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  1. And not that too (add a nop too). I may be wrong but you can't be sure r20 is written before jumping😞 movei #align_last_sprite,r20 jump NE,(r20)
  2. I won't do that but add a nop between both opcodes: moveq #31,tmp and dst,tmp
  3. matmook


    Well, 8bit is the best option. No preshifing (all is managed by the sprite engine). Cart max 6MB.
  4. matmook


    Well, this happens to me all the time on the first VJ call, (not with JagStudio and the binary is already in place). I think it's more a VJ issue than a JagStudio issue.
  5. Well, I was (am) too lazy to write a documentation (and nobody asked by that time ). Raptor's animation system is fast and efficient but if you need to use more complex animations (non-linear), rmotion may help you (ask me, it's always better with a use case).
  6. Well, I will make a longer answer later (on my phone, boring), but you can start by looking at Raptor examples (2 of them use rmotion).
  7. Okay, in this case that's interesting (got a very big loop with some of them so.. ). Thanks!
  8. Okay, so if it's more efficient, it means 2 wait_states take more time than 1 addq and 1 another useful instruction (wait_state <> cycle) ?
  9. Okay for the "Nop (or some other code)" (interleaving). But I also added "addq #4, r14" and for me it means more cycles used...?
  10. Thanks SCPCD !! So the benefit of loadp/storep (if you can place/interleave them) is to avoid loosing, a second time, 10 extra cycles to access external memory when using 2 x load/store. Great! For R14(5)+, I don't see the benefit. I know you are right but my brain doesn't want to understand that... Let's take an example: Load (14+1), r0 Load (r14+2), r1 If I want to avoid those R14(5)+, can I do: Load (r14), r0 Nop (or some other code to not touch r14) Addq #4, r14 Nop (or some other code to be sure r14 is updated) Load (r14), r1 I will avoid extra wait_states but add new instructions, how could it be faster in that case? Oo
  11. Hi! I was just wondering if there is a list if GPU good practices... (SCPCD knows I think ) I know some basic code interlacing rules but I'm not sure for loadp/storep, load/store using r14+/r15+, ... what to avoid and what to use instead... Thanks!
  12. I know you can make great bugs but this time it survives reset and power cycling .. sadly I won't be able to blame you!!! 😛
  13. I hope it's just that too! If not I'll try to replace the DSP (or I will ask you!!! ).
  14. I will just do a recap first before doing a DSP replacement. I'm not very confident at soldering and it's the only unit I have so as long as it works, I can code! But that's nice, thanks!
  15. Well, I think I had the same issue just 10 minutes ago. I was testing some code this morning, everything was fine, got sound and pad management using Linko's dsp library and suddenly no more sound/pad. Done some reset, power off/on, pad is working in the bjl bios (but that's 68k code) but no sound/pad in my game. Unplugged everything, waited 2 minutes, plugged the whole thing again and everything worked again as expected.. maybe it's recap time...!
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