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  1. Well again, Chrome has no problem perfectly recognizing it. (And there's a chance might be somehow hogging it/blocking the others) The driver probably isn't providing the right drivers of something, true.
  2. I think the issue is more fundamental. From the app store I've downloaded various joystick testers... but the only thing that can recognize that there's a joystick plugged in is chrome.
  3. Anyone have any luck getting Xbox style analog controllers to work on Mac? I bought a EasySMX. What's frustrating is Chrome (and only Chrome) seems able to detect it- https://gamepad-tester.com/ I even try it making sure chrome is not running, since I've heard OpenEmu mention chrome is a controller/keyboard hog Tried installing USBOverdrive but didn't seem to help. Am I barking up the wrong tree? is this such an obscure thing to want to do? (Honestly I just want to run Food Fight and Time Pilot 84 w/ analog sticks... I dunno if I should be trying RetroPi or something on an old Windows laptop instead 😞 )
  4. I've sort of adopted "life is kinda short, there are lots of other things I could be building up" approach to games, but maybe I overshot by going for the easiest "tell me a story" level-- the autoaiming was a bit too friendly. It DID gloss over some of the other evils Steven mentions... I didn't have to worry that much about healing up or brain dead AI. (Actually maybe on the lower levels they take care of more stuff for you ) I actually had some trouble because I set the voices too similar to some of the squadmates, so I wasn't even sure when I was being asked for help or vice versa. But mostly, I knew my situational awareness was pretty crap. one of the things that bugged me: there's a fair amount of flying in formation, which is cool, but stupid that every ship no matter how slow keeps up with you, even when boosting with the fastest ships. (Also that thing where allies want to be at a certain positive relative to you AND your horizon, so if you keep rolling they are constantly adjusting) And yeah, balancing this game for Republic vs Empire multiplayer definitely takes away some of the real flavor from each ship. They did a LOT of things right though, I thought the controls were really clever. Story Spoiler: I know I'm an old fogey, but companies following the money of online battle arenas doesn't thrill me. I'm glad they put as much attention as they did to a pretty reasonable story mode, but so many compromises. I do try and think... why did Wing Commander and Rogue Squadron 2 mean so much more to me? Am I just old? Is it just I've seen this before? Or is it the plotting of stories... or how each battle in WC1 seemed like such more of an event (says the guy who played the new game on easy-easy)
  5. Don't know about "political" re: the story. I liked the idea of seeing the empire after Endor, when it's a bunch of warring fiefdoms... that's pretty rich! and (spoilers? maybe?) Yet Another Superweapon is super well worn territory for these games, though interesting it's one of the good guys. (I like when they lampshade it a bit... "yeesh why don't we just build our own death star and be done with it" I wish their super weapon had looked more cobbled together-- getting an "Ugly" type of design for a giant ship, not just a starfighter, would be pretty sweet Actually I wish I could read the script. I ended up skipping a lot of the monologues because they were just talking head shit, but it seemed like they were finding some ok angles.
  6. Got this for PS4, and just finished single player (which is probably the only version I'll bother with) It makes me realize... i don't think I love VR that much. I didn't play MUCH X-wing, but loved Rogue Squadron (esp 2: Rogue Leader on GC) The one game it really reminds me of is the original Wing Commander... the way you talk w/ other pilots between missions and the emphasis on briefings (Or rather, listen to what they have to say). Maybe because I played it on Easy, it ended up not feeling as epic as Wing Commander or Rogue Leader. I was trying to think of why. It's certainly doing tons of things right... Wing Commander had even more repetition on missions, but individual duels felt harder. Rogue Leader had a similar amount of mission diversity and numbers of enemy ships to mow down... I guess I liked the planetary missions in it better. Man. if they hadn't worked so hard to make this a multiplayer game, it might have been even more up my alley.
  7. Fixed the 0-length bug, now going to look into upgrading the BASIC engine!
  8. thanks for the assist!!! I will look into updating that and finding the zero beats bug soon
  9. Yeah, I woulda probably been a skeptic. And in defense of that view - you still can't do a Kernal in Basic! But the original bB found a great compromise, and DPC+ built on that. (I wonder how many people use bB for a the rough draft then go to assembly...) And you know, it really goes to show how surprisingly similar old BASIC was to assembly - Goto/Goub vs "proper" functions etc... (and it's interesting that early slow 8-bit computers went with interpreted Basic... compiled Basic was possible but kind of a novelty...)
  10. Some good ones... and some... worthy experiments I used to be more of a "4K" purist, but I think the sweet spot for Batari might be the DPC+ stuff... just, if you're not going to take on handrolling you're own kernal, you might need the wiggleroom that provides, or else the easy path you took might become a little too obvious.
  11. @KevKelley I like it! yeah my mojo wound down before I had full real time keyboard reading w/ quantizing. i wonder if a MIDI to keyboard thing would introduce any lag
  12. Last Tuesday, batari Basic turned 15 years old! here's the original post by @batari Thanks batari! Now I feel old! happy15bB.bashappy15bB.bas.bin
  13. Fair enough! "Ease of use" is a huge one. I never came from the Tracker community. Even GarageBand confuses me sometimes The suggestion Random Terrain made was Mario Paint music mode like which is probably where I landed, albeit the appearance is more tracker like, and I was proud to realize I could do a nice visual display of the envelope. (always wondered if I should color code based on distortion..) If I do upgrade this, envelope editing might be part of it... also the idea of making an envelope that fits on two tracks at once, though the UI for that gets gnarly. I'm not sure if there are any other tips and tricks in "making cool sounds" I could build a UI for. In retrospect, I should have modeled the two tracks closer together (not just on the screen). But this thing turned out to be rather more complicated than I thought. I do appreciate the nudging and encouragement, but I got a little fried on this one. I want to move on to - you know, actually making an atari game at some point along with other javascript project. I am indeed an enthusiastic tool builder, but unless I get evidence that I'd be making life better for a big pile of users, I'm content with a usable tool (I am worried there's some glitch in my cheap bB engine for the two voice, that they will drift after a while, and want to dig in for further isolation of the issue) For your final suggestion of a "new Visual batari Basic" I'd try to throw in with Atari Dev Studio - already cross platform and I think html-based - like they have that one sprite editor, but I don't know how well-integrated it is.
  14. I couldn't get much traction with understanding TIA Tracker, tbh; not helped by having to run it on a horrible plastic old Windows laptop. (I didn't try that hard tbh, but there wasn't much feedback sound or otherwise if I was doing things right) Besides ease of use (at least easy for the guy who wrote it) what does atari-riff-machine cover that is missing from TIA Tracker? And what is it most missing?
  15. (sorry, just looking for an excuse to use that GIF 🙂 ) But for reals, I like stuff on the web because it works for both Windows and Mac. and it's on Github so even if something happens to me someone can stand it up elsewhere MIDI... like for the inputs? Outputs? I dunno, is Tia Tracker or work by Paul Slocum closer to what you want? This is definitely trying to find a certain sweet spot of complexity, ease of use, seriousness, fun, and my willingness to put in time, and while it would be fun to hook up my MIDI keyboard, I think the key jamming in https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-sound-forger/ (its sibling app) is about as close as i will get.
  16. Hm, I'm not sure the riff-machine is mobile friendly right now 😞 but the sound-forger is... Great. Yeah, ease of use was super important to me- like I don't know how to make Tia Tracker actually DO anything useful. So as I build my stuff, I try to balance "it's a fun easy to use toy to hear stuff right away" with "you can hunker down and make serious tracks with it" Hopefully too the guided video helps give people the idea of it.
  17. Glad at least someone finds it useful I'd be willing to talk about different formats for output, easier than hand transcribing... but I suspect someone who is technical enough to be doing assembly work could even manipulate the relevant chunks of batari Data statements, it's a pretty obvious format.
  18. Hi there! I spent the last few weeks making https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-riff-machine/ - a simple browser-based looper/tracker for making Atari music. It generates batari Basic code for the Atari - though I'm worried there's some glitch and the two tracks get out of synch in some circumstances - help appreciated with that. I couldn't reproduce the problem with small tracks, and the number of frames seems right... so either it's a weird page boundary thing? or maybe some glitch like if there's rests at the begining or end? Anyway the engine for the two voices is a hacked up version I made from @Random Terrain's sdata version (his had two voices but assumed they'd be moving indepdently)
  19. Hi there! I spent the last few weeks making https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-riff-machine/ - a simple browser-based looper/tracker for making Atari music. It generates batari Basic code for the Atari - though I'm worried there's some glitch and the two tracks get out of synch in some circumstances (help appreciated!)
  20. but my new project (atari-riff-machine) will have a feature I never got to in atari-sound-forger -- notes with ADSR envelopes, so you can have that nice plunk sound.
  21. Very Amazing! I think I've seen that or something like that live. And I am actually building what you suggested Trying to get a figure out how to link and what to display of everything (piano keyboard, computer keyboard, notes along side piano roll) is tough
  22. yeah you're probably right. There 's a secret problem w/ the page as it is now, which is how the bB-encoder deals with multiple notes at once - right now, the answer is Badly So I have some revamping I'd have to do for that, as well as seeing if I can get some kind of drag and drop for the notes. I alway thought rhythm was by far and away the toughest part of producing electronic music (with getting the pitches right second). So for the former I rely on people who have minor piano keyboard skills/rhythm, and for the latter the piano keyboard overlays. In theory it would be easier to make a Mario Paint style program as a standalone thing? Or maybe... eh, I dunno. Maybe a 2.0 of it all, if I get enough indiation people are getting value from what's there already.
  23. But if anyone here has the "right" to ask for a bit more it's RT - not only for the work on the command guide but I'm using the clips he made.
  24. Ha - which reminds me of some of why I'm doing this:
  25. Thanks for the encouragement (a little goes a long way) and great ideas, especially the stop button Is find when you type only a problem for the slash key? I tried to steer away from that but might have missed a spot. Or is it more of a problem in general? I tried to leave it a little open for putting in new keyboards (I know I was being US centric but I'm lazy) - maybe that task isn't so hard
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