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  1. There's also two Spanish consoles, one from Australia, and the British Voltmace Database, also sold under Waddington's label.
  2. Upgrade (although late): The entire project is finished, the final prototype video worked and a video has been uploaded to Vimeo https://player.vimeo.com/video/140186227 The documentation can be found here: https://www.medienwissenschaft.hu-berlin.de/de/medienwissenschaft/medientheorien/signallabor/maibaum_projektbericht-multi-rom.pdf A repository exists on github: https://github.com/mkeller0815/VC4000MultiROM The only thing missing is a ready-to-use mass-produced cartridge (or rather a bunch of these, since the cartridge sockets of these Signetics 2650A/2636 based consoles are mechanically incompatible to each other).
  3. Preferrably models with analog stick...
  4. The ST can run very high serial speeds if retrofitted wih a Z85230 ESCC controller (similar to the one found in the Mega STE/TT030/Falcon030 models and thus compatible with these), though.
  5. Yup, these were collecting dust for several years in some warehouses and were offered on amazon.com (among other places) for cheap. Three or four years ago some guys from nexgam.de even bought 10 of these controllers for 20 bucks.
  6. We guys in Europe are even worse off with most of the Nuons here being the Samsung DVD-N505 and thus lacking controller ports (so we have to cut off controller plugs on the joypad and add mini DIN connectors e.g. to both the system and the controller). The controller connector issue is quite easy to resolve though, the main problem being the chip/protocol of the controller. If there is noone capable to teach the Nuon the protocol of a more common controller (USB or N64) by use of a FPGA or similar chip, we'll all be having to pay these ridiculous prices to the hoarders sooner or later.
  7. The Americans even elected a guy for president who spoke English as if it was a foreign language to him... so why bother?
  8. On eBay, one seller is offering the RC2 Animalympics DVD - available on amazon.de for 10.49 - for US$ 31.99. Gosh, the Euro must be soaring...

    1. Ransom


      Hey, what happens on eBay stays on eBay.

    2. 7800fan


      Animalympics? I need to find those, loved it back in the day but only VHS were released locally

    3. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Official DVDs are available from Germany ("Dschungel-Olympiade") and Spain ("Los Animalympicos"), both releases include the original English audio track. You just need a region free player to watch them, since both are RC2 PAL releases.

  9. Galactica 1980 is the only TV series that managed to jump the shark and grow a beard at the same time.

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    2. doctorclu


      Was good to see Boxey grow up and become established as a adult character. It was also good to see what happened to Starbuck.

    3. xucaen


      Galactica 1980 never happened. Neither did Highlander 2.

    4. doctorclu


      If you don't like all the Space Troopers, and time on Earth, here was one good fan effort to take the best of the 1980 series and make a good story from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O194x48XaT8&list=PL8DnloZ5LQFSM7X4Kf_I_zavr0ziKKRJP

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  10. I am not really a programmer, but I dislike C (and relatives) and learned to enjoy Niklaus Wirth's languages in school, of which Modula-2 gained the most popularity on the ST (Oxyd e.g. was programmed in Modula-2). Megamax Modula-2 is available for free from Thomas Tempelmann's site. Here in Germany, GFA BASIC was the most successful and thus best supported version of BASIC, but I always admired the more system compliant approach of HiSoft BASIC.
  11. I own one, and they are becoming expensive here as a retro gaming hardware. IMHO the only crappy thing about them is the case design (esp. the need to disassemble the unit and even take out the battery to change the game containing MMC of the retail titles). The D-Pad and buttons all work very reliably (I have played "K-Rally" a lot on this hardware), it has stereo sound and a good (for the time) screen. One could argue that a vertical screen orientation is worse for some games, but then a horizontal one is worse for others (e.g. the "Nebulus" port or the various shmups). And it had downloadable games.
  12. Personally, I was never that big a fan of Elite. Played it for some hours on the ST, then shelved it - it is a very unbalanced game IMHO - in the beginning you'll have to grind for money to equip your ship with better weapons and the docking computer. Occasionally you'll meet Thargoids in this phase of the game and they'll inevitably kill you, so you'll have to save often. After that phase there's a vast universe to travel, but really not that much to do. I was a devoted fan of Starglider, but that wouldn't run properly on the A8 except if given huge amounts of memory for precalculated 3D graphics.
  13. The most common issue known to me is that someone blasted two 7805 voltage regulators (labelled REG1 and U38) and one capacitor (C134) on the PCB by trying to power it with reversed polarity. I know a guy who regularly revives "dead" Jaguars by replacing these.
  14. If my memory is correct, both the C16 and Plus/4 were afterthoughts, the original idea was to publish a $99 entry level computer - the C116 (these were quite popular in the first half of the 1980s: Sord M5, Bit 90, Vtech Laser 110/210/310, etc.). After a first batch and the change of management, they chose to wrap the ubiquitous breadbox case around the C116 innards. And then someone came up with the "great" idea of publishing a "professional" computer based on the low-end TED chip, with bad business software in ROM (Sinclair at least shipped their QL with real business software by Psion).
  15. I had a copy (came in a rather ugly b/w printed box), so yes, it does exist. The copy protection was said to be impossible to crack.
  16. Dunno why the CoCo survived that long given the C=64 juggernaut. On this side of the pond, the Dragon 32/64 - roughly the same hardware (many software titles did appear on both platforms) - didn't stand a chance against it, so Dragon Data Ltd. folded in 1984. The CoCo is a very rarer beast here (the PAL 400 and 800 are also rare, but not quite to the same extent).
  17. Braindead 13 is much more fun to watch than to play, and - additionally - the CDI version is much better than the Jag version thanks to the CDI`s MPEG capabilities (it requires the CDI video cartridge, of course).
  18. As I sold off my (ICD) AirCars copy some years ago, I'd rather fear than hope owning it again. It really is that bad.
  19. Why does Barry Allen always lose his first fight no matter who his opponent is? He is supposed to be the Flash, not a WWE wrestler!

    1. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      Haha, yeah, that is predictable. :D Give the villain his moment of glory, then have Barry win later. :D Still a great show imo, pretty much my favorite live action superhero show ever.

  20. The ST was also selling hot in Germany as a SOHO computer since PCs of the era were pure crap in terms of hardware and usability (that's why PC GEM was gaining much popularity when 286/386SX hardware became affordable) and the Mac was ridiculously overpriced. It e.g. won the German "Chip" magazine's "Computer of the Year" award in both 1985 and 1988 and many hardware projects such as the PAK030 were published in the "c't" magazine, both magazine catering to the "serious" users (i.e. the guys doing their word processing, spreadsheets and database stuff rather than playing games).
  21. Depending on where you live, there could be another reason for this problem: many modern TV sets are hardly used for RF anymore and thus are still set to the factory setting for that connection, and PAL I (labelled "UK") and B/G ("PAL") machines have different sound frequency offsets - so if you have a UK 800 and your TV set is still set to PAL B/G or vice versa, you can not hear the sound via RF. I experienced this issue in 1990 when we were sailing off the Welsh coast with our mine sweepers and could not get sound for the free-to-air World Cup broadcasts by the BBC on our CRT TV - we then muted it and turned on the radio instead.
  22. I am also interested in the CF version. Not sure which driver, but as all my machines are 1040STfs and up, I gather the normal driver will work for me.
  23. On th other hand, you also devloped CATA, and all the ST games will snuggly fit onto a CF card should anyone (finally) be willing to mass produce the CATA.
  24. JFTR: these PSUs are ridiculously overpriced on amazon.co.uk. Unless there are cheaper stores in the UK, I recommend purchasing them in Germany at stores that do not only ship to the UK, but also feature a multi-lingual websites for your convenience such as rock-gear.de or schneidermusik.de.
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