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  1. +1! Simius work is amazing, and very much welcome. I don't want to detract any other project we had in the modern times, as this community is amazing and we had really great stuff being done to the Atari 8-bit platform. But a RGB video interface like this is for me the most important, and the most necessary as well! Now we just need to let him know he have support from us to move his work over to Atari ST platform as well!
  2. I believe he meant the Sophia board, not the cable (maybe both). I'm also expecting a new batch to have one for. My A800XL as well.
  3. @Simius Just found about your interface. Are you still taking orders? I'm interested in buying one unit for my A800XL! Thanks!
  4. It Works! Well, kind of... :-P Thanks Shannon! After your advices, i created the Media folder in F: partition, and put all the NES media files inside (duh!). Then it showed the movie previews and the boxart, cycling it with carts images. But i would like to use the 3D Boxart pics. So i imagine i have to move them to the boxart folder, right? It would be great if it could be configured inside the emulator too. As it´s very customizable, it would be great to be able to choose the exact folder to the boxart preview part of the screen, the exact folder for the screenshot, etc, and have the emulator to show whatever pic it´s inside. Anyway, i really appreciate your help here! Best Regards.
  5. Hello Shannon, Before i discuss anything else about my problem, let me thank you very much!! First for your quick reply, and a lot for your amazing hard work in upgrading these emulators. I´ve always played a lot of these emulators in my box, but these upgrades from you, and the emulators from nes6502 before these, breath a whole new perspective to the entire experience! I love them! Well, let´s talk about my problem again I´m using almost all of your versions. But mainly the NeoGenesis and the Mednafenx_NES (waiting very anxiously for the SNES one). And having problem with both of them. Of course, they are the madmab ed. I tried a lot of things, and i´m almost sure i tried something very similar to what you described here. But i´ll try exactly what you proposed, and get back with the results. Thanks again man! Regards.
  6. Hey guys, I think this is my first post here on Atari Age. But i a lurker for a long time. I'm a long time Atari 800XL owner/user (since i'm 10 years old, now 33yo). Well, cutting to the chase, i can't configure the new madmab edition emulators (or the skins for that matter) to show anything else than the videos in the preview windows. I can't show the boxart, or the game screenshots, etc. If i load the dual preview config, to show boxart and movie, i have only movie and the static blank boxart. No picture is shown at all. I must be dumb or something, because this seems to be piece of cake... Just to mention it, i don't have the artwork files in the E: directory. I have them in the F: partition in a custom folder. But i don't think this is the problem, as i can configure the default folders in the emulator. And i did it already To say the truth, i think i tried also to copy some artwork for some games in the E:\emulator\artwork path, setted it in the emulator, but can't see the images the same way. If there's anything obvious that i'm doing wrong, please let me know. I'm convinced that i'm stupid already. Thanks!
  7. Thank you 1050! I'm not particularly good with HTML code, and didn't think of doing it the way you did here. I really appreciate your help. Totally! He deserves all the credits for my success in this upgrade!
  8. That link would not work for me. What was the name of the thread? So, do you now have 2 banks of 256K or 1 bank of 512K? How many SIMMs? Hey Claus! Yes, i have now two 256k banks, and also have used 2 SIMMs (1MB each). The link is working fine here, but the thread name is "256k -> 512k Ram Upgrade". It's easy to find it using this name with the search tool. Didn't have some spare time to make more tests yet. But will do soon (i hope). Best Regards.
  9. FINALY!!!!!! It Works!!!! Well, after a long struggle, i've finally succeed in upgrade my A800XL memory to 512k! I couldn't make the original 256k->512k upgrade instructions work, even after the precious advice from you guys (a big thanks to Mr. Claus!) in this topic. But i've found similar instructions that put it to rest! It's right here in AtariAge forums. Link below: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...2&hl=256k+- I hadn't much time to put it to some real tests, but some demos that was supposed to require 320k worked OK. I'll try numen as soon as i get some time. I decided to reply to my post, so anyone looking for it these days can have some advice. Thanks guys!
  10. I read your posts again and it's not clear how many SIMMs you wired in and what size they are. (256K? 1M?) One 30-pin SIMM has only one 8-bit bank of DRAM, and the Schmidt upgrade is meant for two banks of 256K. So, even if your SIMM is bigger than 256K, if you have only one SIMM, the Schmidt circuit won't work. Where would you attach the second -CAS? There are other upgrades for more than 256K that can use a single SIMM, such as Mathy's. Some can even use SRAM. Just search these forums and find many links. Hey Claus, Well, then this is my problem. I'm really a goofy . . . After i read this last message from you, i decided to look at the 41256 datasheet, and noticed that the pin 15 mentioned on the Schmidt circuit is a CAS line, and not an A9 (or whatever address line) as i supposed before. Well, there's my problem. It was purely my fault. Yes, i have only one 30pin SIMM, and it's 1MB. I've connected the line that was supposed to be in the pin 15 on the new set of RAM chips, to the A9 line in the SIMM. This would never gonna work . . . Well, i'll see what i'll do. Maybe be it's not worth to put another 1MB SIMM for the extra 256k. Although i have 5 of these modules, and a spare socket . . . Once again Claus, thank you really so much for your help for all this time. It was really important. Best regards.
  11. If i understand correctly, you have the Claus 256k expansion (or the RamboXL), and upgraded it to 512k? Your computer boots up normally? I couldn't even get my A800XL to boot with the "upgrade" installed...
  12. Good (in fact it's bad...) to know that you hadn't success with the upgrade too. Seems that i'm not the only one. Tried alternative wirings myself too, but the computer doesn't boot anyway. I've been away from my A800XL for a long time, and recently got back "the virus" to use it again. Did the MyIDE DIY, started to assemble some images to use with it, and noticed i would need some more memory to run all the software i want to run. I'm taking knowledge of a lot of things about the A8 machines only now. In my childhood i've won this same A800XL from an uncle, that lived in the USA for some years. But here in Brazil this computer was unknown at that time, so i couldn't put my hands on software, hardware, information, etc. Anyway, i've been reading a lot of posts here, and some people report they have 512k of RAM in their A800XL. Some even say they had the QMeg from Claus and further upgraded them to 512k. So there's a way. I just need to find out what is this way. Hope someone will yet shed some light in this issue. Thanks again!
  13. Did it already, and the Atari still don't boot :-( I reversed the mods and got back to the 256k again. At least this way i can have some good times with the machine for now. I don't know if the LS139 chip i used is bad (it's from my used parts pile) or there's some other problem with this mod. I'll try to get an S139, new from the store, so i can check it again. Anyway, thank you very much for your help so far. I'll let you know when i test it again this week. In the mean time, if someone have any other suggestions about how i can raise the memory a little bit (320k is my goal, so i can run the demos that demand so much memory), i'm all ears! :-)
  14. My pleasure. It's good to know that the old mod is still useful. Here's the original article if you are still interested. It also explains the ANTIC difference in refresh address bits. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...t&p=1496872 Thanks again, Claus! By the way, i tried the 512k upgrade (on top of your 256k upgrade), but it didn't work. Tried with an 74LS139 chip, because i didn't have the 74S139, but i don't think this is the problem. The Atari don't boot, unless i connect the CAS line direct to the SIMM. And if i do this, the XRAM util reports 256k of expanded RAM, and reports errors in all banks during the tests. In this upgrade, among other connections, you should connect the pins 2, 13 and 8 of the LS139 together, and later in the instructions it says to connect the PIA pin 17 to the pin 2 of the LS139. I don't really see the point in connecting the PB7 signal to the GND! Here is the upgrade link, so everyone knows exactly what i'm refering to: http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~pavel/atari/800xl512K.html If these instructions are correct, and someone had tested this before, please let me know. Also, if there are other options for memory upgrades that are easy to implement (i can't program PALs or GALs), i would be glad to know about them too. Once again, i'm truly amazed by all the support given in this forum. You guys are the best! Thank you all!
  15. I think your upgrade is working fine. As Mathy noted, it is not 64K+256K, rather it's 64K+192K. So, the first 4 banks ($83, $87, $8B, $8F) address the same physical RAM as the non-extended system RAM. And since the switched banks all appear in place of the 2nd 16K block of system RAM, the 2nd bank ($87) appears in place of itself. A test program would therefore detect no bank there. So, the first 4 banks should not be used as extended RAM since they are your system's normal 64K. One exception is that the 4th bank is the same as the RAM underneath the OS ROM, so if you don't use the RAM OS switch, you can use the 4th bank. I hope that explanation is clear. In summary, the 12 banks at $Ax, $Cx, and $Ex are your 192K extended RAM, and the 4 banks at $Ex are equivalent to the 130XE extended RAM. Enjoy your reborn XL! Hey Claus, Thank you very much for your reply. It's clear for me now. Thank you guys for this very enlighteen lesson about computer memories :-) I don't have any extensive knowledge about digital electronics (my analogic skills are far better), and this is being very interesting to me. My doubt about the correct working order of the expansion was mainly because in the Atari800WinPlus emulator, the 320k(RAMBO) expansion is rightly detected by the XRAM utility. Seems that the emulator is not really emulating this expansion correctly. Now i only need to get a 74LS139 to expand the RAM a little bit Ah! and need some info on the Antic compatibility matter too . . .
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