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  1. @evilmoo Do you have a good understanding of the codes that the GCP client and server are sending back and forth? gcp_server_0001.mp4
  2. Oh no. I was just checking the company's contact info and it appears that they have recently closed. 😞 http://www.tannerelectronics.com/
  3. There is a company in the Dallas area that sells never used new-in-the-box IBM PCjr floppy drives that work perfectly with the ATR8000.
  4. I have a working 16K ATR8000 that I upgraded to 64K so I could run CP/M. I also have a currently non-working 64k ATR8000. I believe that onboard power supply isn't working and I haven't gotten around to repairing it. I'd like to replace the on-board power supply circuit with a modern external power supply. I'd be interesting in putting a new ATR8000 kit together, particularly, if it includes the MSDOS/CO-Power 88 daughter board.
  5. I have some software and the ability to make copies.
  6. I attended the late session of Curt's visitation tonight. He looked peaceful. There was a large arrangement of red and white flowers in the design of the Atari Logo next to him. I read the card and if I remember correctly, it was from the folks at the Video Gamer Hall Of Fame, but I could be wrong. I sat down and talked with Curt's father-in-law for awhile as well. I also briefly talked with Curt's wife and let her know about the outpouring of condolences here in AA as well as on Twitter. Bill
  7. Here is his obit: https://ruggieroandsonsfh.com/tribute/details/2607/Curtis-T-Vendel/obituary.html#tribute-start
  8. Here is a video of Curt's Atari exhibit at VCF East last year (2019). He also lent members of the Atari exhibition team some really rare unicorns to include in our displays as well.
  9. Jason Scott is reporting on Twitter that Curt Vendel passed away. 😞 He was always generous with me, lending me equipment, or taking photos when I asked. I was also able to help him out with some of his projects by 3D printing stuff for him. He was a huge part of the success of the massive Atari exhibit at VCF East 2019. Thanks for everything Curt.
  10. Not yet. I pinged Best to ask if I was supposed to re-attach it. I'll let you know what he says.
  11. Its a new Best power supply. The differences are there is no (obvious) place to attached the fan. The two wires from the switch to the board are reversed, brown toward the front and blue toward the back on the new one. I also had to drill out the screw mount in the center of the cast so as to not short the board. I already have it back together, but if I take it back apart I'll take some pics.
  12. Its up and running, so #1 is answered. Still don't see anyway to re-attach the fan though.
  13. I'm replacing the P/S in my Mega STe with a new one from Best. I've drilled out the center post and cleaned the base. (1) The original P/S had N toward the switch and L toward the back. The new Best P/S has L toward the switch and N toward the back. I just checking to see if you guys put the Brown wire toward the front and the Blue wire toward the back. Basically the two wires are in the opposite position. (2) Did you attache the fan to the new P/S? Bill
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