major historical events taking place on 11/9: the 1872 fire in Boston, the 1913 Great Lakes storm, the 1963 explostion in Omuta/Japan.

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    2. Thomas Jentzsch

      Thomas Jentzsch

      I suppose some are hoping for the NRA laws backfireing

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      Merkel hat immer noch nicht gratuliert, shame on her....

    4. high voltage

      high voltage

      Merkel finally...she's woken up

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  14. Double Dragon on the ST feeld completely wrong in comparison to the arcade version - had it as a part of the Power Pack . The only home version I played that feels right was the Lynx version (despite the larger sprites).
  15. I can't speak for modern VGA monitors that sync down to that frequency, but my old CRT ones only need a single cable. One will need an in-line 4x switch to make the ST change from b/w to colour mode though (3 switches to connect the VGA RGB input lines to mono out on the ST, one to make the ST change from colour to mono mode)
  16. The list os far from being complete though. XDOS e.g. had a predecessor named Happy-DOS, and Compy-Shop had their 2.5 compatible Bibo-DOS which supported their own Speedy line of floppy speeders.
  17. That's why it's called "Never Twice the Same Color". Star Raiders, according to the manual, will turn the screen bluish when shields are activated, while I know from first-hand experience and from Youtube that it turns dark green:
  18. If all the audio samples should end up being added to the game, I suspect 64K will not suffice (cf. Dimo's Quest cartridge edition with a whopping 16 megs of ROM, most of these being audio samples). The easiest (currently available) means of updating RAM is the €45 Syscheck V2.2 by ABBUC's tfhh, available through the store for club members. It runs on both PBI and ECI, has enough ROM space to store four Operating Systems (e.g. QMEG-OS, Atari OS-B, Highpeed-SIO OS, Bluetooth-SIO OS, that is if the latter already exists - Sijmen did work on some patches to accelerate Marcin's SIO2BT to 57k6 bps) and comes with a system diagnosis function as a bonus .
  19. Among my 1050s there was a Speedy equipped one that didn't boot to either Bibo-Dos or HSS-Copy, but responds with "BOOT ERROR" messages when trying to boot with an open lever, I have never checked whether this is a bug or a feature, though. TBH, I consider HSS-Copy to be pretty useless nowadays, as it only works with a single disk drive. Bibo-DOS is out-of-date, too, but when working with disk drives, there are no serious drawbacks in comparison with more modern ones such as Sparta-DOS or MyDOS.
  20. The real hardware itself would be a 1040STE or Mega STE, with 8 or 16 MHz of CPU speed. These go for far less than this accelerator board, and I own about four or five of the former currently. As for usage, I do not use them for anything else than gaming, since the productivity stuff is done on this aging (Phenom II X4 910e) computer.
  21. STe graphics are not that much better than ST graphics (save for scrolling, but at that CPU speed, the CPU alone will be capable to improve scrolling if the game supports it). The de facto standard graphics expansion for semi-professionally used STs would be an ET4000 card (supported e.g. by NVDI 5). But where's the point? Hardly anyone will use Arabesque Professional, Chagall, Calamus SL, etc. any more. OK, but it will run DOOM. As does my N-Gage.
  22. After five days of Gamescom, I am seriously exhausted.

    1. BassGuitari


      At least it wasn't Game.com, right?

  23. I have a spare, boxed Jaguar Pro Controller and will part with it for a lot of Logitech Nuon Controllers.
  24. I recently cheaply acquired a 505 and would like to get a defective 501's front glacis including the controller ports, too. And controllers; didn't test mine yet due to lack of controllers. IIRC I have been told everything runs fine by Urs aka QLvsJaguar from Switzerland who has a 504 (which is basically a 505 model, but with the controller ports, which was exclusively sold in Switzerland and therefore is incredibly rare). After all, these are the last models produced, and they feature the Aries3 chipset. That they are PAL shouldn't be too much of an issue if you have an RGB capable monitor (e.g. an old SC1224 or Commodore monitor, or a Mitsubishi EUM-xx91 model), TV set or one of those nifty converter boxes from SCART to HDMI, in fact the picture should be better than that of a 501.
  25. Logitech or HPI Stealth seem to be the only ones with analog sticks. So, yes.
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