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  1. but my new project (atari-riff-machine) will have a feature I never got to in atari-sound-forger -- notes with ADSR envelopes, so you can have that nice plunk sound.
  2. Very Amazing! I think I've seen that or something like that live. And I am actually building what you suggested Trying to get a figure out how to link and what to display of everything (piano keyboard, computer keyboard, notes along side piano roll) is tough
  3. yeah you're probably right. There 's a secret problem w/ the page as it is now, which is how the bB-encoder deals with multiple notes at once - right now, the answer is Badly So I have some revamping I'd have to do for that, as well as seeing if I can get some kind of drag and drop for the notes. I alway thought rhythm was by far and away the toughest part of producing electronic music (with getting the pitches right second). So for the former I rely on people who have minor piano keyboard skills/rhythm, and for the latter the piano keyboard overlays. In theory it would be easier to make a Mario Paint style program as a standalone thing? Or maybe... eh, I dunno. Maybe a 2.0 of it all, if I get enough indiation people are getting value from what's there already.
  4. But if anyone here has the "right" to ask for a bit more it's RT - not only for the work on the command guide but I'm using the clips he made.
  5. Ha - which reminds me of some of why I'm doing this:
  6. Thanks for the encouragement (a little goes a long way) and great ideas, especially the stop button Is find when you type only a problem for the slash key? I tried to steer away from that but might have missed a spot. Or is it more of a problem in general? I tried to leave it a little open for putting in new keyboards (I know I was being US centric but I'm lazy) - maybe that task isn't so hard
  7. Sigh, maybe. (sorry, always tough to hear "do more!" before any evaluation of what's been done already ) Definitely a change of UI to have enough space to do it. I'm kind of torn if I should make things so all you can do in the browser is what the Atari/batari Code can do, like lock it down, or if that would stop people from having fun with sound even when they're not worried about putting it on hardware
  8. I guess I shouldn't cross post to both regular programming and batari, so I direct your attention to It can now record loops and put them in a batari Basic program for you!
  9. https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-sound-forger/ I have been working on a toy/tool to let you play with atari sounds in real time in the browser, and added functionality to record loops, and then put 2 tracks into a batari Basic sample template. Its goal is to make a fun too to mess around with / explore sounds Ataris make, and to let people with just a little music skill make competent tracks they can put into their games. I made a small tutorial, showing how easy it is to make the same bassline I used in my '04 release of JoustPong...
  10. Ok, new version, fixes that mapping (tho one problem is, if you've ever changed a mapping, it won't load the new defaults unless you clear out your changes, hmmm) , a cosmetic fix, and it remembers which mapping set you last used.
  11. yeah, that's it. I'll look to patch that soon.
  12. That's my hope! If you have a little musical intuition you can find something that sounds pretty pleasant, just by banging around. (sometimes I get distracted with the programming by daydreaming with little microtunes ) Keeping my fingers crossed that the timing will be accurate/consistent enough in the browser for recording to really shine, making it a cheap-n-cheerful 2-track tracker. If that happens, the barrier to entry for decent riffs in bB games will be shoved down a good measure.
  13. Standalone like how? Like being a windows or Mac program? or are you thinking even grander, like pushing stuff more directly to an atari in real time? Some of this all comes from my lack of mojo w/ midi tools. I arrange stuff for my brass street band in MuseScore, which I guess can output Midi, but it seems pretty ambitious to try to jam any of that into an atari (and I'm too lazy to learn how to write stripped down MIDI that would survive the trip )
  14. Yeah, you can either live with it, make the window wider if you have room, or use ctrl or cmd - to zoom out so it all fits... not sure it's good to make a keyboard wider than the screen. maybe I could make it break on octaves instead of anywhere re the slash-- was that consistent? I definitely got some stuck keys (hence the "stop all sounds" button :-D) but on my mac the slash seems ok on that setting. (It's very suspect though, since it's an escape character)
  15. Absolutely no worries. 'Til I skimmed the ep just now I didn't realize that the "final" version updated the music - but I would have been ok with you using it (ideally w/a shout out if you "published") Looking back to like the earliest posts in this forum, I guess around 2002 I was really acting to be the bridge between the high powered ASM coder folk on the Stella mailing list and less superpowered people in the world And I'm still tooling around w/ toys instead of actually buckling in to make my own new games ;-D
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