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  1. Hi, i played wow starting when i was 12. you can have as many charectors as you want but i think there is a limit to the amount you can have on a server. there is ups and downs for some one that young playing it. evan though she hears cuss words alot she could pick them up. i started using cuss words because every one in wow did. not to act cool but just to show how im fealing. definitly set a time limit of play. and make sure she keeps that chat filter on! Im going to have to say no. evan though im 14 i stoped playing it when i relised i was to young to play it.
  2. At the flee market today i picked up 2 NES games friday the 13th and time lord for 5 dollors
  3. Today i went to value village i should go every day they have genises there for 4 dollors all there systems there are 4! I picked up a zinger joysick its pink for the nes 1.99 Cords for nes 1.99 And superspike v ball .50 They add new things to the stock each day. Now only if i could get a job
  4. today i picked up a few things at value village! NES 4 dollors and it works NES controler 1$ game genie for NES 1$ karate champ NES 1$ slik stik controler 1$ ps1 free
  5. I'm pretty certain that's not a Nintendo product. Yea after looking at it a little more the part that plugs into the nintendo dosent have the little thumb spot on it it just has circles. but it works great for it.
  6. i got a good deal today with free stuff! n64 2 vibrator packs for controlers 3 normal controlers 1 oddly shaped one. nintendo 64 plastic game holder super mario 64 super smash bros sanfrancisco rush extreme racing namcomuseum64 dr mario 64 diddy kong racing turok 2 seeds of evil glover star wars episode 1 racer jet force gemini 007 the world is not enough tony hawks pro skater mrc nascar 2000 the legend of zelda majoras mask x2 army men sarges heroes everything works but i have a quick question about one of the controlers i was wondering if you guys have seen them they say super pad on the middle with 64 under it and instead of having the three hand grips it only has one on each side the trigger button is on the left. is it a nintendo product?
  7. hey today my mom and dad where at work so i went to thrift stores i picked up for my NES 2.99 each home alone dragon warrior top gun super mario bros duck hunt festers quest jack nicklaus greatest 18 holes of major championship golf. i just picked these up because i didnt have them yet and played most of them before.
  8. i usualy bring my gameboy and a couple games nuthing else inless staying for along time then i bring my ps2
  9. yesterday my mom and me went to all the thrift stores and pawns in spokane and i got simons quest wizards & warriors and rush n attack all NES games for 2$ and a NES For 20$ came with a extra controler.
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