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  1. [email protected] ~ % ls /dev/cu* /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port /dev/cu.RW-01-vCOMM Is all that shows up. Nothing appears in the dropdown box, even after hitting the refresh button. I do remember the field populating, when it worked.
  2. I had run the program successfully some weeks ago, interested in the new happenings, decided to flash. FujiNet-Flasher can't find a serial port. Rescan, nothing. Try to flash anyway, fails, no serial port. Reboot, same. Re-install the USB drivers (the process recognizes that there is a driver install), same. Download fresh copies of everything, same. Am I missing something obvious? Not sure why this process that went smoothly the first time is giving me trouble, now. I'm on Catalina, it definitely worked before...
  3. Just wanted to say I received my board, well-packed and promptly shipped, and I'm very happy with the service I received. Even moreso considering this was a freebie, he had a couple extra boards from building SDrive Max boards, and he offered them to others. Great service on top of being a good guy for the community. Thanks!
  4. Came here to relate my very positive experience with Jurgen. Reading through the posts, I can't believe how lucky I apparently got. My Sys-Check shipped January 4th and arrived January 28th. The last status message on the USPS site said something like "delivered to agent for delivery," and showed the green check like it had been delivered. I was out, texted home, but no package (no mail at all) yet, made a mental note to email Jurgen and see if he knew what that message meant. When I got home a few hours later, there was already an email from Jurgen, who was also confused by the message and wanted to check with me. The guy selling me the stuff was on top of its delivery info as tightly as I was. The other thing waiting for me was my Sys-Check; I guess that message means it's on the route carrier's truck headed to your home. Here's hoping things start coming through for folks... and many thanks to Jurgen for his products and his service. He's one of the Good Guys.
  5. Yeah, I vaguely remember it happening it two waves... a complaint that the game was too much like PAC-Man, and a follow up complaint that it didn’t change enough, which led to the entirely new rewrite. Are there dates on the executable files on the original disks? But I’m pretty sure your summation is correct, the Pac-Man on its side was the short run first version.
  6. Hi, just got my FujiNet a couple days ago and I'm having a blast. The next thing I want to do is set up a TNFS server of my own, I run Macs. I see the linux64 binary, and I suspect that might even work by itself, but it's not obvious to me where to put or how to run the .linux64 file. Any one compile this yet for Mac? Anyone able to point me in a direction to do that myself (I have opened Xcode, but in a pretty "hello, World" programming way.... still might be able to compile something someone else wrote)? Anyway, it's late at night, I'm excited about this tool, and I wanted to check here if anyone had insight to share before I go dredging through the Google results I fear for these searches...
  7. Hey there, if there’s one still available, talk to me about shipping charges to South Carolina.
  8. The Quavers episode finally made me say something. God bless you, Pete. There’s a lot of retro fluff these days, much that I find too ironic, much that I find too reverent... to really capture the way I feel about these games. Somehow you are able to look at these games with eyes that are no longer fresh, but that have remained unjaded. You make me want to play old games. Thanks, Pete. I love what you’re doing, and I begin to resent the brevity of our alphabet.
  9. With the uncertainties of the past year, spending on the 40 year old computers has been hard to justify. Got enough breathing room today... ordered a FujiLink and a SysCheck. Just a good day, is all. Hope the new year is bringing blessings to you all.
  10. 533342 Its not pretty yet, I’ve just started with this one... but it’s the one on the bench right now...
  11. tl, ngr: Immediate issue: how/where do I tell the emulated SIDE2 to use a particular file/vxd? Larger issue that may fix the immediate issue: is the Help facility not working for anyone else under WINE on OS X? The rest of it: So, I've generally been happy with the native Atari800MacX emulator to play old games, but a few recent threads where folks have gotten Altirra 3.9 running under WINE on current versions of Mac OS have piqued my interest with tales of emulation I had ne'er dared dream. Having a decent collection of actual hardware myself, I am currently weighing various upgrades and additions as funding and my skills allow... but realizing that Altirra could actually emulate many of these newfangled doodads, and I could know that much more about them before I go soldering things to stuff, was a game-changer. It wasn't difficult to set up WINE with homebrew, and pretty soon I was running an emulated XE with the Ultimate1M, SIDE2, and an MIO hanging off of it. Next step is to get something running from the emulated CF card in the SIDE2, and I think I need to point it to a .vxd file somewhere, but I don't know where/how to do this. The online manual (Hardware Reference) talks way above my head about no doubt vital information that I cannot parse into instructions for this task. I do know that Altirra has Help files (I was able to find an image online of the page where it shows the keymap for Atari keys on the Mac keyboard when I couldn't figure out how to hit "HELP" to activate the U1M) and this question may be answered there, but my installation of Altirra/WINE fails trying to open the Help files. Is anyone else running under WINE seeing that issue? Are the Help files downloadable in any other format? Thanks for any advice or direction you can offer.
  12. I appreciate all the help. I've got my shopping list mostly ready. DrVenkman, is a specialized logic probe a separate purchase, or can I do those tests with a regular multi-meter? If I'm reading at those charts correctly (great tip on the SAMS, by the way, I hadn't run across them yet) it looks like I'm just checking for low/high on certain pins when the machine has power. The specialized logic probes I was finding on initial search seemed to be automotive oriented.
  13. Thanks to everyone who responded! Great to get quick feedback on retro hardware projects like this. I understand the question about my having other machines, now, and yes, I have a working and very similar internally 800XL for comparison. I have attached a file of my workbench... the flaky 800XL is toward the back, and the working one I'm currently dismantling is up front. Next step is to remove the shielding on the good mobo. Having two dismantled 8-bits at once is more than I was planning for on my current workspace, and I'm a little wary of yanking stuff out of my working machine to try and Frankenstein the other one, so I'm going slow on that part. Dr Venkman, yes, it appears that everything on the "bad" mobo is socketed... I'll be getting into the working one's shielding soon. For what it's worth, trying to start the offending machine while holding down the Start key usually goes straight to the self test. Once or twice it went to a BASIC READY prompt with two parentheses at odd places on the screen. But almost always the self test, never a cassette sound. I've been trying to document what I'm finding out about taking these things apart and the differences in what you might find there, this particular machine is documented in this post. In the post, the SIO handicapped machine is 800XL-b, and the good machine is the reference 800XL. I've been following all kind of rabbit holes concerning keyboards, motherboards, serial numbers.... I think my next spelunk will involve Atari's IC iterations. I guess my next step on this particular 800XL is... well, I wanted to say Radio Shack, but I think I'm a couple decades too late on that. Can y'all suggest the best products for my cleaning up stage? Not thinking about RetroBright or case aesthetics, just wondering about cleaning rust and whatever else off of old circuit boards. Initial Googling suggests that I can clean the rust off this weathered shielding, but I will then need to seal it somehow to keep it from rusting again. I'm also going to look around for another source of test 800XL chips aside from my "reference copy" machine. Thanks again for the tips and the encouragement!
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