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  1. I think the guy at Video Game Exchange just goes on eBay, finds the highest buy-it-now price and then adds about 60% and that's his price for most items.
  2. I never get far with reasoning like that. People are quick to believe their old junk is gold. Even when you explain to them their old Combat or Zelda cartridge isn't worth the thousands they thought it was, they never believe you.
  3. Am I correct in assuming this store is no longer around?
  4. I am glad to see this gets a response about once a month. I wish there were more discussion here, in this forum. Maybe there isn't anything interesting to talk about regarding NECG?
  5. I don't know why Sudden Impact gets such glowing reviews. The guy is friendly, but his prices are much higher than Ebay. But just about every store in the area uses insane Ebay Buy-It-Nows for pricing, so I guess it is par for the course.
  6. I don't think this guy is even scamming. I think he is just trying to get back at someone by putting their (no it's not "there" or "they're") phone number in a blatantly fake auction.
  7. This used to be a semi-active forum. Now no one is here anymore. Why? This probably won't get a response.
  8. [ebay]310372024272[/ebay] only a day or so left on it.
  9. Here's the description of the NES top loader "The Nintendo Top Loading loads all the game cartridges thru the top loader due to which the faulty locking mechanisms are eliminated. The 7-pin controller connector of this NES White is backward compatible, so simply plug in all your old gaming accessories – even the Super Loader gun. This Nintendo gaming console plays all the US NES 8-bit Nintendo games; while the Nintendo Top Loading's slow and turbo functions presents nearly all genres of games. The AC adapter supplied with this NES White helps in consistent and stable electrical supply; while the AV cable lets you connect to your television and other system. Being extremely user-friendly, this Nintendo gaming console suits all age groups."
  10. Someone might have asked that much for it, but no one would have paid it. There was a time when this game was thought to be insanely rare, but I don't think it ever was worth that much. It was worth about $50 on ebay around 2002, but it seems to have gone down in value to about $30, when most other nes games have gone up in value.
  11. here it is again eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310333186316
  12. Smart sellers know that a buyer's feedback is the feedback he has LEFT not the feedback he has received. It tells you a lot more about who you are dealing with.
  13. Appears to be that
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