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  1. Why do you say that? It works and so far only one complaint/concern over the design. I am more concerned with the site being accessible to just about anyone that can access the web in whatever form (iPhone, netbook, smartphone, etc) rather than having java and flash "eye candy" all over that just gets in the way of the clients and the content. Thats cool. Figured a pr firm would be concerned about making their clients look good to. Lata.
  2. My sig? That is my PR firm. Matt is one of my clients and just an all around cool guy (I am a fan first). I am not involved with Matt and his books, and assist as needed with helping with guests for his Youtube channel (keep and eye on his channel, there are some great ones coming soon). Oh, Okay. Thats yer website? Shouldve hired a professional.
  3. Matt chat rockz!! Cool stuff. Say, whats up with yer sig?? Did you help Matt publish some of his books?? Or his Youtube channel??
  4. I wish you guys much luck over at outofprint Triverse. Cool site, I havent signed up, maybe I will. I read yer posts, funny how this Philly character hasnt answered one of yer questions yet like why he bought those other web addresses for your site. All he does is bash you, speaks volumes for the type of guy he is really. You posted enough that makes me believe some of what is being said is bullshit. Well tah, and good luck again.
  5. Ive been readin' this thread most of the day and laughing hysterically. uh, dude, you and your mate started the bashin' hate to break it to ya'. Why don't all of ya' go back to your separate corners and scan mags,mmkay?
  6. Awesome! I got my digital copy and I preordered the print for $4.50. Thanks!
  7. It wasn't expensive. It was a $15 book. As for the feedback system, here is the issue. I don't think she's pulling a fast one. I think she is stupid as a grain of rice. She paid her $18.50 for the money order. I will never get it in a zillion years. She will think she is out $18.50 and blame it on me. She will probably say in a negative feedback, "I paid, but never got my item." I would like to leave her a negative back saying, "Buyer admittedly sent me a MO with no FREAKIN' STREET ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE ! I D I O T !" Alas, I can no longer do that. What proof will I have? Ebay will never remove the neg, and there you have it. It's not that big of a deal. One negative feedback since 1999. Actually, if she does neg me, I can finally stop freaking out and being so anal about my 100% feedback. I would welcome it. I was bound to get a complete moron eventually. I already wrote her back saying this: There are more than 40,000 people in the town of Cheshire. Many of them have the last name xxxxx It is a popular last name. There is a xxxxx who lives in my neighborhood with no relation. I would put the chance of this reaching me at around 3%. Hopefully it will get returned back to you, but I would strongly suggest cancelling this Money Order. Actually join the crowd by leaving what EBay sellers call Positive-Negative feedback. If she negs you for being idiotic, leave her a positive with a negative response; It may not affect her rating as a buyer, but any seller who checks her feedback will still get the warning.
  8. They aren't even close to competing price-wise with eBay. I guess I'm just cheap with my money. Well, part of what you're paying for from those stores is quality assurance, both for the actual items and in the customer service department. Both of those can be total crapshoots on eBay and the latter in particular is worth a few extra bucks to me and many others. As many of us know all too well, a great deal on eBay can turn into an enormous, costly hassle pretty darn quick. You speak the truth! I've had a few bad experiences on EBay where sellers marked their merchandise n/m when it was actually extremely poor (i.e. destroyed manual, cart label falling off, etc.) Besides, most small stores offer better service and return policies.
  9. I respect Ralph Baer but all of the Odyssey units all the way from the Brown Box through to the O^2 have far less lasting historical importance than what Atari accomplished during Nolan's era. Yes but that was all marketing, not invention. Ralph INVENTED, and was the father of, video games. He was ripped off big time. His patents were ground breaking and he never really received his due in terms of recognition or compensation. Ralph Baer was also a resident of New Hampshire when he conceived the first videogame. The last time I saw a special on the birth of videogames, Ralph was still living in New Hampshire but had no interest in today's games.
  10. I really like Space Giraffe; I think it’s addicting, fun, and very easy to play. I agree with everyone else; Minter went overboard on the psychedelic effects and he really could have toned things down. Jeff, we know you’re awesome with graphics, but there was no reason to make it into a bad LSD trip!
  11. ..and it's making me scratch my head in confusion. I have a wired Joytech NEO Se joypad and a 3rd party cooling fan (which uses USB) and they both refuse to work when they were working just under 3 weeks ago. My official (i.e. wired) 360 Joypad works perfectly in both USB ports, so I am at a loss as far as this issue is concerned. Before anyone questions why I own one of those NEO Se Joypads, it's smaller in design and fits my wife's hands better when we play 2-player games. Any ideas on what may be causing this issue? I'm trying to contact Microsoft but you know how that goes! I'm always on hold.
  12. If you do add me to your friend's list: D0j0 D0g I'd like to play some of you!
  13. Thank you for the contribution! I can't wait to try it out.
  14. Well, according to the people over there, the listings are being cancelled, re-listed, cancelled, re-listed, etc., thus fudging the numbers for EBay's daily statistics to cover up the recent decline of sellers / listings on EBay. Edit: fixed spelling
  15. Then why the rant? Any why is this in 'General Chat'? The Auction Central forum is loaded with threads like this. The stories are appearing in the media so I felt it was ok to place it in General Chat. If you are claiming a media related story, maybe it should be in Current Events? Maybe the Moderators can move it to Current Events? The material in my post are excerpts from the EBay community board, and from the media, so whether anyone agrees with the content or not is moot. I just wanted everyone to know that all the ranting about the service has finally reached the media. Good or bad... I usually buy most of my retro gaming equipment from there, but after this I am not sure if EBay is really being fair to the people who buy / sell there.
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