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  1. Not yet. I pinged Best to ask if I was supposed to re-attach it. I'll let you know what he says.
  2. Its a new Best power supply. The differences are there is no (obvious) place to attached the fan. The two wires from the switch to the board are reversed, brown toward the front and blue toward the back on the new one. I also had to drill out the screw mount in the center of the cast so as to not short the board. I already have it back together, but if I take it back apart I'll take some pics.
  3. Its up and running, so #1 is answered. Still don't see anyway to re-attach the fan though.
  4. I'm replacing the P/S in my Mega STe with a new one from Best. I've drilled out the center post and cleaned the base. (1) The original P/S had N toward the switch and L toward the back. The new Best P/S has L toward the switch and N toward the back. I just checking to see if you guys put the Brown wire toward the front and the Blue wire toward the back. Basically the two wires are in the opposite position. (2) Did you attache the fan to the new P/S? Bill
  5. On the first try, I was able to find and open three chest. The game is very responsive. I fell down a pit before I died. The only issue is the boxy outlines around the enemies. Nice job!
  6. In Altirra, make sure the emulator is not in Warp Speed mode. Check under the System menu that Warp Speed is unchecked. That should slow the clock down. In the Quick Start Guide mentioned above, in Step #4, you need to hire a crew and purchase food.
  7. Feed your crew! See David's Quick Start Guide https://archive.org/details/OmnitrendUniverseQuickStart/mode/2up
  8. I've gotten a couple of versions working. If I remember correctly, the title screen expects the XEP80 on Port 2 or Port 1. The program itself requires Port 1 I believe.
  9. Go here https://archive.org/download/SilentButler80/SilentButler80/SB80-198804/ Download the .atx files. You can run these on the version of Altirra that lets you change which port the XEP80 is on.
  10. I used AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.bin and renamed it to .ROM and put it on a Brewing Academy Ultimate Cartridge.
  11. I renamed the .bin to .rom and put it on an Ultimate Cartridge. Running it on an Atari 130XE. Works so far. Not sure if I'll run into bank switching issues.
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