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  1. Wow, 12 hours for the ROMOX ECPC cartridge to be searchable... must be some trademark issue - are ROMOX and/or ECPC brands that exist today in a different context?
  2. Added five more carts (including a ROMOX 8K ECPC cartridge) and a game on disk! EDIT: Strangely, one cart still does not show up in the overview yet: http://www.ebay.de/itm/161233851112
  3. Yep, I like that museum. IIRC monday afternoon is "play the exhibits" time there, I suppose they lack the necessary personnel to supervise it during the rest of the week. Another retro gaming opportunity in Germany is the Kieler Museumsnacht once a year (last time, I exhibited an SMS w/ 3D glasses and Light Phazer and an Interton VC4000 there). The Museum I strongly dislike for having all their exhibits sitting dead on their tables is the upper level of the computer museum in Kiel (agreed, this mainly focuses on Zuse and other mainframes from the 50s to 70s, but the upper level is reserved for home computers etc.).
  4. I need to get rid of a bunch of doubles again: http://www.ebay.de/sch/thorsten_guenther2/m.html PayPal accepted if registered shipping is chosen (combined shipping EUR 5.80 for anything weighing less than 500 g and 9.35 for up to 1000 g, worldwide).
  5. I purchased a bunch of Maplin's L53BR PSU's some years back and Sleepy modded them (Euro plugs and internal fuse)., but these are no longer available. They also cost me 10 quid less than their price tag on the website today.
  6. Battlesphere Gold (esp. in network mode) DOOM Rayman Power Drive Rally Iron Soldier if I was allowed for some more, I would have added IS2, T2K, Cybermorph and Battlemorph
  7. tfhh already published a DIY solution for modding the 1050 to 12V DC in an older issue of the ABBUC Magazin. So yes, this is very likely possible.
  8. Very expensive ones (there's a thread on this issue in the ABBUC forum right now, 46 Euros were mentioned). As Sleepy also mentioned in the ABBUC forum, there was one by Maplin (UK) that worked fine after replacing the PSU plug and adding an internal fuse (UK PSUs have their fuse inside the plug) or using a mechanical adaptor - this one seems to be sold out though.
  9. If you want a "run everything" machine, it is really hard to find one. There are PAL/SECAM vs. NTSC timing issues to consider that affect several titles, yet mostly on NTSC machines (Millipede has glitches on PAL machines, but if I remember correctly, someone published a fixed version already - all(?) other games programmed with NTSC timing in mind will run, only somewhat slower and/or with slower music), there's the lack of two joystick ports on any machine newer than the 400/800, etc.. The best but by far not the cheapest choice would be to purchase a PAL (UK or continental doesn't matter) 800 and an Incognito board. The second best choice (IMHO) would be to start with an 800XL (by far the most common, and of better build quality than the XE line) and later invest in some upgrades (like additional RAM, switchable OS, second POKEY) as you dig deeper into these machines. The 800XL will run about 99% of all software titles available. The 1050 is the cheapest good choice among disk drives, since the 810 does not have the 1050 Enhanced Density mode that is commonly used today. And it is still upgradeable using the Speedy board from ABBUC's Floppydoc.
  10. I suppose this only is rare in NTSC land. These pop up on eBay Germany fairly often (and I also sold my unboxed copy there, along with two other double-enders, gaining less than 15 Euros for the lot).
  11. An ST Book and a STacy on eBay Germany: http://www.ebay.de/sch/Computer-Tablets-Netzwerk-/58058/i.html?_from=R40&_sac=1&_nkw=%28st+book%2Cstacy%29
  12. Received my madtronix Vectrex 3D Imager and Lightpen today!

  13. Spent some days in hospital due to a lumbar disk herniation, even got drugged with Dipidolor, but even then I couldn't come up with "Sharknado" or "Sand Sharks" - both aired during my hospital stay and watched by me on the TV next to my bed.

    1. adam242


      Sharknado is probably the most perfectly horrible movie I've ever seen. Enjoyed it immensely!

    2. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Yes, it's pure horror, but not by it's intended content: from the ever-changing weather between shots to large sharks being able to dive under an SUV to a house on a hill that somehow completely fills up with water (Sharknado water defies the laws of gravity) to the jumping-into-a-sharks-mouth-with-a-chainsaw-and-not-even-receiving-a-scratch scene, it's like something Ed Wood would have made if Ed Wood had had no love for making movies.

  14. The Atari Messe took place in Düsseldorf (IIRC the last "real", i.e. big one was in 1993). Close enough, though, although the local rivalry between Cologne and Düsseldorf would make this error a dangerous one for us Germans.
  15. And I fer sure hope my name is still on the list of people interested in the second run.
  16. Somehow I think that sending one of the top two Hamburg picture postcards to the USA might be a bad idea :) http://www.dilgar.de/postcards.jpg

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      'no nipples' law in USA

    2. Gemintronic


      I don't mind the partial nudity. There WILL BE trouble if that place doesn't have the best damn hamburgers in the world!

    3. Stephen


      Yeah - America is FAR too prudish to display that. If it was someone being slashed - no problem.

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  17. I hate attending funerals!

    1. atari2600land


      I put the "fun" in "funeral."

    2. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      I hate attending funerals too...especially my own.

    3. frankodragon
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  18. European STs will have either a 220V (continental, nowadays changed to 230V) or 240V (UK) PSU, a 110/230V voltage converter, as they are quite easily available e.g. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 360087181014 , will cope with both. The only other issue might be the ROMs (the Mega ST doesn't have a TV out anyway, AFAIK, and the 50Hz screen refresh rate should cause an SC1224 no problems - if it does anyway, there's small utility programs to change the frequency on boot-up) and keyboard layout.
  19. Bauhaus just bought our Max Bahr DIY store at the same day the sell-out started. First step to Bauhaus' world domination (ref. The Mutant Chronicles) I presume. :)

    1. 20ohm20


      Maybe Peter Murphy does home improvement on the side now? =P

  20. Great, my employing company filed insolvency in July, and until today it seemed we were heading to a clean takeover. This hope ended today due to the Royal Bank of Scotland (principal owner of our stores and parking lots) not coming to an agreement with the remaining possible investor.

  21. This problem was addressed in Eastern Europe (i.e. the German Democratic Republic and Poland) very late in the XE lifecycle: the solution was called "Schleife '88" in the GDR and "Turbo 2000" or similarly in Poland and there was a software (on cart or tape) called the Chaos Loader. This sped up the loading speed to 6000 Baud (10 times as fast as originally) with apparently rock-solid data transfer, see schematics here: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3167&p=42739&hilit=chaos+loader#p42739 Sadly, this invention never made it back across the iron curtain and in '88 it may already have been too late anyway to have an impact on UK or West German sales. Stunning nonetheless. Oh, BTW, and "Schleife" does in this case not mean "loop" as I originally thought, but refers the community Schleife/Slepo (the latter being the Sorbian name) in Saxony .
  22. An ST Book on eBay Germany - you don't find those too often: http://www.ebay.de/itm/321244590414
  23. As the German magazine "Chip" published a special issue yesterday covering cult computers of the 1980s, I feel obliged to add to this thread these two pages reprinted from 1986 with sales figures (the dichotomy between "home computers" and "personal computers" is a German thing - don't think too much about it, but the latter were seen as "serious" machines, i.e. bought for SOHO and commercial use, while the former were used by hobbyists and teenagers). The Apple II series never quite caught on here (it was too expensive and PAL versions were too late - less market share than Sinclair and Atari), the TRS-80 is and was a rare beast in all versions (the "Dragon 32" CoCo clone being most likely to be found), TI died quickly, but Sinclair's ZX81 and ZX Spectrum gained much attention early in the 1980s (market share 7.8% vs. 7.5% for Atari in 1986) while from 1985 on the Schneider CPC line (rebadged Amstrad CPCs in less colourful cases) became a major player. Of course the C64 was the most popular machine, but the A8 always had significant market share (I guess that's why Ariolasoft and Kingsoft published A8 games). Most interesting is the monthly sales curve displaying the 520STs immediate success over here.
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