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  1. I've gotten a couple of versions working. If I remember correctly, the title screen expects the XEP80 on Port 2 or Port 1. The program itself requires Port 1 I believe.
  2. Go here https://archive.org/download/SilentButler80/SilentButler80/SB80-198804/ Download the .atx files. You can run these on the version of Altirra that lets you change which port the XEP80 is on.
  3. I used AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.bin and renamed it to .ROM and put it on a Brewing Academy Ultimate Cartridge.
  4. I renamed the .bin to .rom and put it on an Ultimate Cartridge. Running it on an Atari 130XE. Works so far. Not sure if I'll run into bank switching issues.
  5. In addition to the various smartmodems and the chronograph, Hayes also has a Interbridge and a Transet. Not sure how many of these two items sold, but they are hard to find today.
  6. I got it as a bonus for supporting the Kickstarter for this book I believe.
  7. After a couple of years, tonight I finally got around to replacing a burned out fuse and got my working again. My has a little board inside by Paul Rickards that lets the Hayes Chronograph update the time via my wireless network and the internet, rather than having to hook up a computer to it.
  8. I found the VHS tape of this demo at a random flea market a few years ago. I got it for next to nothing. I had never seen it before and was glad to find and save it. Emmy Award Winning Atari Videographer Amiga Bill Winters was kind enough to dumped it to digital format for me on his equipment.
  9. Thanks for updating 3.90 to include the XEP80 port option!
  10. Here are two and a half silent (boring) minutes of Silent Bulter 80 boot from an SDRIVE-MAX on an Atari 800XL with a XEP80 connected to joystick port #1 and output to a Zenith green screen. I tried to capture the video with a video capture card, but the card didn't like the XEP80 output.
  11. There was once a popular thing called a "Silent Butler". Maybe it is just a play on that. I find a spreadsheet, even back in the ferg, much easier to use.
  12. There are 14 diskettes with dates covering more than a year. I would hope that there is more than just the title screen. I did use one of the 40 column versions in this set to create a RECORD disk to try with the 80 column version.
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