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  1. Always wondering: why does Hollywood cast actors for German-speaking roles who have an abominable pronunciation (e.g. Denis O'Hare in "True Blood" - esp. in direct comparison to the excellent German of Alexander Skarsgård)?

  2. AVGN did a video on Jag CD games. Jaguar subforums are now on curfew.

  3. The Atari 7800 was mentioned on the Syfy TV show "Being Human" yesterday.

  4. Seen on the Elevator's information screen : "The famous French author John Rimbaud"... JOHN RIMBAUD ? Is it some kind of joke ?

  5. Hey,I just heard the world is suppose to end.

  6. Hey guys! The Mayan calendar ends tomorrow! What are you going to do to celebrate the end of the world?!

  7. Only 364 days till next Halloween!

  8. Anybody on AtariAge collect stamps or coins? Its a nice hobby!

  9. I am just enjoying my homemade USB Fan.

  10. An energy drink company just balloned someone into space. What the hell did YOU accomlish, Royal Crown Cola? #redbull

  11. Friggin loved the first episode of the new season for The Walking Dead! Was just what I was hoping for......LORI IS STILL A BITCH, I DO NOT FEEL ONE BIT SORRY FOR HER..... http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17h4sngk0tuuyjpg/original.jpg

  12. Have put a reminder in my calendar for the 21st December 2012. I don't wanna miss the end of the world !

  13. So weird. I'm watching Bananarama perform live on Fox News.

  14. It can only happen in France : French Industry Minister, Arnaud Montebourg (soc.), got a ticket for going over the speed limit. The fun thing was he was actually demonstrating to the press&TV the new Renault electric car.

  15. My horse is as dumb as a bag of stupid.

  16. Watch Japan and China.

  17. I really need a new computer. Mountain Lion just took 20 seconds to switch between Word and Firefox. Grrrr

  18. Who would you rather buy content from? Amazon or Apple?

  19. The colonoscopy is over - not quite as much fun as I expected, but nice imagery on the large LG TV - very Giger, not quite as dark though.

  20. Geez...I've been watching New Super Maro Bros. 2 over and over again! Guess I want the game. :)

  21. Oh dear. Of all the gaffes to make. To confuse women with horses. Apparently, mares can abort a pregnancy. Easy mistake to make, I suppose.

  22. That stuff I got to drink for the colonoscopy this afternoon tastes awful!

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